Saturday, May 16, 2009

Whats Going On?

Added Twitter link to my link list. Nothing really interesting there.

Been writing my story... again. First draft is a success. it means you've finished something. Second draft is annoying because you realize the story needs vast improvement. Third draft is frustrating because you're bored. I'm a third draft now. Its frustrating. On chapter 8 still. Only a bit I retained from my second draft with additional material heavily added. Haven't done anything since I started last weekend. Too tired to go and do 9 tonight. (I'm not doing this on my computer this time).

Speaking of comps... need to get back to saving for my laptop. Hopefully by the end of July.

Need to buy more Cure CDs. Or at least but Bloodflowers. My downloaded copy sucks. Later this month. Waiting on my remaster of Kiss In A Dreamhouse by Siouxsie & the Banshees. Becoming really goth despite the lack of goth chic. Music this year has been two KMFDM CDs, new Thrill Kill Kult, the Lonely Island and just buying or finding older material. Yeah! Burnt copies of two PIG Cds I can't find and purchase. I'd much rather of real copies of them but oh well. Downloaded some free mixtapes though.

Movies... saw Star Trek again. Good times. Next week terminator. Week after that Sam Raimi's Drag Me to Hell and Pixars Up. Good times ahead.

Reading a book on Superheroes and Philosophy. Let you know about that one later. But today ventured around the Book Store more than staying in my little area. Found some neat things I'll look into later.

Few months ago, found a adult video store did exist in my general vicinity. Smells like burnt matches inside. One guy talked to me about pro wrestling. Interesting.

Speaking of wrestling, Chikara King of Trios was fun.

Personal life? What personal life? Antisocial shut in with most friends scattered about. Sucks but hey! I got reading and comics.

In case you care... Goblinstar666 is my aim name. I'm rarely on but still.

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