Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Losers Film vs. the A-Team Film

Okay... I'll grant everyone that the plot is similar but lets be honest... A-Team the first movie about ex-military on the lamb? No. But some of the idiots at Superhero Hype talkback are claiming its a big rip off and will suck and flat out fail. Lets go into a couple things first...

1. Different release dates. At this point and time we're talking A-Team in 2009 and Losers in 2011. Besides, most superhero stories follow the same common plot of good guy in costume stopping crime and evil. Usually perpetrate by crazy guy in theatrical costume or make up. Or a suit. I think we can deal with two(more like dozens) of movies about military men on the run for crimes they didn't commit.

2. Different attitudes. A-Team will probably be PG-13. It is based on a tv series thats in syndication. So even if they do make it serious, I doubt it'll be as intense as Losers. Now, the Losers movie is based on the Vertigo comic rather than the classic DC stories about a band of soldiers in WWII who got all the crap jobs. I have the losers comic, and the action was big and well thought out. Critics called it the thinking mans action series. Made Andy Diggle one of the buzz comic writers.

3. Cast and crew. A-Team has got the guy who did Smokin' Aces. Personally, despite strong performances, that movie was not good. All style with aboslutely no substance. So writing and directing A-Team seems like a bad choice. Also the Losers actually has the better cast in my opinion. Bradly Cooper and Common(so far only ones announced for A-Team) are good choices but Losers has a damn fine cast with Zoe Saldana(hot off Star Trek), Jeffrey Dean Organ who was really good in Watchmen, Jack Evans who is strong, as well as Jason Patric. It's a damn fine cast.

4. Why am I wasting time with talkbackers. they mostly tend to be idiots.

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