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Blonde Denice K swallows 7 loads!

Denice K, aka Denise Klarskov, in my opinion one of the most underrated pornstars ever, is a beautiful blonde who did some great stuff a little while back. Probably the best of the bunch is this scene, the ending in particular. Dressed in red fishnets she engages in a fuck with John Strong, after which he cums in her mouth and calls in his friends! This is when the party starts! Seven guys in total drop their load in her mouth! Minute after minute she receives their spermhoses with joy and laughter! Fantastic gokkun scene! Enjoy!


Download (343MB):
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Fileserve link

No password!

Also, I started a new blog, which will feature all the stuff that doesn't really fit in here - since this place has become a sperm/gokkun/bukkake oriented site. You can check it out by clicking here!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

NuDiana? JMS' Wonder Womans Progress Part 1

This will be the first entry into what is happening with NuDiana. For those who don't know, Wonder Womans got a new costume, origin, and attitude. This report is not going to be about my opinions, which I will probably mention in other blog posts, but about the sales and critiques.

First off, sales.

Wonder Woman #600 which debut the new team and additions to the character landed at #24 with an estimated 53,521 units ordered. Plus 10,175 second printings. So that is 63;696 issues in circulation right now.

Issue 601 hit spot 38 with 39,672.

This is all good in comparison to previous issues. However lets look at the reboot under Allan Heinberg.

June 2006 4 Wonder Woman #1 $2.99 132,580
July 2006 251 Wonder Woman #1 (Reorder) $2.99 3,225
September 2006 244 Wonder Woman #1 (Reorder) $2.99 2,010

The sales go down drastically but Heinbergs run, whether you liked it or not, sold incredibly well. Part of it, of course, is that its a new number 1 but also Heinberg had huge success on Young Avengers and a JLA arc pre-Infinite Crisis which I believe helped this too.

If you go back further, Greg Ruckas run towards the end was doing well.

July 2005 36 Wonder Woman #219 $2.50 53,460
August 2005 74 Wonder Woman #219 $2.50 32,567
September 2005 189 Wonder Woman #219 $2.50 6,137

That's a combined 92,164. Huge for WW at the time and this tie in to the OMAC Project and IC blew Diana's numbers up. Orders around 40k units not counting various reprints. So some issues had around 50k.

Check here for more info on comic sales charts. Here for Wonder Woman numbers particularly.

Now, to some of the reviews for the recent issue, #602.

Major Spoilers: 2 1/2 Stars

IGN: 7.5

CBR Review: 2 1/2 Stars

League...: 3 Stars

Lost Man: B Grade

Newsarama Best Shots: Because there are a lot of moments here that Straczysnki comes up with — whether it's Diana's heart-to-heart with a statue of a goddess, or the two splash pages of Diana tearing through crowds of people — that I think would have translated better with more detail, more movement, more time. Yet in this static medium of comics, I think a lot of JMS's stage direction is getting lost, even with the art of Don Kramer and Eduardo Pansica.

Average Rating=B-

Some other reviews. Good and bad. But its looks that some people are mixed about it. Not necessarily bad but not engaging them or changing their opinion on the character. Others, liking it quite a bit but very few really getting A grades. At least on comic review sites, message boards its different.

I'll check back in a while.

Part 2

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Facebook Commentary: Nightmare on Elm Street 2 Freddy's Revenge

This was my commentary for what some call the Gayest Horror Film of All Time, Nightmare on Elm Street 2. I did it on Facebook as Status updates and my pal, the World Champion Pete LIKE a lot of it. But I'm guessing most people are out doing more important things today to follow. Oh well, its still amusing...

Carl Towns A little math: 1 clueless producer with a struggling studio + 1 clueless director + 1 script with gay subtext + 1 gay actor + 1 gay set designer + 1 film icon=???

-Pedro Sambrano likes this.

Carl Towns A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge!!! Facebook Commentary is about to get a different kind of sexy... a disturbing kind...

-Pedro Sambrano likes this.

Carl Towns Filmed the year after the original but set 5 years in the future so in their time its 1988. That means Ninja Turtles and Jem baby! She's so outrageous!

-Pedro Sambrano likes this.

Carl Towns Bus scene opens it. Music by Christopher Young whose done many horror film soundtracks, including Spider-Man 3. That was a scary bad movie. Except when Peter was being a jerk. I found that pimp.

For you black folks, like me, he did Tales from the Hood too...

Carl Towns Freddy's driving the bus into the desert with our scared lead(Mark Patton as Jesse Walsh) and a couple other victims. Incidentally, Patton knew this film was quite gay. But never brought it up... I guess.

Carl Towns Our male lead is crying like a little bitch. And it's Freddy! Maybe its Englund... Englund was hired on later because Shaye didn't want to give him the pay bump.

Carl Towns Jesse wakes up screaming. His sister asks "Why can't Jesse wake up like everybody else?"

Carl Towns Veteran actors Clu Galager and Hope Lange as the parents. the last time veteran actors were hired for Nightmare films, incidentally.

Carl Towns Ron Grady got a ride to the audition by his pal Robert Downy Jr. He should've told Robert to keep driving because this film is crap.

Ooh Ooh man ass. Its already getting a little uncomfortable.

"Assume the position"-Coach.

Carl Towns The coach hangs at S&M clubs an likes pretty boys... Yeah, I'd be quitting PE.

Carl Towns IMDB fact: This is the only film in the series not to use Charles Bernstein's original theme, or a variation of it.

Carl Towns Grady tells Walsh about the house. Its the same one from the good, original version.

Few minutes later Freddy says he needs Jesse. you know... for special work.

"You got the body... I've got the brains..."-Freddy

"Lets make some money!"-Pet Shop Boys

Carl Towns Oh no... the dance scene. With Jesse. This is wrong on so many levels. gay people think this is gay. No seirously, it's.. it's... it's bad... it's very, very bad. But the female love interest who walks in it, is cute. The Kim Myers character probably would've ran away in real life if she had saw that dance.

Carl Towns Mark Patton was actually on 21 Jump Street once. Sadly IMBD doesn't have that listed so either Wiki is wrong or IMDB. I need to know if he shared the screen with Johnny Depp! Because Depp was in the original Nightmare flick.

Carl Towns Back to Robert Rusler, he's actually been in a few things. No real big parts but has worked on hit shows, with big actors, and even a top director or two.

BTW, I should've said Rusler got a ride with Downy. Grady's his character.

Carl Towns Revealing mistakes: When the kids are reading the diary about Freddy Krueger, the pages that they are "reading" from are all blank.

-Pedro Sambrano likes this.

Carl Towns Huh... Marshall Bell, the gay coach, did a few good films and was even in Capote, which won Philip Seymor Hoffman his Oscar. Capote was gay too. Just striking the similarities here on this commentary.

Carl Towns The S&M club scene. Soon new Line founder and film producer Robert Shaye will make his cameo. In the gay leather his too-young-to-enter-the-shop daughters helped him pick out, apparently.

Check out the Never Sleep Again documentary.

Carl Towns Found by the coach, brought to school to run laps in the gym, Jesse takes a shower. The coach is about to get hit by flying balls. I mean, sports balls. Than tied up in the shower, stripped and spanked by a towel. I mean whipped by a towel. Oooh... Freddy played by a stunt man than kills him. In front of a naked Jesse....

WAIT! Jesse has the glove. Freddy's making him kill for him.

Carl Towns

Carl Towns Click the photo if you're brave. Don't worry, its work safe. Just look at the pic, and imagine the scenario in the movie. Yeah...

Carl Towns One more...

Carl Towns IMDB Trivia: The running time for this film is 87 minutes, Freddy appears in just 13 of them.

Carl Towns Found this about the film: The verdict is in, ladies and gents, and the ruling is thus: "Freddy's Revenge" is the gayest horror film ever made. Fuck David Decoteau and his shirtless sissyboy WB shlockfests. Fuck "The Hunger" and its hot girl-on-vampire action. Hell -- fuck "Rocky Horror"...,

for that matter -- none of these can hold a candle to the full-immersion

queerness that is ANOES2.

-Pedro Sambrano likes this.

Carl Towns ‎"We made Nightmare 2 absolutely clueless that it had any gay overtones whatsoever," says Director Jack Sholder. "But looking back, it was so gay, it was amazing! All I can say is we were all incredibly naive, or all incredibly latently gay."

Carl Towns IMDB Trivia: Brad Pitt, John Stamos and Christian Slater all auditioned for the role of Jesse.

Carl Towns

Kerry: So you goin' to Lisa's house tomorrow night?

Ron Grady: Nope. Can't. I'm grounded.

Kerry: Home come?

Ron Grady: I threw my grandmother down a flight of stairs.

Yea, that would get you grounded.

Carl Towns The pool party scene is about to start. Awkward sex scene coming up. Yes, good times abound.

-Pedro Sambrano likes this.

Carl Towns Oh, not a sex scene. Was getting hot and heavy and a... a... tongue transformation of sorts makes Jesse run leaving for help. His friend Grady. Jesse breaks into his home. Grady btw, is almost naked.

Carl Towns Jesse Walsh: Something is trying to get inside my body.

Ron Grady: Yeah, and she's female, and she's waiting for you in the cabana. And *you* wanna sleep with me.

Carl Towns Our boy is about to have a coming out. Not Jesse coming out of the closet but Freddy Krueger coming out of Jesse. is this symbolic, or metaphoric? I just don't know.

But the special effects here are the best in the entire film. I mean, really, he just comes bursting out. It's like BAM! There's a Freddy inside you!

Carl Towns Freddy's not inside him, he is Freddy. Wait... So Freddy is still inside him. Eww...

Carl Towns ‎"He's inside and he wants to take me again"-Jesse on Freddy

Carl Towns Freddy is about to make his debut at the pool party. Now thats how you kill a party. Inviting the knived gloved child molesting/killing bastard.

"You are all my children now."

Carl Towns Errors in geography: The fictional location for the Nightmare on Elm Street franchises was Springwood, Ohio. Throughout the film Palm Trees are visible in the background which cannot be grown in Ohio climate and the bus in the opening scene drives through the desert,

which is not part of Ohio's geography.

Carl Towns Continuity: When Freddy attacks the kids at Lisa's pool party, he kills the first kid by slashing him diagonally across the right side of his face and neck. When the kid drops to the floor, the wounds are vertical and on the left side of his face.

Carl Towns The Rotten Tomatos score, 45%. One critic: Very weird, homoerotic flick, but very entertaining in a 80s kind of way.

Carl Towns The remake/reboot got 15%. But there's more reviews in regard to that film so maybe that's why its liked less.

Carl Towns ‎"I’m shocked you never noticed. Gay people noticed on opening weekend back in the 80′s. Its legendary."-Comment on a website talking about this.

-Pedro Sambrano likes this.

Carl Towns Coming up on the final scenes when our hero, Lisa Webber faces off against Jesse/Freddy. That's right, the man is the damsel in distress and the chick is the dashing hero. This film was indeed ahead of its time.

-Pedro Sambrano likes this.

Carl Towns Jesse's fighting Freddy. Or is this some sort of Christian propaganda in regards to fighting the gay inside of you? Because in a moment Lisa is going to kiss him, you know, like Sleeping Beauty.

Carl Towns

Carl Towns The finale is coming up and everything is going fine right? Pfff... Freddy kills Lisa's friend, drive off into the desert. Wonderful...

Carl Towns

Carl Towns I saw this film back when I was young and mostly just the end. I didn't see the full film for years. I did hear about the gay subtext. In fact, before I bought the DVDs I tried watching it on TV until I noticed that Nightmare 3 was on a different channel. But even though I switched to a better sequel, I did notice that Nightmare 2 was odd. I hated it the first few times I saw it. But its kind of growing on me now.

Carl Towns Which scares me.

That's it. Whats up for next time? I'm thinking foreign film, bad dramatic movie, or some sort of sci fi/fanatsy flick. I'll let you know unless you have something for me.

Preferably on DVD. No VHS in this room... so I can't do Double Dragon. Just watch it for yourself and do what Pete does, say "the Shadow Falls" every... fifteen minutes. It increases the enjoyment of the film. Well, if you're cool like us.

Diamond Kitty - There's A Great Big Penis In My Butt

Size : 236.92MB
Lenght : 31:12
Format : AVI

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Geek Movies Coming Up July-Dec.2011 And Why They'll Fail

Transformers 3
Release Date: July 1, 2011 (3D/2D theaters)
Studio: DreamWorks Pictures (Paramount)
Fail: It will actually not fail in theaters but prove that society as failed morally. The first film was amusing enough(if not compared to the 80s classic) but the second film was such a travesty that my brother didn't realize the theater screwed up and forgot a reel of the film mid movie. It was a mass of big things blowing up. God, help us all.

Will I See It? Not after the mess that was Revenge of the Fallen.

Cowboys & Aliens
Release Date: July 29, 2011
Studio: DreamWorks Pictures
Fail: Some comic barely anyone heard of is getting a movie with James Bond, Indian Jones, and that one hot chick. And directed by the director of Iron Man. A winner? Eh... on the off chance that Captain America sucks while Harry Potter and the Winnie the Pooh films have a hard time holding onto any top 10 spots, sure. It might be a winner. Also, Faverau, not a bad director but not necessarily a good one. We'll say solid and by the books.

Will I See It? Meh.

The Smurfs
Release Date: August 3, 2011
Studio: Columbia Pictures (Sony)
Fail: Its the fuckin' Smurfs. Really? If there's no bleed over from July coupled with the few family films set up so far maybe it'll make cash. But really... the Smurfs?

Will I See It? They're coming to the big city. Smurfs in NYC. Someone fire somebody...

September-November nothing too geeky, except maybe Fright Night. But here comes December.

Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chip-Wrecked
Release Date: December 16, 2011
Studio: 20th Century Fox
Mission: Impossible IV
Release Date: December 16, 2011
Studio: Paramount Pictures
Sherlock Holmes 2
Release Date: December 16, 2011
Studio: Warner Bros. Pictures

Three Fails?: Expect at least one of these movies to be moved. Because its three fucking franchise films. if they drop in one day that would be stupid.
Noomi Rapace was offered role in both Holmes 2 and Mission Impossible 4. I wonder if they gave her a deadline because they need to move onto scheduling the actual film making.
But really, shouldn't Alvins movie fail for the best of mankind? And while I like Brad Bird, directing Mission Impossible 4? Really... Dude. Incredibles 2. What the fuck? Get on dat shit.
Sherlock Holmes was actually really fun. So Hollywood science is banking on the equal blowing.

Will i Be Seeing Any? Holmes 2, sure. Impossible 4? Maybe. Alvin? not on your life.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
Release Date: December 21, 2011
Studio: Columbia Pictures (Sony)
Fail: The American film based on the swedish trilogy that's already spawned a hugely successful swedish trilogy of movies. By a director whose hit and miss. Seven, okay. Fight Club, fun if you suspend any logic. Panic Room, no thanks. Zodiac, I heard good things. Benjamin Button, boring. Facebook movie, don't really care. And poor Roony Mara. You did little in the crappy Nightmare reboot(though we could blame writers and director) and if Roomi Rapace gets an Oscar nod, then you're pretty fucking screwed.

Will Hollywood mess this up? Probably.

Will I See It? yes. Most likely. Then compare and contrast the two films and the books.

The Adventures of Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn
Release Date: December 23, 2011
Studio: Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures
Fail: the first of a planned Trilogy of the famed European character that NO ONE IN THE UNITED STATES HAS EVER HEARD OF! Not really but ask someone my age who Tin Tin is they'll think you're referring to that one adorable dog. This is a big money film Spielberg's been working on for years. Its all going down the drain.

Will I See It? No.

The Muppets
Release Date: December 25, 2011
Studio: Walt Disney Pictures
fail: I love the Muppets. And people think I'm weird. That should tell you something right now.

Will I See It? Yes. Yes I will.

Vanessa Lane - Please Drill My Ass

Size : 222.11MB
Lenght : 21:08
Format : MPEG

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Facebook Commentary: Kiki's Delivery Service

This was my commentary for Kiki's Delivery Service. I did it on Facebook as Status updates and some people commented.

Not as many because its not the weekend.

Carl Towns Welcome to Facebook film commentary. Tonights presentation is Studio Ghiblis Kiki's Delivery Service by famed animator Hayao Miyizaki. Right now, Pixars boring John Lassater telling me the movie is great. I know that bitch.

Carl Towns The films about a teen witch who leaves home to find a city to set up shop. Its all full of gooey, warm feeling, bitter sweetness. Yes, pretty gay. But you know what! I love this film.

Carl Towns Kiki's planning on leaving home a month earlier than planned. "When a witch turns 13 she has to leave home to begin her training." I wonder if her parents gave her some cash before she left or they were like -FUCK DAT! Make yo' own scrilla girl!

Carl Towns You may not know this, but this is the only good thing Matthew Lawrence was in.

Carl Towns ‎"What about Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad?"
What about it?
"And he was in Boy Meets World."
After I stopped watching. Man Danielle Fishel is hot.

Carl Towns Yes, I am watching the dub version. the second one because Streamline original did a dub version before Disney got all the Ghibli rights.
Stupid evil Disney and evil Mickey Mouse...

Carl Towns Briefly, Troma Films had the rights to Miyazakis My Neighbor Totoro. Scary...

Carl Towns BTW, Kiki's just ran into on bitchy witch! She should've smacked her.

Carl Towns By the way, Kiki's cat is Jiji and voiced by the late great Phil Hartman in the Disney release.

Carl Towns This movie is based on a Novel. Interesting...
A cop is giving the poor witch girl a hard time for flying her broom around the street. Why the cops always tripping?

Carl Towns Tombo-the nerdy stalker.

Carl Towns Kiki is staying out of the sight cops. Because she's totally gangsta!

Carl Towns The original creator did not like the many changes made. But Miyazaki was like "Fuck dat! This is gonna be wicked! So sit back, shut up, and let me do my thang!"
Exact quote.

Carl Towns Checking up on Carl Macek who was a pioneer in bringing anime over to the states, which included several Miyazaki movies. He died this year which is sad.
However the way he tried to sell Robotech as an American cartoon was BS. it was Macross with two other anime's spliced in.
-Brian Tyson Didn't know about Macek, he really did allot to get anime up and running in America. Thought he was god but still a cool guy.
-Carl Towns He apparently died in April. I was looking up the Streamline stuff. Troma films had the rights to a Miyazaki movie once! Troma of Toxic Avenger fame! I hope this is some guy just messing around on Wikipedia.

Carl Towns Trivia courtesy of IMDB: When Kiki first arrives in the city, she is almost hit by a bus bearing the name "Studio Ghibli". This is the name of Miyazaki's animation studio. "Ghibli" is seen on the side of two other buses; once as she is
being questioned by the officer

Carl Towns More IMDB trivia: The dialogue during a scene in which Kiki is given coffee, changes the beverage to hot chocolate in the Disney release. This was done because Disney thought it was inappropriate for children to drink coffee. The video subtitles also mention hot chocolate, although the Japanese "kohii" ("coffee") is clearly audible on the soundtrack.

Carl Towns Famous Lewis Arquette who spawned an entire brood of actors has a small part in the English dub of this flick. So does legendary actress Debbie Reynolds.

Carl Towns The voice of Bobby Hill does a kids voice in this flick. Sounding like Bobby Hill. By the way, is a female actress who does the voice. And I skipped the scene with the character whose voiced by Janeane Garofolo.

Carl Towns Incidentally, my fav movie with Kirstin Dunst and I still find her voice annoying in it. Well, at times.
Hey, it's Tombo the Nerdy Teenager Stalker!

Carl Towns About to hit the scene where Kiki delivers a pie from a nice grandma to her grand daughter accepts it verbally annoyed by the gift. Whether you like the food or not, you should be thankful to your grandma.
This teenage girl is a bad bad person. Kiki should have back handed her too.

Carl Towns And worst of all, she doesn't get to go out clubbing on the town. Thats just sad...

Carl Towns Tombo and Kiki on the propeller bike. They should try this for Jackass 3D.

Carl Towns Hey, its annoying girl two. Kiki needs to go over there and beat that girl down.

Carl Towns Kiki's recent sick days, coupled by her stranger in a strange-land feeling is making her lose her powers. Or power. Since Kiki only seems to be able to fly. Not much of a witch...

Carl Towns Janeane Garofolos character returns! Meh...

Carl Towns Ursula wants Kiki to come over to her cabin. Take that of context for a moment...

Carl Towns Trivia: on September 12, 1998, it was the first video release to be reviewed as a normal film on Siskel and Ebert rather than on the "Video Pick of the Week" section

Carl Towns Trivia: The conservative Christian group Concerned Women for America boycotted Kiki’s Delivery Service screenings and released a press release on May 28, 1998 titled “Disney Reverts to Witchcraft in Japanese Animation”. Calling for a boycott of The Disney Company, the group said the company “is still not family friendly, but continues to have a darker agenda”.
-Carl Towns Why is it you can't have a witch in a childrens story as a lead? Shouldn't the christians shut up after the fact that innocent men and women died because of them. Well, partially. Others just wanted to get rid of people they didn't like.
-Jay Jay It's all bullshit. Theist bastards...
-Carl Towns Exactly

Carl Towns Coming up on the finale. The dirgible, which has been talked about a bit, is going wild and Tombo is in trouble. Time for Kiki to witch up and be epic.

Carl Towns So... Kiki's cat signifies her immature side? Symbolism over my head again!

Carl Towns Crazy girl sitting on a broom in the streets!

Carl Towns My eyes on the TV as I hear "Kiki!" "Tombo" and some grunting. Yeah... out of context.

Carl Towns Kiki saves Tombos life because thats why she's hot.

Carl Towns Movies over. i first saw pieces of the original Streamline dub a long time ago. But I got the Disney release on VHS after my uncle showed that version to me. Its a fav of Miyazakis work. A childrens film that an adult can watch.
Thats it for the commentary. Later.

So what next? Phantom of the Paradise? people Under the Stairs? Nightmare on Elm Street? Another anime flick? A classic hong kong film and watch it on a bad dub? Hit me up on the next choice for Facebook Commentary

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Geek Movies Coming Up Jan-June 2011 And Why They'll Fail

The Cabin in the Woods
Release Date: January 14, 2011 (3D/2D theaters)
Studio: MGM
Fail: On the chance MGM gets their stuff together, Whedon's audience is still pretty niche and he ain't even directing this movie. Besides, 3D conversion instantly makes any film darker. Darkening a horror flick seems kind of stupid. Especially one where sex seems to be at the heart of the story. No one wants to watch bad 3D nudity.

Will I See It? Depends on the trailer.

The Green Hornet
Release Date: January 14, 2011 (3D/2D theaters and IMAX 3D)
Studio: Columbia Pictures (Sony)
Fail: Sony pushed it back. Not a good sign. Plus early buzz on the trailer from people who have seen it is quite mixed. Besides, I'm pretty sure Jay Chou 's ability to deliver English has proven this one will be bad when he opens his mouth. Also, 3D conversion... bleh.

Will I See It? Yeah. But not in 3D.

I Am Number Four
Release Date: February 18, 2011
Studio: DreamWorks Pictures
Fail: Adaptation of an upcoming young adult novel that's part 1 of 6 translates to no established fanbase. Really, wait a few books first Dreamworks. A sci-fi flick with no real leads as well. In fact the lead, Alex Pettyfer, was to be in Beastly which was suppose to come out this year then got delayed until after this movie comes out. So I'm not sure if he's done anything in the states. Anyway, teen alien fleeing destroyed planet falls in love with a girl, also starts gaining superpowers in a riff on Superman. Written by the Smallville creators too. I don't know, this one sounds like a big FAIL.

Will I See It? Sounds dumb but I'll wait for a trailer.

Release Date: March 18, 2011
Studio: Universal Pictures
Fail: Two geeky guys traveling around the US and meeting an alien. You can have the best cast ever but the mainstream hate geeks.

Will I See It? Maybe. Like the cast.

Sucker Punch
Release Date: March 25, 2011 (IMAX and conventional theaters)
Studio: Warner Bros. Pictures
Fail: Um... girls in a institution with giant robots and dragons and other wicked stuff to battle. What? Apparently the lead character imagines all this but the film, from the first trailer makes no sense. I can imagine it making people scratch their head like Scott Pilgrim vs. the World which was all kinds of awesome by the way. So in spite of a good cast and director, it could not succeed.

Will I See It? Fuck yeah.

Release Date: May 13, 2011 (3D/2D theaters)
Studio: Screen Gems (Sony)
Fail: No one apparently wants to see Vampire Killer movies. I mean, its all about sexy vampires now. Besides, its coming out between Thor and a new Pirates. Plus, two weeks later is Hangover 2 and the second Kung Fu Panda. I expect at least one movie to be moved but still... You're screwed.

Will I See It? With Thor, Pirates and Hangover 2 the same month, fuck no.

X-Men: First Class
Release Date: June 3, 2011
Studio: 20th Century Fox
Fail: Set in the '60s. Focusing on Professor X and Magneto? Where's Wolverine and the rest of the well known X-Men? Oh... wait... They're not here. Plus the fact there is a huge cast can work against a two hour film. Expect this to push Fox to reboot the series or abandon it until the rights revert to Marvel(maybe).

Will I See It? No Cyclops? Other than Emma Front there's almost no mutants in this I like. And even then Cyke should be nailing Emma Frost like in the comics. Fuck you Fox!

Caesar: Rise of the Apes
Release Date: June 24, 2011
Studio: 20th Century Fox
Fail: Screw the Planet of Apes movies made after the classic second film.

Will I See It? See above statement.

More later.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Facebook Commentary: Blazing Saddles

This was my commentary for Blazing Saddles. I did it on Facebook as Status updates and some people commented.

Carl Towns ‎"C'mon, what about a good ol' n***** work song?"-Blazing Saddles is currently playing. I'll be doing facebook commentary.

Carl Towns Slim Pickens has arrived and shit is awesome. "We can't afford to send horses. Send a couple of n*****s."
Jay Jay Keep them shits comin'!

Carl Towns Slim Pickens got his name from his time in the rodeo. He actually started at age 12 and was a rather successful rodeo clown.

Carl Towns ‎"Dont just lay there getting a sun tan. It won't do you no good anyhow." ... Cleavon Little just knocked dat cracker out GOOD! Now enter Heady Lamarr. I mean Headly...

Carl Towns Boris the hangsman was played by legendary voice actor
Robert Ridgely. But most impressively in Robin Hood... Men In Tights! ... as the Hangman.

Carl Towns Little's last appearance was a guest part on an episode of Tales from the Crypt

Carl Towns Right now is the sacking of Rock Ridge. Or called a number 6.

Carl Towns So, is everyone in town related to one another. Their all Johnsons I believe.

Carl Towns Fought Dix! Remember when Richard Dix tried to take over this town?

Carl Towns Just did a search. the smoking redhead whose the Mayors assistant in the movie is Robyn Hilton. That took longer than expected.

Carl Towns Didn't help I didn't catch the characters name.

Carl Towns ‎"Drop it! Or I swear I'll blow this n*****'s head all over the town."
"Lordy lord! Do what he say?"
Little takes himself hostage to avoid getting shot by white people. Awesome!

Carl Towns Oh, there was Hiltons name on the wiki page. Damn I'm blind...

Carl Towns Jim, aka "The Waco Kid". Epicness.

Carl Towns Since you are my guest, what would you like to do?"-Sheriff
"Oh, I don't know. Play chess... screw..."-Kid
"Let's play chess."-Sheriff

Carl Towns Hedly Lamarr vs. Hedy Lamarr. "What the hell are you worried about? This is 1874, you'll be able to sue her!"
Joke explained.

Carl Towns Why the fuck the black folks always coming up the rear of the the wagon trail?

Carl Towns I never really liked the baked bean farting scene. Hits to close to home...

Carl Towns Mongo!!!!

Carl Towns Madeline Kahn as Lili von Shtupp, the Teutonic Titwillow was nominated for the movie. poor Headly, he really thought he had the Oscar nom but the critics always pick German tramps.

Carl Towns The black man is about to put it down on some hot german piece right now.

Carl Towns The studio wanted to cut the baked bean flatulence scene, Mongo punching a horse and the use of the word n*****. None of which was cut because Mel had final cut approval.
Be Randy then the movie woulda sucked.... then what would we laugh at?
Carl Towns The studio for being punk ass bitches.

Carl Towns Cleavon Little and Gene Wilder were both second choices for their respective parts. Originally Richard Pryor for the Sheriff and Gig Young for Waco Kid. But studio objected to Pryor due to his admitted drug use and Gig Young was replaced because of his alcohol issues.

Carl Towns You said rape twice."-Lamarr
"I like rape."-Criminal

Carl Towns ‎"Hey, where the white women at?"
You can use it anywhere, anytime, no matter who you are, including a gay man. It'll be funny no matter what.

Carl Towns Badges, we don't need no stinking badges?-Mexicans and me and Anime Expo 2010.

Carl Towns The big brawls coming up.
Must say, this was a finely cast flick. I'm still mulling over which comedy I like more, this of Holy Grail.

Carl Towns
The scene with the John Wayne lookalike is coming up. Wayne actually met Brooks in the WB commissary and liked the script but said it wouldn't fit his image. Said he'd be "first in line to see the movie, though."

Carl Towns Jewish Hitler. lol! Its funny because its also true.

Carl Towns
Wiki statement that might not be true: The film grossed $119.5 million in the box office becoming only the
tenth film in history up to that point to pass the $100 million mark

Carl Towns ‎2006 the film was selected by National Film Registry for preservation. Also, there was series pilot filmed based on the film called Black Bart that wasn't picked up starring future Academy award winner Louis Gossett Jr. It appears on one of the special DVD/Blu-Ray editions.

Carl Towns See, I can do facts and quote lines...
All my facts I just snatch from wikipedia though because I plagiarize! Fuck yeah!
Brian Tyson Dude, you're out of control
Carl Towns And thats a bad thing?

Carl Towns BTW, a TV version spin off of Blazing Saddles? Really? Without the use of the word n*****? Thats just fuckin' stupid. But Louis Gossett is a cool cat and was awesome in Enemy Mine and the good Punisher flick.

Carl Towns ‎"What about An Officer and a Gentleman? The move he won the Oscar for?"
I usually try to avoid movies with Richard Gere. I can't talk about ti, it's personal.

Carl Towns Actually first really took interest when I saw some AFI countdown about comedies. I starred everything on the list that looked good in my cinema class. Yet, still haven't seen Some Like It Hot and TCM shows it at least once a month.

MY BAD: Carl Towns okay... it seems Hitler may not have had Jewish ancestry... Its just part of his lineage is unknown as his father was an illegitimate child.

Follandole la boca a la novia

Mariah milano pellizca sus pezones

galería completa

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Two Quick Movie Reviews: Scott Pilgrim vs. Expendables

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, based on the successful graphic novels, tells the story of a dorky bass player who meets the girl of his dreams. Then must defeat her seven evil exes to date her.

This flick is a visual treat. It really does bring to life comic book imagery and video game style. Edgar Wright(Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz) is the perfect director and the cast is damn well put together. Kieran Culkin as Wallace Wells is the best. He's Scotts gay roommate who is funny and and pimping through out. Brandon Routh as the third evil exe, Todd Ingram, is the slickest of them all. He's a vegan with psychic powers plus he ahsd the best line int he film: "Don't think I'd hit a girl? I'm a rockstar." The fight scenes are definitely out of video games(people explode into coins) and explodes with kinetic energy.

On the downside, the video game elements and unique visual style of the film will turn away certain people. Not me. Also, Scotts a bit of a prick as he's suppose to be this likable dorky loser who breaks girls hearts and expects things to just work out with them. Ramona, well, she's cute and the characters interesting but ultimately she is just princess Peach. A plot device to movie the premise along. Though you do feel an attraction between Scott and Ramona.

Rating: A-(might shrink later)/Recommended

Stallone and company are way in over their head on a mission on a small island. Yep... that's it in a nutshell.

The banter sometimes is corny. The stories cliche. Some of the actors, well, can't act. Jet Li's English still needs work.

that said if you paid for a good story and great acting you should get slapped. its all about the cast, and the violence. The cast is monumental. Even if Randy Couture can't act he can body slam a muthu fucker and really, isn't that what you wanted to see? That and Dolph f'n Lundgren blowing off half a mans body. The violence is big,t he action is bog, and the cast is stunning. Stunning in a masculine way of course.

You need an hour and thirty minute hit of testosterone? This is it right here.

Rating: B-(might increase later because I had a terrible seat int he theater)/Recommended for action fans

News: Sad to see Pilgrim only 4th on the top 5 but it'll become a cult classic. But Expendables being #1 is good. Check out the Scott Pilgrim game. Killer fun.

Daphne Rosen - Heavy Duty #5

Size : 239.34MB
Lenght : 24:00
Format : MPG

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tentative Mail Order Comics Order

PREVIEWS #265 OCTOBER 2010 (Net)-More fun than the actual comics?

TEEN TITANS #88-Once again I'm back to now doubt be disappointed. Heard nothing but 'meh' things about the writer but Nicola Scotts good and ravager is awesome.

GREEN LANTERN #59-Still missing Cowgirl. Not because I like her just because I can't remember the last time she was around.



SUPERMAN BATMAN #77-Supergirl and Damian/Robin story. With Ale Garza. Sounded interesting enough.

ZATANNA #6-Good, fun series with a female lead. So its gonna get canceled.

WONDER WOMAN #604-Last issue I order? 601 was okay, I guess but I'm not all that interested.

MANHUNTER TP VOL 05 FORGOTTEN-Volume 5? Wow... didn't even realize they continued the volume numbers. I have all the other issues and volumes.

TINY TITANS #33-Aww yeah...

FABLES #99 (MR)-I do like Fables.

FABLES #100 (MR)-And this baby is 100 pages. Good times.

MAGE HC VOL 01 THE HERO DISCOVERED-Decided to see what the big deal is.

MORNING GLORIES #3-Where's issue 1 at? maybe I'll get it next month.

MURDERLAND #3-" " " " "

NANCY IN HELL #3 (OF 4)-" " " "

X-MEN #4-I just wanted to buy an X-Men comic. I could care less about the vampires. Or making Jubilee one. Or, in general, the entire script for the first issue. Arts nice though.

DEADPOOLMAX #1-Another Deadpool series. I use to like Deadpool but I jumped off the bandwagon when it got crowded. Now I miss the guy.

TAROT WITCH OF THE BLACK ROSE TP VOL 07 (MR)-Whats it say about me when I get a bigger smile reading Tarot then other more acclaimed titles?

VAMPIRELLA MASTERS SERIES TP VOL 02 WARREN ELLIS-Volume 1 was the Morrison/Millar book which I have. Not really an Ellis fan but I like Vampirella enough to check it out.

FLUORESCENT BLACK GN-Don't know what it is but like the name.

7 BILLION NEEDLES GN VOL 02-Volume ordered at Amazon. need some new manga.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Kristina Rose bukkake - 10 loads!

And yet another great bukkake, from the same movie that gave us the first bukkake with Lisa Ann, Tory Lane and others! It starts with Kristina Rose publicly showing off her body to passing trucks and cars, happily showing what she's got! Then 10 pornactors approach her and the real action starts! A great, fun blowbang reaches it's high in the massive facial Kristina gets from those 10 guys! Just awesome! Enjoy!


Download (331MB):
FileSonic link

Fileserve link

No password!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Coming Up...

My favorite books I got last month or that was released last month.

My thoughts on all the Runaways arcs.

My tentative order for Mail Order Comics.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Dear "Hardcore" Comic Fans, Get Over Yourself

So I was reading the newest Comic Critics a second time on Comic Book Resources and then some of the comments.

Damn it get over yourselves comic fans.

You seem to need some specific reason why someone likes a comic book, outside your normal tastes. Maybe because they like it. Maybe they read it, and enjoyed it. Maybe, just maybe, you're the fuckin' hipster. Hipster, what a dumb word. Especially, in the regards to the strip, when superhero fans use it on fans of alternative comics. DC and Marvel dominate the industry, so if anything an alternative title that is making waves should get some real respect because they did it without a multi-million dollar company backing them and with NON-SUPERHERO MATERIAL. Yes, Scott Pilgrim is making waves with a different art style, different story telling, and different fanbase. And good for it.


Because most superhero comics are THE SAME! Really, they are. Go back and look. Superhero(or heroes) deal with supervillains. Yes, there are internal struggles. There are various plots and subplots at play but the end of the day the essential superhero story Marvel and DC put out is Good Guy vs. Bad Guy. Along the way characters will die, characters will come back, teams will have problems within the group, some writer will decide to 'mentally and physically' break down a character and then rebuild them. You can point out all the politics, social ideas, and emotional baggage on a superhero title all you want but at the end of the day if the Superhero doesn't punch the Super villain you will probably be annoyed.

Than of course, there's the art style. I love a lot of superhero artists but you have to recognize how many artists have similar styles within the genre. After Neal Adams people drew similar. After Jim Lee, people drew similar. That Top Cow house styles back in the day, people aped it. It's not exclusive to superheroes, manga has the same thing but complaining about art styles seems sort of ludicrous. There are people who don't like typical superhero art. I know, what a shock.

Basically, if you don't like it fine. But why make a big deal about a book and its fans. Unless your just angry someone would rather buy some alternative comic with different style of art than the popular Superhero title of the moment with the likes of a David Finch or John Romita Jr.. In which case you are an idiot.

BTW, All Star Superman is epic.

Brooke Haven - Big Tit Anal Whores #2

Size : 272.66MB
Lenght : 35:55
Format : AVI

La tengo en casa este verano y viene a follar desde Peru

Alexis Amore Mamacita follada por negros

Pilar se masturba en su habitación

Brandibelle y sus amigas follando en la playa

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Video porno en HD de Janine Lindemulder