Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Dear "Hardcore" Comic Fans, Get Over Yourself

So I was reading the newest Comic Critics a second time on Comic Book Resources and then some of the comments.

Damn it get over yourselves comic fans.

You seem to need some specific reason why someone likes a comic book, outside your normal tastes. Maybe because they like it. Maybe they read it, and enjoyed it. Maybe, just maybe, you're the fuckin' hipster. Hipster, what a dumb word. Especially, in the regards to the strip, when superhero fans use it on fans of alternative comics. DC and Marvel dominate the industry, so if anything an alternative title that is making waves should get some real respect because they did it without a multi-million dollar company backing them and with NON-SUPERHERO MATERIAL. Yes, Scott Pilgrim is making waves with a different art style, different story telling, and different fanbase. And good for it.


Because most superhero comics are THE SAME! Really, they are. Go back and look. Superhero(or heroes) deal with supervillains. Yes, there are internal struggles. There are various plots and subplots at play but the end of the day the essential superhero story Marvel and DC put out is Good Guy vs. Bad Guy. Along the way characters will die, characters will come back, teams will have problems within the group, some writer will decide to 'mentally and physically' break down a character and then rebuild them. You can point out all the politics, social ideas, and emotional baggage on a superhero title all you want but at the end of the day if the Superhero doesn't punch the Super villain you will probably be annoyed.

Than of course, there's the art style. I love a lot of superhero artists but you have to recognize how many artists have similar styles within the genre. After Neal Adams people drew similar. After Jim Lee, people drew similar. That Top Cow house styles back in the day, people aped it. It's not exclusive to superheroes, manga has the same thing but complaining about art styles seems sort of ludicrous. There are people who don't like typical superhero art. I know, what a shock.

Basically, if you don't like it fine. But why make a big deal about a book and its fans. Unless your just angry someone would rather buy some alternative comic with different style of art than the popular Superhero title of the moment with the likes of a David Finch or John Romita Jr.. In which case you are an idiot.

BTW, All Star Superman is epic.

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