Thursday, May 14, 2009

April Favorites 2009

Good month.

9. Young Liars #14-Back on the list for its meanness.

8. Wonder Woman #31-Things look like they're taking a turn for the worst.

7. SA/Special A Vol. 10-Takashima and Hikari are together. Finally.

6. Skip Beat Vol. 18-Kyoko assists a big time star. Who is secretly Rens dad. Don't tell anyone.

5. Justice Society of America #26-Final Geoff Johns issue. Of course focusing on Stargirl.

4. High School Debut Vol. 9-A volume based around the Sports festival. Plus Yohs buddy Asoka is interested in Haruna.

3. Green Lantern #39-40-More fun with colors.

2. The Great Fables Crossover Parts 1-3-Finally... a multi-title crossover with alternative comic books.

1. Nana Vol. 16-Over 200 pages for 9 dollars? What a deal! And the book is good too.

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