Saturday, July 4, 2009

AX 09

55 bucks for two days? Damn. In all honesty we did two things. Exhibition Hall, to buy stuff, and the AMV rebroadcast with winners announced. Masquerade, which I still have yet to see, just started letting in and we decided to not try for stand by tickets. Mostly nothing else. Tomorrows a short day so we don't know whats happening.

Bought a Runaways Print from the artists alley. Yep, American comic art at Anime Expoe. This though was a print at colorist Christina Strains booth. Went back and got her to sign it. Picked up a cute Cat & Crossbones button. Plus two t-shirts. One Masters of the Universe(He-Man) and one Wonder Woman one from a Terry Dodson cover. Though they sort of took out the swastikas for the Nazi troops she's beating down. Plus two manga, 2oth Century Boys Volume 2-3.

I might get some pix up. If I feel like getting them scanned.

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