Sunday, August 15, 2010

Two Quick Movie Reviews: Scott Pilgrim vs. Expendables

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, based on the successful graphic novels, tells the story of a dorky bass player who meets the girl of his dreams. Then must defeat her seven evil exes to date her.

This flick is a visual treat. It really does bring to life comic book imagery and video game style. Edgar Wright(Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz) is the perfect director and the cast is damn well put together. Kieran Culkin as Wallace Wells is the best. He's Scotts gay roommate who is funny and and pimping through out. Brandon Routh as the third evil exe, Todd Ingram, is the slickest of them all. He's a vegan with psychic powers plus he ahsd the best line int he film: "Don't think I'd hit a girl? I'm a rockstar." The fight scenes are definitely out of video games(people explode into coins) and explodes with kinetic energy.

On the downside, the video game elements and unique visual style of the film will turn away certain people. Not me. Also, Scotts a bit of a prick as he's suppose to be this likable dorky loser who breaks girls hearts and expects things to just work out with them. Ramona, well, she's cute and the characters interesting but ultimately she is just princess Peach. A plot device to movie the premise along. Though you do feel an attraction between Scott and Ramona.

Rating: A-(might shrink later)/Recommended

Stallone and company are way in over their head on a mission on a small island. Yep... that's it in a nutshell.

The banter sometimes is corny. The stories cliche. Some of the actors, well, can't act. Jet Li's English still needs work.

that said if you paid for a good story and great acting you should get slapped. its all about the cast, and the violence. The cast is monumental. Even if Randy Couture can't act he can body slam a muthu fucker and really, isn't that what you wanted to see? That and Dolph f'n Lundgren blowing off half a mans body. The violence is big,t he action is bog, and the cast is stunning. Stunning in a masculine way of course.

You need an hour and thirty minute hit of testosterone? This is it right here.

Rating: B-(might increase later because I had a terrible seat int he theater)/Recommended for action fans

News: Sad to see Pilgrim only 4th on the top 5 but it'll become a cult classic. But Expendables being #1 is good. Check out the Scott Pilgrim game. Killer fun.

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