Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hawaii In Brief

Tuesday-Airplane ride was the first in over ten years. Was a tad scared, I don't like flying. They showed a movie(Diary of a Wimpy kid which I did not watch, and episodes from various shows like The Big Bang Theory.) Landed in Hawaii and the airport had a bit of an old fashion feel to it.

20 members of the family split into 4 rooms and I got my own bed with my bro sleeping on the floor. Nice rooms. Ate at a hamburger joint after doing some walk arounds. Watched the season premiere of White Collar but sleep beckoned so I missed Covert Affairs premiere.

Wednesday-Waken early for a field trip of sorts. At a restaurant for some complimentary breakfast so that we can be given a presentation on various tourists stuff. The food was bland. The presentation boring and stayed some time outside after it was over to hang with other bored family members as others signed up for various things.

I believe my Uncle Pauls wife, Judy, won that Maui Diver Jewelry tour thing we went to. Which was interesting though Aunt Teri was having a serious fit(which she almost always does).

The Zoo was closed for some performance, Ed and uncle Kevin skipped since seeing the animals was really the only thing we wanted to do.

Watched Psyche that night, good times.

Thursday-Kayaking. Yeah? Went with brother, uncle James and his family. They paid for us. Arms hurt, got sunburned too. I jumped from a 15 foot cliff into water on a very small island that has a volcano.

Tried malasada which are liked donuts. Grandmas Spaghetti.

Burn Notice was good.

Friday-Kept on reading my book the Book Thief(check it out, its good.) Me and uncle Mike checked out a Korean BBQ place which was good. Saw Inception. Awesome.

Saturday-Polynesian Cultural center. learned about Samoans and Fijians(?), had fun with family, and Luau. All day thing.

Sunday-Swap Meet. Plane ride home.

More pix later.

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