Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tori Black - Amazing fuck and small bukkake!

I posted a Tori Black 8 load swallow already, now I have for you what probably is her best fuck scene ever! And, it ends with four loads on her face! This scene is between her and a black guy with an enormous penis, even to pornstandards. He fucks her hard and deep (her pussy takes it entirely) and she even deepthroats the whole thing! But that's not why this scene is so amazing. This scene has passion. There is hair pulling, slapping, mouth fingering, passionate kissing, very hot and senual moves from Tori, etc. And... she gets blasted with four loads at the end, which looks amazing on her beautiful face! Enjoy!


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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Llego el verano, llego la epoca más voyeur

Humor: desorden hormonal de la juventud

Gianna Michaels & Avy Scott spermswapping!

These pornstars are probably well know, but what you will see here is something you will not believe! This scene is so hot I couldn't even cut down on the screenshots. That's why I provided you with 2: one with three columns (little smaller screens), and one with two columns (with bigger screens). This is twenty minutes of professional duo-cocksucking, deep lesbian kissing and fondling and above all: serveral minutes (!) of bewildering spermswapping! Enjoy!

Preview - 3 columns:

Preview - 2 columns:

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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Green Destiny-RIP Misawa

One of the great pro wrestling legends of all time, Mitsuhara Misawa, died in the ring earlier today. Damn... I admit I was never the biggest Misawa fan compared to some of the other legends he has worked with but he was an amazing athlete.

The first time I saw him was a four hour retrospective of his feud with Kawada. I was too, um, into American style wrestling to really get it at the time. It was a simpler style but at the same time more hard hitting. More brutal. I did become more understanding of the style and have sinced enjoyed his matches. I actually own a bootleg copy of dozens of Kawada matches and those ones with Misawa make me wonder what was I thinking so many years ago.

Check the wiki link for mrore on Misawa and here's a few vids. An MV from a famous match with Kawada. Than a long ass but awesome amtch with Kobashi. Misawas the one in green by the way.


Friday, June 12, 2009

Understanding Your Future Masters: Excel Saga Overview Part 11

Table of Contents
Introduction & Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9
Part 10
Excel Saga Wikipedia

Volume 19
Mission 1: Shiouji considers possible problems with Nishiki(aka Secondchan and Roppon II), believing that it is possible his mother, Miwa, is stalling him for mysterious reasons.

Elsewhere Kabapu speaks about having political power but Il Palazzo has the economic/finanacial power.

As for poor Elgala, whose been dmeoted and knows the President isn't the real Excel, she's beocme wanted for questioning and Il tells her to go into hiding.

Mission 2: Excel/Teriha has a bad headache and goes to the hospital. Runs into that crazy doctor and his nurse. Umi asks the nurse if she recognized Teriha and she tells Umi that she's met someone similar looking in the past. Yeah... Excel and Hyatt has hit this hospital several times before.

Kabapu admits to harrasment which is why Elgala is in the run. Abuse of political power? Of course. An Elgala is not liking her situation.

Mission 3: "I am a dog. I am experienced."-Mince

Hyatt is having an issue(in a pool of her own blood) so Mince goes to find the other girl, Elgala. On her trek she encounters Iwata, kids, Umi and Teriha. Of course, the site of her original captor sends her running. Eventually she does find Elgala-er, Elgala finds her while fishing in the river.

Elgala wishes the real Excel was there, hiding out isntead of her because survivals is what she was good at. So she decides to look for her.

Mission 4:Diary of Teriha. Her feelings about the Shiouji family. Her life at the lab. her thoughts on the future and her memory loss.

Plus more fun with Elgala and Mince.

Mission 5: Sumiyoshi gets a car. Iwata gets a bicycle. Iwata helps a fleeing Elgala. But the two crash big time with Iwata going through the windsheild of Sumiyoshis new car. As for Elgala, before landing in the river(or channel) she soars through the air.

"It's true what they say... Just before you die, you always hurtle through the air like a tomahawk missile."-Elgala

Oh, and she spots Teriha/Excel.

Mission 6: Bomb threat at Ill HQ. Who did it?

Kabapu: I did set a bomb there, but...
Matsuya: You mean that you have a bomb set in the building but this particular bomb was set by someone else?

The team is sent out to ILL HQ to... help? Yep. Thats right. Teriha races there because of her feelins for the "mysterious" Il Palazzo. Even as an amnesiac Excel is loyal.

Oh, Elgala and Mince are on her trail.

Sunny Lane - first gokkun!

One year ago I was happy to post her very first anal scene. Now, one year later, I am even more excited to bring you her next milestone: she did an amazing blowbang and got a gokkun! Yes, you will see Sunny Lane swallow several big gooey loads of semen, and that's just the cherry on a blowbang you will never forget! More than half an hour of pleasure! Have fun!


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Thursday, June 4, 2009

May 2009 Favorites

It seems every other month is sort of lame.

6. Green Lantern #41-More Orange flavored fun.

5. Justice Society of America #27-Pretty good start to a fill in arc by Jerry Ordway.

4. Tiny Titans #16-Raven is the fastest there is.

3. Runaways #10-Finally... a good Runaways issue. Yay! Its been quite a long time. Really liked the art in the first story by Sara Pichelli who it seems is the new ongoing artist. Good choice Marvel.

2. Wonder Woman #32-Lots of violence. And some crafty Greek gods in there as well.

1. The Great Fables Crossover Parts 4-6-Jack is a jerk. Bigby Wolf is a pretty little girl. Kevin beats his writers block to death. Good times.