Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Real Top 10 Black Superheroes

I saw this crappy list and felt I needed to make a good one. First off, I'm gonna apologize early for getting a little more "ghetto" on this list. As a black comic reader, I feel its my right.

10. (Black) Nick Fury

Thats bad Ass Muthu Fucker Sam Jackson!

Despite the fact that the character was originally white, having been created by the main architects of the Marvel U, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, as well as having his most famous work done by Jim Steranko(one of the baddest ass men in comics ever SON!) Nick Fury will be probably best known by mainstream society as a black man. Taking their cues from the Ultimate Universe rendition of the character, who looked like Sam Jackson, they casted Sam Jackson in various Marvel movies. Its a cheat, but come on. Your children won't know Nick Fury's suppose to be white. They'll just know him as a black man who is one bad ass muthu fucker!

9. Vixen

Image by Joshua Middleton

There are few really good black female superheroes but Vixen is on the list because she's been a member of the Justice League and did a couple episodes in the cool Justice League cartoon. A sexy, confident black female superhero. I just want to say though, whoever redesigned her outfit needs an award. Those early Vixen images were not cool. But hey, African characters got to be really African right?

7. Black Lightning

Image by co-creator Trevor Von Eeden

DC was late to the black superhero biz but their first one became an important figure whose popped up working with Batman and the Justice League. If Batman approves of Black Lightning YOU approve of Black Lightning. He has two daughters who've become superheroes, improving on the lack of black female superheroes(though they have generic names but whatever...). I should point out that while Black Panther, Falcon and Luke Cage came before our boy here, Black Lightning actually had a creator who was black in Trevor Von Eeden. Thats called progress son! We coming up!

7. Falcon

Image by Joe Bennet

The first African-AMERICAN superhero. So he gots to be on this list! Our boy Falcon, was also the first black superhero not to have BLACK in his moniker. Nope. You can tell he's black so we don't need to announce it. Now... I never read much with guy so I can't say anything towards the stories but he's worked with Captain America and Captain America is all about beating up terrorists, super-villains and general jackass' so Falcons got to be all about whuppin' some punk ass.

6. Mr. Terrific II(Michael Holt)

Image by Alex Ross

My fav black superhero? Straight up! The second man to take the Mr. Terrific identity, Holt is one of the most intelligent men in the DCU(ranked #3 to be specific. Thats right, only two people smarter than him and that's Lex Luthor and some other guy who is not Batman). This nigga has got 14 Ph.D's. This man has lead the Justice Society of America for while which is the original superhero team, is the White King in the UN Chartered Metahuman Mointoring Force Checkmate, and a total bad ass. Lest not forget one of the few super heroes who doesn't make wearing a black leather jacket look stupid(I'm looking at you "new" Wonder Woman).

5. Static

Image from cartoon

He had a cartoon. An Emmy nominated cartoon. Doesn't matter what you think-this boy had people watching his show for more than a season. In fact, 4 seasons! Who'd have known a black kid could have a successful cartoon?

4. Green Lantern(John Stewart)

Image by Ariel Olivetti.

One of the many Green Lanterns and one of the best known due to the awesomeness of the Justice League cartoon. I only read a couple comics with him but c'mon! This nigga was on TV rubbing elbows with Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. Plus dating Hawkgirl and Vixen. Play on playa!

3. Black Panther

Image by co-creator Jack Kirby

The first Black Superhero period. That gets him in the top 3 on principle alone. Helps that he's a king, created by some famed creators, and has a cartoon on BET. Don't fuck with Black Panther because Black Panther will fuck you up.

2. Luke Cage

Image by co-creator John Romita, Sr.

No other superhero keeps it more real than Luke f'n Cage. NONE! Once, after being jipped the money he was owed, he broke into the Fantastic 4's home, convinced them to lend him their ride, flew to Dr. Dooms country and proceeded to help a revolution against the monarch. Then struck a deal with Doom and got his money. How much money would entice a man to face off againt muthu fuckin' Doc Doom? $200. I ain't got to say anything else. Sweet Christmas, Luke Cage is a black hero keeping it as close to gangsta as a superhero can.

1. Storm

Image by co-creator Dave Cockrum

Despite never having her own ongoing series(but a couple minis), Storm is one of the best known female superheroes out there. The fact that she's black in a world of pretty white superheroes(they are pretty, I ain't being sarcastic) makes that even more impressive. This queen, goddess, and just overly awesome ebony woman is one of the main attractions of the X-titles. Even besting my main man Cyclops for leadership of the X-Men once upon a time. Plus she went punk rock for a while and cut a bitch or two. Why Storm is number one over heroes who came before her or black heroes with their own books is simple, she was one of the main stars of one of the the best selling books when she was created. Meaning her adventures were being read by more people anyway. And while Cyborg was kicking it in Teen Titans while it was routinely facing of X-Men on the charts around the time of all new all different X-Men, Titans fell from the high popularity while X-Men continued to soar as a best selling comic spinning off three different cartoons, several movies and video games. Including that arcade one based on the "Lost Episode." That game alone puts Storm in the top 3. Everything else makes her number one. Check yo'self fool! Storm is on top!

Thank you Storm!

Honorable Mentions


Member of Teen Titans which was a best selling book for a period of time. Also was on the cool cartoon. But sorry bro, just not enough for my list.


Bad ass? Yeah. But not bad ass enough.


Been around for a while and knows how to knock a fool down with a big ass hammer. But the fact he's a spin off of the Superman franchise coupled with a crappy Shaq film, knocks him down. But you still good in my book.

As for the aforementioned list. M is not black. She's African. From Bosnia with Algerian heritage. Angel Salvatore is a forgettable character who had the luck of being in Grant Morrisons awesome New X-Men run. Half the characters on that list are relatively new without any real impact on comics or outside media. Why would they be on your list? Yeah, sure Darwins coming up but I wouldn't put him above anybody on their Honorable Mention list which had a better round up anyway.

So there you have it. The real top 10 black superheroes list. Play on playa!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Negro follando a Paulina James, Alicia Tyler y Kiwi Ling

While I Wait For Next Week...

To read WW #601, some fans seem to be praising it heavily online. I felt that I had to find some other reviews but seeing as its only just came out I found one here. Seems to me that in all fairness the book isn't bad. The art is getting good reviews but Don Kramer was one of my top choices for art on the series.

I'm apprehensive. I really, really like the Wonder Woman origin. That is probably the thing that is bothering me the most. I also don't know if you can effectively keep Diana's personality with this newer, darker origin.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I Think...

I'm gonna start doing a bit where every week i pull comic, TPB, or OGN and write about it.


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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hawaii In Brief

Tuesday-Airplane ride was the first in over ten years. Was a tad scared, I don't like flying. They showed a movie(Diary of a Wimpy kid which I did not watch, and episodes from various shows like The Big Bang Theory.) Landed in Hawaii and the airport had a bit of an old fashion feel to it.

20 members of the family split into 4 rooms and I got my own bed with my bro sleeping on the floor. Nice rooms. Ate at a hamburger joint after doing some walk arounds. Watched the season premiere of White Collar but sleep beckoned so I missed Covert Affairs premiere.

Wednesday-Waken early for a field trip of sorts. At a restaurant for some complimentary breakfast so that we can be given a presentation on various tourists stuff. The food was bland. The presentation boring and stayed some time outside after it was over to hang with other bored family members as others signed up for various things.

I believe my Uncle Pauls wife, Judy, won that Maui Diver Jewelry tour thing we went to. Which was interesting though Aunt Teri was having a serious fit(which she almost always does).

The Zoo was closed for some performance, Ed and uncle Kevin skipped since seeing the animals was really the only thing we wanted to do.

Watched Psyche that night, good times.

Thursday-Kayaking. Yeah? Went with brother, uncle James and his family. They paid for us. Arms hurt, got sunburned too. I jumped from a 15 foot cliff into water on a very small island that has a volcano.

Tried malasada which are liked donuts. Grandmas Spaghetti.

Burn Notice was good.

Friday-Kept on reading my book the Book Thief(check it out, its good.) Me and uncle Mike checked out a Korean BBQ place which was good. Saw Inception. Awesome.

Saturday-Polynesian Cultural center. learned about Samoans and Fijians(?), had fun with family, and Luau. All day thing.

Sunday-Swap Meet. Plane ride home.

More pix later.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Thank You SDCC 2010 Fors This...

Fan: "When are we going to get a classic Wonder Woman story out of you?"

Morrison: "Soon."

There is a loving God. Or a God whose not so cruel on some days.

Allie Sin & Audrey Hollander - Almost Virgins #2

Size : 238.67MB
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Wednesday, July 21, 2010


DC is getting out of the young kids comics by canceling a few titles from Johnny DC. Damn... superhero comics hate almost everyone that's not a Caucasian male between the ages of 20 and 40.

How much longer till they cancel Tiny Titans? Than I'll free up 3 bucks to go towards more novels.

BTW, if its true Alan Moore turned down Watchmen rights in order to keep from writing a sequel, smart.

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

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