Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Facebook Commentary: Kiki's Delivery Service

This was my commentary for Kiki's Delivery Service. I did it on Facebook as Status updates and some people commented.

Not as many because its not the weekend.

Carl Towns Welcome to Facebook film commentary. Tonights presentation is Studio Ghiblis Kiki's Delivery Service by famed animator Hayao Miyizaki. Right now, Pixars boring John Lassater telling me the movie is great. I know that bitch.

Carl Towns The films about a teen witch who leaves home to find a city to set up shop. Its all full of gooey, warm feeling, bitter sweetness. Yes, pretty gay. But you know what! I love this film.

Carl Towns Kiki's planning on leaving home a month earlier than planned. "When a witch turns 13 she has to leave home to begin her training." I wonder if her parents gave her some cash before she left or they were like -FUCK DAT! Make yo' own scrilla girl!

Carl Towns You may not know this, but this is the only good thing Matthew Lawrence was in.

Carl Towns ‎"What about Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad?"
What about it?
"And he was in Boy Meets World."
After I stopped watching. Man Danielle Fishel is hot.

Carl Towns Yes, I am watching the dub version. the second one because Streamline original did a dub version before Disney got all the Ghibli rights.
Stupid evil Disney and evil Mickey Mouse...

Carl Towns Briefly, Troma Films had the rights to Miyazakis My Neighbor Totoro. Scary...

Carl Towns BTW, Kiki's just ran into on bitchy witch! She should've smacked her.

Carl Towns By the way, Kiki's cat is Jiji and voiced by the late great Phil Hartman in the Disney release.

Carl Towns This movie is based on a Novel. Interesting...
A cop is giving the poor witch girl a hard time for flying her broom around the street. Why the cops always tripping?

Carl Towns Tombo-the nerdy stalker.

Carl Towns Kiki is staying out of the sight cops. Because she's totally gangsta!

Carl Towns The original creator did not like the many changes made. But Miyazaki was like "Fuck dat! This is gonna be wicked! So sit back, shut up, and let me do my thang!"
Exact quote.

Carl Towns Checking up on Carl Macek who was a pioneer in bringing anime over to the states, which included several Miyazaki movies. He died this year which is sad.
However the way he tried to sell Robotech as an American cartoon was BS. it was Macross with two other anime's spliced in.
-Brian Tyson Didn't know about Macek, he really did allot to get anime up and running in America. Thought he was god but still a cool guy.
-Carl Towns He apparently died in April. I was looking up the Streamline stuff. Troma films had the rights to a Miyazaki movie once! Troma of Toxic Avenger fame! I hope this is some guy just messing around on Wikipedia.

Carl Towns Trivia courtesy of IMDB: When Kiki first arrives in the city, she is almost hit by a bus bearing the name "Studio Ghibli". This is the name of Miyazaki's animation studio. "Ghibli" is seen on the side of two other buses; once as she is
being questioned by the officer

Carl Towns More IMDB trivia: The dialogue during a scene in which Kiki is given coffee, changes the beverage to hot chocolate in the Disney release. This was done because Disney thought it was inappropriate for children to drink coffee. The video subtitles also mention hot chocolate, although the Japanese "kohii" ("coffee") is clearly audible on the soundtrack.

Carl Towns Famous Lewis Arquette who spawned an entire brood of actors has a small part in the English dub of this flick. So does legendary actress Debbie Reynolds.

Carl Towns The voice of Bobby Hill does a kids voice in this flick. Sounding like Bobby Hill. By the way, is a female actress who does the voice. And I skipped the scene with the character whose voiced by Janeane Garofolo.

Carl Towns Incidentally, my fav movie with Kirstin Dunst and I still find her voice annoying in it. Well, at times.
Hey, it's Tombo the Nerdy Teenager Stalker!

Carl Towns About to hit the scene where Kiki delivers a pie from a nice grandma to her grand daughter accepts it verbally annoyed by the gift. Whether you like the food or not, you should be thankful to your grandma.
This teenage girl is a bad bad person. Kiki should have back handed her too.

Carl Towns And worst of all, she doesn't get to go out clubbing on the town. Thats just sad...

Carl Towns Tombo and Kiki on the propeller bike. They should try this for Jackass 3D.

Carl Towns Hey, its annoying girl two. Kiki needs to go over there and beat that girl down.

Carl Towns Kiki's recent sick days, coupled by her stranger in a strange-land feeling is making her lose her powers. Or power. Since Kiki only seems to be able to fly. Not much of a witch...

Carl Towns Janeane Garofolos character returns! Meh...

Carl Towns Ursula wants Kiki to come over to her cabin. Take that of context for a moment...

Carl Towns Trivia: on September 12, 1998, it was the first video release to be reviewed as a normal film on Siskel and Ebert rather than on the "Video Pick of the Week" section

Carl Towns Trivia: The conservative Christian group Concerned Women for America boycotted Kiki’s Delivery Service screenings and released a press release on May 28, 1998 titled “Disney Reverts to Witchcraft in Japanese Animation”. Calling for a boycott of The Disney Company, the group said the company “is still not family friendly, but continues to have a darker agenda”.
-Carl Towns Why is it you can't have a witch in a childrens story as a lead? Shouldn't the christians shut up after the fact that innocent men and women died because of them. Well, partially. Others just wanted to get rid of people they didn't like.
-Jay Jay It's all bullshit. Theist bastards...
-Carl Towns Exactly

Carl Towns Coming up on the finale. The dirgible, which has been talked about a bit, is going wild and Tombo is in trouble. Time for Kiki to witch up and be epic.

Carl Towns So... Kiki's cat signifies her immature side? Symbolism over my head again!

Carl Towns Crazy girl sitting on a broom in the streets!

Carl Towns My eyes on the TV as I hear "Kiki!" "Tombo" and some grunting. Yeah... out of context.

Carl Towns Kiki saves Tombos life because thats why she's hot.

Carl Towns Movies over. i first saw pieces of the original Streamline dub a long time ago. But I got the Disney release on VHS after my uncle showed that version to me. Its a fav of Miyazakis work. A childrens film that an adult can watch.
Thats it for the commentary. Later.

So what next? Phantom of the Paradise? people Under the Stairs? Nightmare on Elm Street? Another anime flick? A classic hong kong film and watch it on a bad dub? Hit me up on the next choice for Facebook Commentary

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