Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Reaction to Christian Bales Outburst

Haven't heard the outburst but I read about it. What I don't understand is the publicity for all this. He got angry at someone for what he felt was unprofessional work during an important scene of a film. yeah, it's a genre film but I like atcors who take their work seriously even if its not dramatic movies. Did he go overboard? Sure. But get this people... People get angry. Wow. Because he's an actor he's not aloud to have angry outbursts? That would be actually worst. Imagine being an actor and having to pent up all the anger and stress you get working on multi-million dollar films. I would hate to be arund that person when they finally do blow. But nooooo... "Oh my god. They should replace him and we should boycott the movie." No racist or homophobic remarks. No insulting of your intelligence. A man angry because a shot he worked hard on got spoiled goes off and people are acting like its sick. You people need to grow up.

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