Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Billion Dollar Franchise Known As Dragonball

Whether you love it or hate it, Dragonball is the most successful creator owned comic property of all time. Over 150 million Tankōbon(graphic novels) sold around the world. Not just Japan, Asia and the US but also countries like Mexico, UK, Italy, Hungary and more. The anime series was once hailed by Cartoon Network as having over one hundred million fans(or was that six hundred million?) worldwide. Dozens of animated movies, tons of video games, lots and lots of merchandise. A few live action moves. One unofficial one in China thats a remake of one of the earlier animated movies and a crappy one here in the US by Fox.

So... why is it popular? Because its fun.

I just finished rereading the entire series(okay, I flipped through the final books but I didn't like those stories) and Dragonball is a fun little book. Thats it. There's no deep meaning. No complex narrative.

Inspired by Journey to the West, Dragonball follows Son Gokuh, a young boy with a tail living on his own in the woods. He encounters a spunky teen girl named Bulma tracking down the Dragon Balls. A group of mystic balls that when gathered can summon a dragon to grant a wish. Gokuh has one that his deceased grandfather left him. Bulma and Gokuh go on an adventure to the find the balls.

Along the way on the first saga they encounter the shape shifting pig Oolong, the bandits Yamcha and Pu'Ur, Turtle Hermit Master Roshi and his talking Turtle, and the Ox King and his daughter Chi Chi. Eventually ending up duking it out with Emperor Pilaf and his minions who want he Dragon Balls to take over the world.

The series for the next several volumes finds Gokuh training under Roshi, who trained his grandfather, with Krillin. Fighitng, tournaments, svaing the world, etc. until the series jumps years into the future for what many int he world know as Dragonball Z. Gokuhs married with a child and soon discovers he himself is an alien of the Saiyan race. Once again we go into action and adventure with an added sci-fi slant.

All in all, a rather simple series though repetitive. But having reread the book... its incredibly fun. The early stories are fun watching Gokuh, a country bumpking, see the world outside and go on wild adventures. He strives to be a great fighter, a fair person, and just never quits. Even when going up against the Red Ribbon army when everyone around him stresses the danger. The DBZ stuff losses some of the humor but the first three "sagas" are some of the best action comics you could get.

It's refreshing to see Gokuh not have some identity complex about being an alien. He's an earthling and Earth is his home. He strives to be the hero but at the same time his natural instinct to fight makes you question his decisions. He doesn't want the Dragon Balls interrupting what could be a an entertaining fight.

The supporting cast is always fun. Its great to see that Krillin hold his own while other fighters stronger than him seem to slowly drift into the background like Yamcha or Tian. Krillin tries to assist in anyway possible even after he knows that he can't keep up as a fighter.

Watching the villain Piccolo turn to good is interesting though I became more familiar with DBZ first. The story behind Vegeta is what drives a lot of the series. The once Prince of a dead race who becomes envious of Gokuhs abilities drive him. You watch him from villain to... well... less of a villain. Him and Bulmas relationship is a twist as you always expect her to get with one again/off again boyfriend Yamcha.

One of the main reasons I pulled out my books was my feelings after the live action film. I could tell they were familiar with the material but the execution was awful on so many levels. Streamlining the series into a two hour lfick is definitely a challenge but the decisions they made didn't work.

The first Piccolo story happens deeper in the first portion of Dragonball. Right after the second tournament. By that time Toriyama established most of his cast at the time. But the glaring problems are the cast.

Gokuh isn't introduced as a young boy int he woods but an 18 year old high school. The personalities are different with Gokuh lusting after Chi Chi. Justin Chatwick also lacked the look of the character. Which is ahrd to get over. I mean, Gokuh as a teen wasn't super buff yet but he was bigger than Chatwick. Gokuh is arguably the most popualr manga character in Japan. Really, the Superman of Japan and Fox failed. Think about it, both aliens. Both have stories of their youths and adulthood. Both incredibly powerful. Both don't like to kill(though Gokuh will when it needs to be done but prefers mercy). Both upstanding men.

Bulmas selfishness and temperamental attitude is missing. The way her and Gokuh meet is so classic but the flick doesn't do it. She actually explains the Dragon Balls to Gokuh as she seeks her wish of a good looking boyfriend. Bulma is more noble in the movie and isn't quite sure what to think about Gokuhs story of the Dragonballs.

Matser Roshi is more of a perv in the book. Yeah...

All in all... a failure as a film. Butt he comics are fun. Entertaining. Their light reading action comics and I whole heartily suggest them to anyone. Plus their easy to find. Viz is re-releasing them in Viz Big editions. I found them all prior to this in the shonen jump editions. The books still sell and the anime series is still a huge success. Funimations DVD box sets were blazing up DVD sales charts last year and the new Dragonball Kai series in Japan, which is simply a more streamline cut of the anime series without all the filler, is making big ratings number. Yes, repeats of an old anime series with all the filler material taken out(and its a lot, believe me) is a hit.

Dragonball is a billion dollar franchise and it makes sense. Fun, escapism sells. And Dragonball is one of the standards.

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Monday, April 20, 2009

March Favorites 2009

March Sucked.

5. Jack Kirby's Losers Omnibus-Good, fun, entertaining. Great art. Plus Kirby's drawings of military tanks, weapons, and uniforms used in WWII was a treat.

4. Justice Society of America #25-Getting closer to fixing the Marvel family.

3. Wonder Woman #30-Action, action, action.

2. Jack of Fables Vol. 5: Turning Pages-I hate you Jack Horner. But i can't stop following your adventures.

1. Deadpool Classics Vol. 2-The first volume was filled with blah art and meh stories until the end. This one really kicks off Joe Kelly's run with issue 2 and a couple specials. Good times.

... hold it... did I put a Marvel comic on top?

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Friday, April 17, 2009

Aletta Ocean Bukkake in HD!

A bukkake in HD (1280x720 and a high bitrate) would make any bukkake downloadworthy, as most of you would agree. But when the scene is also fucking amazing... it's faptime! This scene is from . Scenes from that site are very difficult to find, since they do all they can to keep copies away. The girl's name is Alien (Aletta Alien, or Aletta Ocean), and she is a hot Hungarian bitch who gets heavily mouthfucked by 5 guys and then, of course, covered in loads of thick, white cum! When you see a bukkake in this kind of quality, there is no way you can hold your pants on! There is also a lower quality version (640x480) for people with very old computers. Have fun!


Download in HD:
HD part 1
HD part 2

(Or download in 640x480: Rapidshare)

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Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Kenichi Sonoda (W/A)

On sale Sept 16
b&w, 192 pages
TPB, 5 1/8" x 7 1/4"

Back from hiatus, the long-awaited return of Gunsmith Cats continues in this fourth exciting volume!

The road race may be canceled, but the gunplay continues, with our girls Rally and Minnie-May in the middle as usual. The bounty hunters and the rest of the Gunsmith Cats gang are in for lots more action as Kenichi Sonoda keeps bringing the goods in the book where T&A stands for triggers and ammo!

About fuckin' time. And I have to still wait for September. Over a year from volume 3. And the part that annoys me the most? Apparently the whole Burst series has been done for quite a while.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Thanks Leo...

DiCaprio's producing a Ninja Scroll adaptation and wants to hire Japanese actors? Wow. I mean... Paramount didn't want to hire Asian actors for an adaptation of an American cartoon. Crazy world we live in.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Comic of the Month

Vampirella: the Crimson Chronicles Maximum
by Various

With the recent passing of artist Jose Gonzalez I've picked a Vampirella book. The character he's best known for.

This large, phone book style, inexpensive collection features all her earliest adventures. Stories written by the likes of Archie Goodwin, Steve Englehart, and Len Wein amongst others. There are a handful of artists on this book but Jose Gonzalez does the bulk of the work and it is beautiful. Stunning comics work that is sexy and detailed. If I had a scanner...

The short of it is Vampirella escapes her dying homeworld of Drakulon to Earth. She encounters a doctor who creates a synthetic blood that would allow her to not feed on humans. But the doctor is caught up in a cult and book it worships called the Crimson Chronicles. As she goes on her mission to understand and destroy the cult she encounters an aging magician named Pendragon as well as the last of the Van Helsing family. Including Adam who is attracted to her.

The stories are surprisingly entertaining. Battles with Dracula, meeting Pendragons family, voodou and more. Honestly, this is the collection that amde me like the character. The only other Vampi stories I read were by stars Grant Morrison, Mark Millar and Amanda Conner.

It's big, cheap, and really pretty. Get it from a site that specializes in comcis. Amazon doesn't have it but Midtown comics does.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Fast & Furious Was Okay

Probably didn't help that the audio was screwed up for the middle of the film. The ending was ludicrous. But the beginning was actually pretty strong. Special effects were sometimes good other times mediocre. I thought the acting, for Walker, Diesel and some of the others was solid.

I'm going to just have to see it again to assess the film properly.

Hopefully Observe & Report will have good audio when I see it Friday.

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Friday, April 3, 2009

Tori Black Bukkake - gulping down 8 loads!

Tori Black, the young, tall and sexy upcoming superstar doesn't do a lot of things yet. She did promise to do anal in the future though; she's probably just stalling to hype her smallest fuckhole. She did however already swallow 8 loads in a fucking hot gokkun scene! I didn't know that, but now we all do! In this scene she gets fucked in all kinds of hardcore positions, like piledriver, after that she takes 8 hot gooey loads in her mouth and gulps the mess down without blinking! Also, some guy shoves his finger up her anus, it's a nice preview of her milions of anal scenes coming in the future. Have fun with this one!


Download (125MB):
Filesonic link

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Francesa en la ducha

Wolverine Movie Leaked

Yep. A movie I have little care to see, because quite frankly it looks lame, has an unfinished copy floating around online. Now... people bootleg. And in some cases, it sort of saves them money. Have you ever spent on money on a film and walked out disappointed? Of course you have. Like I did with Race to Witch Mountain. You know, if I had seen a bootleg of that, I would've saved my self 6 dollars plus the money I spent on snacks because I was hungry and thirsty. A small soda cost over 3 dollars? Lame.

I am not condoning bootlegging. I'm just saying, if I had a choice between a bootleg of Wolverine and seeing the movie... I'd probably rather just watch it at my house. That way I could turn it off if it sucked rather than sitting and watching all the way through because I know the theater wouldn't give me my money back. And if I'm paying to see a movie at a theater, I will watch the whole thing.

That said-I am so hyped for Star Trek the week after. And I will go see Fast & Furious Friday.