Saturday, October 31, 2009

Starship Troopers Book vs. Movie

I reread Starship Troopers and I have to say, thinking back of the movie... yeah that flick sucked. But looking at Wiki, seems they optioned it during pre-production of the film and just did short alterations to the script but they are both vastly different. They should have just kept it as Bug Hunt.

I promise a real update next week. Maybe...

Friday, October 30, 2009

Lanny Barbie & Shy Love - Meet the fuckers

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Veronica Rayne - Cum to mommy

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Vanessa Lane - Pimp my ride & nail me inside

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Jeanie Marie Sullivan - 8 Simple Rules To Bang My Daughter

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Tory Lane - Sweet Creampies #5

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Trina Michaels - Hotter Than Hell #1

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Holandesa haciendo una paja en el camping

Las holandesas no tienen mucha fama de ser buenas en la cama, pero algunas rubias potentes y chupapollas como las del video seguro que te ponen la polla deseando follarte a alguna holandesa en una tienda de campaña

Cogiendo a una Colombiana jovencita por detras

El culo que tiene esta Colombiana y el coñito son dignos de la mejor foto y la mejor polla, además la chica parece toda una putita mientras pone su culo en pompa.

Os presento a Dominno

Dominno nació en Praga en 1983 y comenzó en el porno en 2008, mide 173 cm y pesa 53 kg. También utiliza el alias de Domenica.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Book: The Girl Who Played With Fire

The Girl Who Played with Fire by Steig Larsson

Summary: After taking a year of traveling and some physical modification, Lisbith Salander returns to Sweden. All the while former lover and partner Mikael Blomkvist is still riding the popularity revolving around his investigative tell all about Wennerström. His Millennium magazine has also agreed to publish a book and report on the Sex Trade in Sweden. An explosive one that will no doubt name names. Also, Lisbeths legal guardian has been looking for payback ever since she blackmailed and humiliated him and he has set it in motion.

It all goes down, of course, to the murder of the two new reporters at Millennium and Lisbeth has been fingered by the cops as the prime suspect. The cops think they have it easy but learn quickly that they don't know who exactly they're dealing with. Doesn't help their are others who are searching for Lisbeth.

As the mystery unravels we learn more about Lisbeths past as her history and family life start coming forward.

Thoughts: Lisbeth Salander is wicked cool.

Faster moving than the previous book with more action.

Still lots going on with gender inequality in Sweden. Which is ironic considering that the late writers common law wife has been denied any of Larssons estate while his brother and father are cashing in. I'm sure he's rolling over in the grave right now. Of course, with her owning the computer with future material I'm sure she'll get a sweet paycheck. or get sued badly...

By the way, the police officer Faste is a complete douchebag.

A lot of supporting characters and that is a bit of a hassle sometimes figuring out whose who. Besides, most of them don't really stand out over the main players.

There's a few big twists. Especially the opening which seems to be one thing and turns out to be another much later on.

I really liked this book. Because Lisbeth is wicked cool.

Kate Beckinsale Fake


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Sandra se muestra desnudandose

Patricia se masturba en la ducha

Maria vuelve otra vez a mostrar sus tetazas

Friday, October 16, 2009

September Favorites 2009

[can't find right image]

9. Gotham City Sirens #4-Scott Lobdell fills in on a story starring the Riddler. Thus the best issue yet. Weird.

8. Wonder Woman #36

7. Detective Comics #857

6. Yotsuba&! Vol. 6-New company to release the English-language series. Yeah!

5. Gunsmith Cats: Burst Vol. 4-Finally.

4. Runaways #14-Big shocking ending. And a hiatus. Lame...

3. Nana Vol. 18-Surprise? I know I am.

2. The Life & Times of Martha Washington in the 23rd Century Complete Collection

1. Batman & Robin #4

RIP George Tuska

Was going to do my Favorites of September 2009 but instead, RIP comic artist George Tuska.

First saw him in the pages of my Essential Luke Cage and also some of his work in Iron Man. One hell of a dynamic artist.

[edit: having trouble posting images so i suggest looking]

Noelia nos muestra como se masturba

Maria en los probadores de la tienda Zara

Asiatica preciosa esperando a recibir polla

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Book: The Supergirls-Fashion, Feminism, & the History of Comic Book Heroines

The Supergirls-Fashion, Feminism, & the History of Comic Book Heroines by Mike Madrid

Summary: A history of the comic book heroine. From the early days of comic books to the present day. Encompassing background on the classic characters from Phantom lady to Storm and even lesser known or more cult status heroines.

Mike Madrid's book looks at the rough times these women had attempting to become equals to their male counterparts as well as being received by a mostly male audience. Along the way being straddled by lack of creative imagination and male chauvinism. The chapter on Wonder Woman's struggles greatly show that even one of the greatest female characters to ever be created suffered more than she succeeded.

Read about Marvel comics trouble, and failure, to produce a female hero on Wonder Womans level. How the infamous Seduction of the Innocent not only effected female characters but male superheroes own books in regards to female supporting cast.

Mike Madrid also looks at the style and fashion of these heroines and debates whether the outfits empower the wearer or are just designed to entice male readers.

Thoughts: Very in depth. So much information in a short, over 250 page book. Easily accessible. Sadly no artwork from any major character but I can imagine licensing costs.

I was stunned regarding Ms. marvel's publication history. These woman was suppose to be Marvels answer to Wonder Woman and she was stunted in her development by the various creators. Only now has the character gained any real movement but its been way too late to make her the female icon of the company.

Being a fan of Wonder Woman, the chapters and information regarding her was really enlightening. Also down right sad how they practically stilted her growth at every turn unable to figure out what to do with the character. Especially after the original creator died and the Seduction of the Innocent book. That said, I do kind of like white-pantsuit Wonder Woman.

The WWII heroines sound kind of cool.

Sad to see that the male writers shook of feminism for the most part with these girls until the 80s where new creators started bring more serious and thought provoking material to the books. Though there were a few shining spots ere and there. Like the treatemnt to Doom patrols Elasti-Girl. Confident and powerful.

The information on Legion of Super-Hero's female characters makes me interested in thsoe old stories. Some hank panky between the lines?

Damn good read.

Amateur follando como loca

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hillary Scott plays with sperm!

Hillary Scott is one crazy whore, all the world knows that. This is one of the few gems though, one of the scenes you have to see. The scene starts with a small bukkake and only then the blowbang starts! She gets a second bukkake as a result! During the entire scene the cum is also collected in a bowl, so that she has something to play with and swallow at the end of it all! You will enjoy this one!


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Friday, October 9, 2009

Book: The Moon is a Harsh Mistress

Summary: The Moon is a Harsh Mistress is an award winning science fiction novel by science fiction legend Robert A. Heinlein about a revolt on a lunar colony.

In underground colonies of the moon, the population is made up of criminals, exiled political opponents and descendants of such. The Warden, put in charge by Earth officials, is in control of the colonies though the people are, in a way, free. Free to create their own culture and way of life but they still work and get paid by the Authority.

HOLMES IV system, the colonies largest computer, runs most of the colonies and has became self aware. The Authority on Luna hires a contractor named Manuel Garcia O'Kelly Davis, nicknamed Mannie. Mannie is the computers(nicknamed Mike after Mycroft Holmes by Mannie) friend.

After a rally ends in a skirmish with Wardens guards Mannie, and an activist named Wyoh retreat to hide. They get in contact with a local named Professor Bernardo de la Paz. The talks of revolution and the appropriate way to go about ridding themselves of the Warden and the Authority that rules over them. How to make Luna free.

Mannie introduces the two of them to Mike and the four begin that very mission, to start a real revolution.

That's my brief, dumbed down explanation. I'd suggest the really good wiki page on the book here.

Thoughts: I don't know much about politics, so this was a hard one. It discuses libertarianism in a speculative fashion. Even blasts democracy here and there though the main character isn't really libertarian. Though I loved the scene where Mannie is explaining why taxes make no sense where he's from. Why pay social security taxes when you don't get social security?

The information on the social structure of the Loonies(as they call themselves) lives is really the most interesting thing for me. Whether its Mannie explaining Line marriage(a fictional form of Group Marriage) or how the Loonies deal out their own form of justice.

Heinlein definitely knows his science. Especially in the 60s when this book was written. Pointing out the gravitational differences between Earth and Luna and how that effects travelers. As well as talks of computer programming and the such.

The characters are interesting enough. But no one I think I'll remember too well. Though it was nice to see a self-aware computer no try to kill men.

Overall I thought the book was solid but politics, economy, and matters similar give me a headache. This is a science fiction book with lots of politics. I'd recommend only to those who are looking for true science fiction.

The book also popularizedthe phrase: There's No Such Thing as a Free Lunch.

Mi amiga mexicana Fanny follada con bragas

Las tetas grandiosas de Alanna Ackerman

Simona chupando la polla

Recivimiento a la italiana

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Dead Porn Stars Memorial

We need to care about people in porn. They die earlier than the average person. They die from AIDS. They kill them selves because they are hopeless. They overdose on drugs because they are addicted and in pain. These people are hopeless and we must show them there IS hope and that we DO care. Pray for porn stars at and read porn industry statistics at

Read below how Los Angeles does NOT care about people in porn even AFTER former porn actress Jan and I along with AIDS Healthcare and made formal complaints to Cal/Osha and the public health department:

L.A. County Says Impact of Thousands of Infections in Porn Industry, “Minimal”

“In its petition, AHF is requesting that the County take action within the adult film industry only. As set forth in the petition, the adult film industry employs approximately 1,200 adult film performers at any given time. (Paragraph 9 of the petition.) The population of Los Angeles County is approximately 9,850,000. Thus, AHF is seeking that the County be compelled to take certain actions in regard to less than .01% of the population….Plainly, the public need here is minimal.”
Andrea E. Ross
Senior Deputy County Counsel
For the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health
Demurrer to Case #BS 121665
August 18, 2009

By: AIDS Healthcare Foundation
Los Angeles, CA - August 25, 2009
In response to AIDS Healthcare Foundation’s (AHF) legal petition for a writ of mandate to compel Los Angeles County’s Department of Public Health to fight the spread of sexually transmitted diseases in the porn industry, County attorneys have filed an eye-popping demurrer that shows the County’s complete disregard for young people working as performers in the $13 billion porn industry as well as revealing a strikingly blasé attitude by County officials toward potential County-wide general public health ramifications of serious infectious diseases, including transmission of several debilitating sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV.

The County’s legal motion was filed last week in response to AHF’s July 16th legal petition for a writ of mandate against the County’s Public Health Department on the ‘condoms in porn’ issue. (NOTE: AHF separately filed workplace safety complaints late last week with Cal/OSHA—California’s Department of Industrial Relations, Division of Occupational Safety and Health—the state’s health and safety regulatory and watchdog organization, asserting that 16 production companies endangered its workers in nearly 60 condom-less adult films they produced, shot and distributed. Those complaints remain under review by state health and safety officials.)

“We knew that Los Angeles County didn't care about young people who appear in porn, we just didn't think they were actually stupid enough to say so in print, as they did in their legal response to our petition for a writ of mandate to require the County’s Department of Public Health to enforce condom use in the production of porn,” said Michael Weinstein, President of AIDS Healthcare Foundation. “The County should be ashamed of its actions—and the attitude represented in its legal response—to the industry-specific and general public health concerns raised in our legal petition.”

“In its petition, AHF is requesting that the County take action within the adult film industry only. As set forth in the petition, the adult film industry employs approximately 1,200 adult film performers at any given time. (Paragraph 9 of the petition.) The population of Los Angeles County is approximately 9,850,000. Thus, AHF is seeking that the County be compelled to take certain actions in regard to less than .01% of the population….Plainly, the public need here is minimal.”
Andrea E. Ross
Senior Deputy County CounseL
Case #BS 121665
For the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health

“To County health officials, I simply ask what rises to the level of a public health concern, either for these individual at-risk actors working in the industry or for the greater Los Angeles public-at-large?” asked Weinstein, adding, “There is no firewall between porn performers and the general public.”

“We are asking that Los Angles County lawyers and public health officials enforce various laws regarding public health and that they take concrete action to combat an outbreak of communicable diseases within a known population—which County officials could do by requiring condom use on adult film sets,” said Brian Chase, Assistant General Counsel for AHF.

The lawsuit was filed in Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles (Case No.: BS121665), Thursday, July 16th and seeks a Writ of Mandate “compelling the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health to discharge its ministerial and non-discretionary statutory duty to combat an acknowledged epidemic of sexually transmitted diseases stemming from production of hardcore pornography in Los Angeles County.”

AHF filed the lawsuit after exhausting all other methods to compel the County to fulfill its obligation to protect the public’s health in the wake of the mid-June revelation that an actress working in the adult film business had tested positive for HIV. At that time, AHF had urged the County to better monitor HIV and STD prevention in the region’s adult film industry—and require condom use—or to shut down porn sets.

Since the June 17th reporting of the latest HIV outbreak—and the subsequent report by the LA Times that as many as 22 porn performers may have tested positive in the last five years—no action has been taken by the County to halt the spread of STDs on LA porn sets or to conduct the proper and legally-required public health follow-up with those thought to be infected.

At the time of the filing of the lawsuit in July, AHF’s Weinstein noted, “The Department of Public Health has a responsibility to try and control the spread of STDs in LA County—particularly in a commercial venue—yet the County has not taken a single step to address this serious public health threat. As an HIV and STD medical provider, it is our obligation to pursue County action on this issue.”

According to figures cited by DPH, there were 2,013 documented cases of Chlamydia among LA porn performers between 2003 and 2007. In the same period, 965 cases of gonorrhea were documented. Many performers suffer multiple infections. In the period April 2004 to March 2008 there have been 2,847 STD infections diagnosed among 1,884 performers in the hardcore industry in LA County. DPH attributes the epidemic of sexually transmitted diseases in the porn industry to a lack of protective equipment for partners, including condoms. The agency recommends condoms be used during production, but has never taken steps to ensure their use, or to protect the performers who are essentially required to endanger their

The Foxx Girls Leave Porn Part 2

The Foxx Girls Leave Porn Part 2

We are SO EXCITED to announce that mother and daughter Desi & Elli Foxx have officially retired from ALL of the adult industry and are safe in their new home!
Pink Cross Foundation has been assisting Desi and Elli in their difficult transition out of the porn industry.
Here's what Desi has to say from her personal blog:
"Without the knowledge that Shelley Lubben and her organization The Pink Cross Foundation were there to help girls like us, I'm not sure we'd be at this point of our lives right now. I learned about Shelley through a blogger and forum poster, Darrah Ford, who posts on the various porn forums that say horrible things about the girls in porn. Through her consistent efforts to spread the word about Shelley, she caught my attention quickly. It took a long time for me to trust to go to Shelley for help. It's scary to trust anyone associated with the porn industry and the safety of all there is always at risk! The day I finally broke down and contacted Shelley, I had all but given up on getting Elli to go home and back to the lives we were meant to live. I was going to get myself out and hope that Elli would follow my example."
‘So many have helped in our quest to go back to the Real World. Shelley is sending me a food card since we're getting low on funds. The Pink Cross is really there for us right now and keeps me from panicking when things are so tight. They will help as we need it and that's priceless. I know there are others who are looking for options to get out of porn. The Pink Cross really is there for you if you're ready!!
Please pray for Desi and Elli as they transition out of the porn industry. It takes time and hard work to recover and rebuild a life so please have patience and encourage these women along the way.
Please help us at Pink Cross continue to reach out to these two beautiful, precious women as they begin brand new lives far away from the porn industry. Jesus made it clear when He said, “I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these sisters of mine, you did for me.”
I know times are tough right now but Jesus isn’t worried about the economy and we shouldn’t be either. We need to continue to help “the least of these” and give our best to God’s purposes and trust in God to bless us back for our giving!
Give and it will be given to you. (Luke 6:38)
Many people want out of porn and we need to help them!
We appreciate all of you who donated so much! Desi and Elli wouldn’t be where they are at today without your help. Please continue to give and donate here.
Thank you so much for caring!

Porn Actress Tests Positive for HIV

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L.A. County health officials say at least 16 performers have been infected in addition to one reported this week. That brings the number of HIV cases in porn performers to 22 in the last five years.

By Kimi Yoshino and Rong-Gong Lin II
June 12, 2009

Despite porn industry assurances that an adult film actress' recent positive HIV test is the first since a 2004 outbreak shut down production for a month, Los Angeles County health officials said Thursday that at least 16 additional unpublicized cases of HIV have been confirmed in adult film performers.

FOR THE RECORD: An article in Friday's Section A on HIV cases among adult film performers incorrectly reported the first name of attorney Amy Martin, special counsel to the state health and worker safety agency, as Kim.

Porn actress tests positive for HIV

The newly released data bring the number of HIV cases in porn performers in the last five years to 22, including the case disclosed this week.

The report -- and what state and county health officials perceive as stonewalling by the Adult Industry Medical Healthcare Foundation, which tests porn performers for sexually transmitted diseases -- is bringing renewed scrutiny to the estimated $12-billion-a-year industry's long history of resisting regulation and condom use.

"AIM Healthcare has never been cooperative with us and our investigations," said Dean Fryer, a spokesman for the state Division of Occupational Safety and Health. So far, the San Fernando Valley-based clinic has declined to tell county or state officials the name of the performer or her employer.

"You'd think they'd want to be a full partner in trying to prevent the spread of this disease," said Dr. Jonathan Fielding, health officer for Los Angeles County.

The performer first tested positive June 4, said Dr. Colin Hamblin, AIM's medical director. She worked the following day -- June 5 -- for reasons Hamblin said are still being investigated. A second positive result came back June 6. And the clinic is awaiting results of a third and final confirmatory test, he said.

The actress had two recent sexual partners, according to AIM. One is a porn actor, now under work quarantine, who performed with the woman June 5. The other is her boyfriend. Those men have had sexual intercourse with an additional six people, who have all been notified and offered testing, Hamblin said. So far, no one known to have had contact with the woman or her partners has tested positive for HIV.

Hamblin said the clinic is following all reporting rules, but because of patient privacy concerns cannot legally disclose the patient's name or employer to the county. "They also have to realize we have limitations too," Hamblin said. "We'd be happy to work with the county in any other capacity."

Attorney Kim Martin, special counsel to the state health and worker safety agency, said that the state health department and other public health agencies are exempt from those privacy laws and that they will continue seeking cooperation from the clinic.

In a statement published on AIM's website, Sharon Mitchell, the clinic's co-founder and a former porn star who appeared in more than 2,000 films, said the media was "like a moth to a flame."

"Rumor is rampant when the words 'HIV' and 'porn' are in the same sentence," she said.

Mitchell said AIM's clinic has been a leader in promoting prevention and testing. But, she added, "we are not the police department of the industry nor wish to be."

Public statements from clinic representatives downplaying the incident -- which one clinic official called "not a major event" -- drew some criticism.

"This industry screams for regulation," said Michael Weinstein, president of the Los Angeles-based AIDS Healthcare Foundation. "Cal-OSHA needs to require that condoms be used in any film. Yesterday."

The positive HIV test has concerned health officials and AIDS activists because the Valley is one of the leading producers of pornography in the world, with about 200 production companies that employ about 1,200 people who work as adult performers, and about 5,000 others. With some of the nation's largest pornography producers based in the Valley, any disease has the potential to spread quickly.

The 16 unpublicized HIV cases were not investigated by county public health officials, partly because privacy rules before 2006 prevented the disclosure of the names of HIV-infected individuals to government agencies. Because no government investigation of those cases took place, it is unclear whether those performers contracted HIV at work or elsewhere.

County officials were able to investigate the HIV outbreak in 2004 because AIM disclosed the names of the infected performers to the public. In that outbreak, Darren James, a well-known porn star, infected three actresses he had worked with before learning that he was HIV-positive. Another unrelated performer also tested positive. The cases spurred a series of public hearings, but legislation to force safer practices quietly expired without a vote.

No state laws specifically require condom use and the vast majority of heterosexual porn movies are shot "bareback," an industry term for unprotected sex.

State labor codes, however, do require use of personal protective equipment and protection against blood or bodily fluids in the workplace. Since 2004, five adult entertainment companies have been cited for a variety of violations. Each case has been settled, state officials said.

Since 2004, 2,378 people who identified themselves as adult film industry performers have tested positive for chlamydia in Los Angeles County. An additional 1,357 tested positive for gonorrhea and 15 for syphilis, according to data released Thursday by the county's health department.

Public health experts tried again in 2007 and 2008 to require condom use in adult films, but no lawmaker agreed to sponsor legislation, said Paula Tavrow, an assistant professor at UCLA's School of Public Health. But porn industry executives and officials, including its advocacy group the Free Speech Coalition, argue that they do a good job of self-regulation and say that the rates of HIV infection remain low. If laws are passed requiring condom use, they said, porn production would be pushed underground or outside California.

John Stagliano, a former porn star and president of Evil Angel productions, said: "The market determines whether or not this will be shown. A government agency the size of Los Angeles couldn't stop it. It's not going to change."

To read more about the HIV and STD epidemic in the porn industry clickhere. Los Angeles County has been receiving reports from the clinic of 60 to 80 new cases of chlamydia and gonorrhea a month among adult performers. Read it!

A note from Shelley: Please pray for the victims of the porn industry who caught HIV. I imagine they are totally devastated. My heart is broken for them.

Please consider giving so we can offer resources to really help these women leave porn and do something better with their lives! They just feel they have no options but with your help we can help them rebuild their lives. You may donate here. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR CARING!!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Future of Cinema... is Bad...

I love movies. And I do like some admittedly bad films. But I also know a technically sound film when I see it, even if I don't like it.

Now, there seems to be way too many adaptations, remakes, and reboots in the pipelines. no doubt I'll see several due to the marketing blitz and flashy trailers but hey, I'm a sucker for the theater experience. Except when the AMC near me has their sound problems.

Monster Squad-After over a decade of being a commercial and critical failure, the cult status and huge DVD success has made people think they can make this work. No... they can't. I like the first movie a bit and doubt a good remake.

Barbarella-Hmmm... still never finished the original.

Rocky Horror Picture Show-Can you remake a film version of a stage play? Can Mtv do it? No they can't.

Any Hitchcock Film-Didn't they learn their lessons from Psycho?

Escape from new York-Leave it alone already. Kurt Russel's Snake Plisskin is LEGEND-wait for it.................... ARY!

The Blob-Already remade to some success by John Carpenter. Now being remade by Rob Zombie who already rebooted a John carpenter franchise. This is just getting silly.

The Evil Dead-I hear Sam Raimi, the originator, is involved. Maybe it could be good but... I'd rather him and Bruce Campbell just did a fourth flick.

The Fly-Already had a remake. A very famous one. Stop it!

Little Shop of Horrors-Roger Corman black and white black comedy was the basis for a rock musical than turned into a successful film itself. Now another version is on the way. Lame!

The Warriors-The original is overrated.

Clash of the Titans-Going on the list of films I need to buy the DVD of the original. That said, I might get behind this one.

When Worlds Collide-Never seen the original so no opinion. But Stephen Sommers is an average director at best so I fear for this film.

The Wolfman-Never seen the original but the trailer for this one looked interesting.

Couple of notes... True Lies was based on a french film? Really? And Tortilla Soup is lame, see the Chinese film its based on; Eat Drink Man Woman. Great film by academy award winning director Ang Lee.

There are so many film adaptation and reboots planned and it'll be a little harder to find out which ones which so I'll skip that. But I will say a Barbie film will suck hard.

Christina Moure y sus coletas comiendo polla negra

La sexy Allie Chase jugando en la cama

Brea Lynn, Nikki Lynn y su amiga Sammie