Saturday, February 28, 2009


Almost everyone who talkbacks on major sites like AICN or TMZ amongst others are stupid.

That is all.

And that is the truth.

At Least They Got Transformers Right...

So the new Street Fighter movie hit and apparently those who saw it hated it. At least according to Rotten Tomatos. Though someone over at IMDB liked it. But will that make me want to see a film thats based on one of my favorite video games of all time? Hell no. The film looks like crap. Makes me want to pull out the terrible 90s film. At least hat one had some fun to it.

I also recently read a review for the screenplay to GI Joe's feature film. Not good. They gave it an F saying that they veered away from the source material. Really? You adapt a film and the only thing you really keep are a handful of characters and the title? Sounds kind of like a bad idea. Than again, maybe, just maybe somewhere down the road of pre-production there were rewrites and/or the director made significant changes. Which at times can hurt a film but at times help. However, I'm not sold on the trailer just yet.

I don't normally mind adaptations but in this day and age when entertainment news is so easy to grab its kind of hard to sit back and just wait to see and judge based on the trailer. When they said no Ken and Ryu for Street Fighter many fans, including myself, wrote it off. The rumors and casting behind GI Joe did quite spark. Now most of what I've heard about the live action Air Bender film has turned me sour to the project. I'm hopeful for Green Lantern and a few other films but really, companies need to make better decisions regarding translations of products with a geek following.

Though I guess Air Bender has a children s following so maybe the casting won't really effect it. If it was something more done to a hardcore comic audience the film would have been ripped apart before dropping.

Friday, February 20, 2009


With Diamonds change in standards, comic shops doing less and less business, rumors of comic book prices rising and the failing economy, how long till an implosion?

If this happens, then what? I'm sure Warner Bros. will help DC find a new distribution system. Marvel will find one too but what about indy comics? Hmmm... maybe I'm reading into all this too much. Maybe everything will be fine?


Thursday, February 12, 2009

January Favorites 2009

10. Justice Society of America #23-While I'm not a big Jerry Ordway fan, him drawing some Marvels makes sense. And I do like Marvels.

9. Wonder Woman #28-Action packed issue, though... it moved a little too quieckly. Plus, Lopretsi doesn't quite sale that armor.

8. Green Lantern #37-More Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green Lantern fun. With a nice end twist.

7. Fables #80-Things suck for our Fables.

6. Tiny Titans #12-Faces of Mischief issue! The Finals Crisis! Aw yeah...

5. I Kill Giants #7-The final, epic installment of the mini about a girl who kills giants is sad, touching, and brilliant.

4. S-A Vol. 8-Fun, fun, fun with Sakura chasing Jun, drunk Hanazono and more.

3. Skip Beat Vol. 16-Fuwa wants her. Ren wants her. Kyokos quite a popular girl with the biggest stars in Japan.

2. Nana Vol. 14-Gasp... #2? Yep and speaking of two, there are two Misatos! With the same last name! Shenanigans? Yasu and Miu get closer. Takumis a prick. Ren and Reira get snapped by the paps. Ugh oh... hows Nana going to feel about that?

1. High School Debut Vol. 7-My fav volume thus far has a rgeat cover plus a sexy moment between Haruna and Asa. Good times. Plus Haruna is a little worried about the freshmen girls reaction to her popular boyfriend.

Saturday, February 7, 2009


Was good. Go see it.

The Bale thing seems to have blown over. Bale apologized on LAs Kevin and Bean show. Said him and the DP are on good terms. Admitted that he has a "potty mouth."

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Kristina Rose Bukkake!

This girl is fairly new to the business and already she's counted among names like Rebeca Linares, Brianna Love and Alexis Texas! She keeps on giving us new things: her first anal scene got released only last November and with it a great blowbang scene with a facialfest like you wouldn't expect from somebody that still is getting to know the pornbiz. She masturbates with a i-don't-know-what-it's-called, which is kind of hot to see when a girl is covered with so much cum. During the blowjobs she gets throated thoroughly, with a lot of spit drooling out of her mouth and over her face. All of this in sexy positions and all what you can expect from a really good scene. Have fun!



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Reaction to Christian Bales Outburst

Haven't heard the outburst but I read about it. What I don't understand is the publicity for all this. He got angry at someone for what he felt was unprofessional work during an important scene of a film. yeah, it's a genre film but I like atcors who take their work seriously even if its not dramatic movies. Did he go overboard? Sure. But get this people... People get angry. Wow. Because he's an actor he's not aloud to have angry outbursts? That would be actually worst. Imagine being an actor and having to pent up all the anger and stress you get working on multi-million dollar films. I would hate to be arund that person when they finally do blow. But nooooo... "Oh my god. They should replace him and we should boycott the movie." No racist or homophobic remarks. No insulting of your intelligence. A man angry because a shot he worked hard on got spoiled goes off and people are acting like its sick. You people need to grow up.

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