Tuesday, July 7, 2009

June Favorites 2009

8. Runaways #11-The books starting to be good again. Of course, they also have to kill character I like to do it.

7.Wonder Woman #33-Fuck Ares and fuck Zeus.

6. Detective Comics #854-Batwoman is cool. And so is the Question.

5.Batman & Robin #1-God damn that was awesome! All the way through!

4. Great Fables Crossover Parts 7 through 9-Not a great finish but a satisfying one.

3. 20th Century Boys Vol. 3-I've heard things about mangaka Naoki Urasawa. And I mean things that put him up as one of the modern day greats as far as comics go. 20th Century Boys has made me a believer. Spooky, twisted, pseudo-sci-fi. I expect Hollywood to get on this quick.

2. Empowered Vol. 5-Tragedy abounds this volume in the explosive finale. leaves you anxiously awaiting volume 6.

1. Excel Saga vol. 19-You knew as much...

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