Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The New, Improved? Wonder Woman!... ?

First, the main story.

CBR Story about the reaction

Bleeding Cool with various comments from internet folk

Surprisingly, comic fans or non-fans on Mtv talk trash. Well, at least for the one page I looked at. Though the poll has Hating it winning.

Neat article here.

I'll write a more in-depth article later. Seeing as I get my comics later but as WW comes out the last week of the month not so much in that regards.

"Does she get an invisible Harley to go with her biker princess in a bustier look?"-Comment on Wired/Geek Dad

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Film Report Card 2010

Silly fun.

Alice in Wonderland-C+
Looks good, but story wise-meh...

Cop Out-C+
Fun but disposable.

Date Night-C+
My dislike of mistaken identity stories hampers this down. Second viewing on airplane, I raise the grade a little.

Despicable Me-C+
Meh. Some good stuff but didn't really catch on with me.

Fun but cheesy.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo-B
Good adaptation of a great book.

The Girl Who Played With Fire-C+
Bad adaptation of the book with some good performances.

The Girl Who Kicked The Hornets Nest-B+
Best of the trilogy even if its my least favorite of the books.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part 1-B-
Good adaptation.

Hot Tub Time Machine-B-
Funny, 80's stuff.

Inception A-

Iron Man 2-B
Good but nowhere near the awesome of the first one.

Jonah Hex-D

Kick Ass-A-
One of the best so far.

Knight & Day-B-
Okay with some fun stuff.

The Losers-B-
I had fun but would still have preferred something closer to the comics in tone.

Nightmare on Elm Street(Remake/reboot)-D

The Other Guys-B-
Fun. Michael Keaton was my fav actor in this.

Not a real reboot but more a sequel. I liked it. Needed more blood though.

Good solid action film.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World-A

She's Out of My League-B-

The Social Network-B-
I see the big deal, and I still don't really care.

The Sorcerers Apprentice-B-

Universal Soldier: Regeneration(Straight to DVD/Theatrical release in some foreign markets)-B
Fun action film.

Dear DC Comics,

Dear DC,

I don't go to comic shops anymore. I order everything online. Then i usually pick the cheaper one month shipping option. So pushing back the release dates for your graphic novels/trades only means I'm spending less money on your company because I ain't gonna be bothered to go back and hunt down periodicals of series I'm waiting for in trade.

By the way, I don't have a slick phone or iPad so right now I could care less about Digital DC.

Carl Towns

PS-Make better comics.

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

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Sunday, June 20, 2010


When did Jonah Hex become the Crow?

C'mon Warner Bros. ... all you're doing is making us more concerned about your actual superhero movies that don't involve Batman.

Though hex has some nice little shoot outs and Brolin was otherwise fine, the film could have been greatly improved with a)No supernatural element b)R rating for violence and c) nudity. I'm telling sex and blood gushing violence can save films.

Michael Fassbender practically stole the show.

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Sunday, June 13, 2010


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Saturday, June 12, 2010

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WWE & Daniel Bryan/Bryan Danielson: Realism or Just Real?

Haven't spoken much about wrestling lately. Between the few DVDs I buy and my only casual watching of the programs I hadn't been to much into whats going on but Monday the "rookies" of WWE's NXT season 1 attacked WWE's top draw in John Cena, as well as the heels CM Punk's SES and various announcers and rung crew as well as demolishing the ring. Pretty intense stuff. All to build NXT "winner" Wade Barret as well as Daniel Bryan(real name Bryan Danielson) and the other NXT guys. Big angle, rave reviews online.

Friday night, Bryan Danielson was released from WWE. This was a shock. despite only a few months in the company WWE had started a couple major angles with the 10 year indy superstar. The first opinion is that its a "work". An angle payed to look real but is scripted but problems come from a few facts.

1)Techncially Wade Barrett, story wise, is the only contracted of the NXT rookies. The others are suppose to be "invaders."
2)The officialism of the statement. The release credited his WWE name and real name and usually if someones fired online and not TV it's real.
3)The footage of the assault was edited to remove certain scenes with Danielson including the one he's being cited for, choking the ring announcer with his tie which is against their new PG look. This leads to why it feels like a work...

1)Choking someone with a weapon is not new in WWE.
2)Why announce on Friday when he still showed up at various taping and he teamed with NXT worker Heath Slater on Wednesday at an FCW show to promote the angle?
3)He changed his account on twitter but quoted fellow NXT rookie, and winner, current phrase: The winds of change are stirring. I doubt returning to the indys is much of a change since he'd only been signed for about half a year.
4)The fact he was playing a big part and let go on a small thing he should have just gotten a warning from.

Word traveling is that it was pro-wrestler and McMahons son-in-law Tiple H. I take this with a grain of salt but...

We can now confirm that our earlier info on Triple H being responsible for the firing of Bryan Danielson is indeed correct. Our source tells us that while watching Justin Roberts being choked by his own tie Triple H’s children became frightened and burst into tears.

Despite the incident being planned as part of the NXT rookie invasion, the sight of his children’s tears drove Triple H to action. The next day, Triple H confronted Danielson during the Smackdown! tapings and the two had to be torn away from each other. Triple H put a stop to another invasion that was planned for SD for fear of further scaring his kids and them having sleepless nights which would “ruin his weekend” in the words of our source. Triple H then told our source that he wanted Danielson out of the company as soon as possible and convinced Vince to finally terminate his contract.

Upon being told of his release Danielson stormed out of the building in a rage and spat on Eve Torres who had the misfortune of being near Danielson when he began to rage. The general locker room feeling is that Bryan’s firing was brought about solely from Triple H. Vince was reportedly disappointed that he had to release Bryan due to his involvement with such a large angle and this release has scuppered a lot of Creative’s plans.

Problem with this is Smackdown tapes Tuesday and Danielson wrestled Wedensday plus the angle was Monday night. Seems a little weird timeline wise before a firing. The one I can believe is being in part reported my Dave Meltzer. This is a quote from a person listening to Meltzers update I assume. i don't have an F4 subscription so i have to rely on others reporting this...

Listening to audio report just now with Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez. Meltzer is saying he was told that there was "no logic" to the decision. The call came from Vince but he was pressured into it by someone from outside of the company who is very important to them. Danielson is supposedly now looking for Indy dates. Still has 90 day no compete clause. Internally people were saying "we just handed TNA a main eventer in 90 days" but Danielson was told by WWE that he will be able to be back with them in the future.

Says that in theory it COULD still be a work but if it is then they are working the entire company (including office guys like Marketing) which would't make much sense.

Says that currently there is a "much bigger situation going on with a much bigger name that would just boggle your mind."

With Linda McMahon, Vince's wife, running for senate I can see that this angles "realism" making her partners, associates concern. I can sort of buy that.

The question comes down to this, did a talented man get fired because of company image even though he was doing something he probably went over with the company? Or is this the most realistic storyline WWE has produced and with someone with little time in the company?

It definitely got the internet wrestling community buzzing loud. Forum posts and youtube wrestling fans uploading videos angry at the WWE. I'm interested in seeing what is going to happen with one of my fav wrestlers.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tentative Mail Order Comics Order for August(and Beyond)

BATMAN #702-Early reviews for Batman #700 sound good. Even though this is an arc that takes place after that issue but still, good to hear.

BATMAN AND ROBIN #15-Frazier Irving on art for this arc. Good times. His issue of Return of Bruce Wayne was great.

BATMAN RETURN OF BRUCE WAYNE #5 (OF 6)-Ryan Sook on art. Hope it comes out on time.

BIRDS OF PREY #4 (BRIGHTEST DAY) -First issue of relaunch was good. I hope it builds to the awesome that was Simone's previous run.

BTVS SEASON 8 TP VOL 07 TWILIGHT-Buffy season 8 trade. The series is middling but I want to follow the characters.

FABLES #97-More Rose Red? Oh yeah! Sweet cover.

GOTHAM CITY SIRENS #15-Its what was suppose to be issue #14.

GREEN LANTERN #57-Still good though GL is starting to become a little, I don't know, I guess I've just read too many issues with him it feels.

HACK SLASH OMNIBUS TP VOL 03 (IMAGE ED)-Collects HACK/SLASH #18-34, plus the ENTRY WOUND one-shot. Yep, and I have yet to read anything still. I think this volume comes out in June which would be with my Adam Hughes Cover book, Seven Soldiers HC, and WW archives volume 6. That's gonna be a heavy package.

JOE THE BARBARIAN #8 (OF 8)-Gonna have to read it in one sitting.

MORNING GLORIES #1-New image series with nice looking preview.

MURDERLAND #1-Cheap first issue.

NANCY IN HELL #1 (OF 4)-Looks like a guilty pleasure.

PREVIEWS #263 AUGUST 2010-Duh...

TAROT WITCH OF THE BLACK ROSE TP VOL 06-Talking about guilty pleasures. The only place I've seen this resolicited item was on Jim Balent's side for more than I'm paying here.

TINY TITANS #31-Good times.

WONDER WOMAN #602-Possibly good times?

X-FACTOR SECOND COMING PREM HC-Hey! Its the longest Marvel title I've been buying.

X-MEN #2-Vampire action?

ZATANNA #4-First issue was fun.

There you have it. Got to remember to email MOC and double check that I get my package first real week of July since I'll be gone a few days.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Comic Book News Is Lame

Following comic book news is sort of a let down. I don't know why, there seems to be a new announcement everyday. In regards to various movie projects, new creative team switches, and interviews about projects. I guess that very little seems to truly be thrilling me and a few seem to be down right dumb.

I like Fables, but another Fables series? I mean, it takes a while to get into Jack of Fables and he's really the only character I think could sustain his own series in the Fable-verse.

The Swamp Thing news is weird. I don't care much for the character but if he's worked better in a more "mature" setting why try and make him part of the DCU again? Seems to be a regression. In fact, to be honest, Vertigo hasn't done anything too interesting for me in a while. Though I might check out I, Zombie in trades.

As for the general company, I still but about a dozen superhero titles from them and I don't see that expanding any time soon but maybe some subtractions. Thats right, I didn't buy the Flash. Don't care. Didn't care for what I read of Johns' Wally West stuff and outside of the cartoon JLU I can't muster much interest. I like Green Lantern but was wholly unimpressed with Blackest Night when all the interesting stuff was actually happening in GLs own comic. New WW team? Maybe okay but why is it Diana doesn't get one of the "cool new titles" that Supes and Bats gets? Her All Star book was announced much later and HASN'T EVEN COME OUT YET! So I expect no Wonder Woman Earth One project.

By the way? Are those ongoings? If any superhero needs an out of continuity title its a character whose never had a real consistency in her own book. How many writers have just ignored previous continuity or changed the setting and cast for their WW run? Practically all of them. And they wonder why they can't get her book right...

As for Marvel, I don't even pay attention anymore. In fact I just cut Black Widow from my online subscriber. Pretty book at times, otehrs I don't care for Acuna's rendition of some of the male characters. Story for the two issues? Not all that satisfying. Will try this new X-Men title but I have to say, until Runaways returns X-Factor is the only thing I care about. Plus Essentials for X-Men, Avengers, and Heroes for Hire. Haven't actually liked the last ones but the arts nice and I'm hoping to get to the run with the stories I remember from Sabretooth Classics.

As for alternative comics... hm... Buying all the Hack/Slash omnibus'. Why not? Actually I'm trying a few Image titles in this set of previews. Which I found out about on Solicitations and got some free pages in Previews. So the solicits the sites put up are nice. But for the most part I don't see much on the indy side of things. You know, outside a couple Image and Dark Horse books. But occasionally you'll fine a gem.

Then there is the occasional manga news but some of that has been frustrating of late. Oh well... I guess all that matters is my previews magazine.

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Saturday, June 5, 2010

All New, All Different

Today my uncle went through and pulled a bunch of Cockrum's X-Mens out we talked about the classic team. Those old stories from the All new, All Different era are just so great. I've read most of them in Essentials but to hold the actual comic, in color, is a great experience. Don't get me wrong, I love Essentials and Showcases but seeing them in color is such a joy.

We both agree that Rogue was the last great X-Men character. She's one of my favs and while I've liked other X-Characters since her inclusion none have been anywhere near as cool. Its also interesting to hear my uncle go off about Gambit. I'm not a fan character either but he really dislikes him. Also disliked how the Forge/Storm relationship ended up. I agree, I liked that. We both also liked the mohawk storm and her costume before that.

Speaking of Rogue, I believe he told me about one particular issue with her on the cover he couldn't find at a comic shop when it first came out but on chance found it at a liquor store. Damn, don't I miss going to a little liquor store and finding some comics.

Old school classic X-Men is still the best even though Claremont eventually started to add too many characters and didn't follow up on certain subplots and ideas. Still... those were the best X-Stories ever.

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Friday, June 4, 2010

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May Favorites 2010

6. Wonder Woman #44-Last issue by Gail Simone, not counting her co-writing the renumbered next issue. Anyway Diana battles her cousin and we learn her aunt is a bitch. Sad to see the Gorillas go I must say...

5. Batman: Return of Bruce Wayne #2-Love the art. Very gripping story.

4. X-Factor:Invisible Woman Has Vanished-I guess this is the longest Marvel series I've followed even though I only purchase it in trades. I don't really care for the Fantastic 4 but enjoyed this one with the F4 guesting.

3. Zatanna #1-Looks good, reads good. Magical and mystical fights up ahead.

2. Fables #95-Snow White and Rose Red flashback. Good times.

1. Naoki Urasawas 20th century Boys Vol. 8-Best f'n comic on the stands. This one mainly focus' on Kyoko, a high school student who decided to do a report on the Kenji group-the supposed terrorists who were actually trying to prevent a terrorist plot. It's damn good.