Thursday, January 29, 2009

Maria Ozawa - First Bukkake - Second scene

Yes, this extremely beautiful half-blood Japanese slash Canadian girl is back for some new bukkake fun! In this scene she and two sexy girlfriends get fucked by a huge gang of Japanese men, who eventually all cum on all three beautiful faces. Check out the screenshots, they say it all. I know it's another censored scene, but after the great reception of the previous scene I could not let this scene go by. Have fun!


Rapidshare - part 1
Rapidshare - part 2

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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Ramble Awards 2009

Last Years Here.

5 Fav Movies

#1-The Dark Knight
#2-Wall-E, #3-Iron Man, #4-Rambo, #5-Gran Torino
Yeah... I've watched this one more times than any other flick. Twice at theaters, on bootleg, then legitimate DVD release. I put off seeing Wall-E for a while but I was so engrossed by it when I finally saw it. Iron Man was awesome. Rambo and Gran Torino were films that were truely bad ass.

5 Fav Male Performances

#1-Heath Ledger for the Dark Knight
#2-Robert Downy, Jr. for Iron Man, #3-Micky Rourke for the Wrestler, #4-Clint Eastwood for Gran Torino, #5-Tom Cruise for Tropic Thunder
Come on, this will be the most remembered performance in 2008. It's already the most iconic images seeing as Heath as the Joker is on dozens of top selling merchandise. Downy might be getting the nod for Tropic Thunder at the globes but I prefered Tom Cruise. Though Downy was my second fav in Iron Man. The Wrestler was damn good but depressing. Oscars snubbed Eastwood and thats a shame.

4 Fav Female Performances

#1-Ellen Page for Smart People
#2-Cate Blanchett for the Curious Case of Benjamin Button, #3-Anne Hathaway for Get Smart, #4-Marisa Tomei for the Wrestler
I honestly believe the best roles for women are on TV. But that's also coupled with the fact I don't see chick flicks and avoid a lot of depressing movie fare. I liked this movie a lot and thought Ellen Page was funny. You should seek it out. While I wasn't as hyped by Benjamin Button I liked Cate Blanchett. Hathaways getting the nod for Rachel Getting Married but I didn't see that and enjoyed the hell out of Get Smart. Marisa Tomei was awesome in the Wrestler.

5 Fav Directors

#1-Sly Stallone for Rambo
#2-Danny Boyle for Slumdog Millionaire, #3-Chris Nolan for the Dark Knight, #4-Clint Eastwood for Gran Torino, #5-Andrew Stanton for Wall-E
Violent. Addictive. Great, great, great action film. Stallone put out a true action classic here. Danny Boyle, Nolan and Eastwood all did great jobs on their films. Wall-E maybe my second fav Pixar film. Thanks Stanton.

5 Fav TV Shows

#1-Avatar: the Last Air Bender
#2-Mad Men, #3-Sons of Anarchy, #4-30 Rock, #5-True Blood
Avatar was awesome. Not as good as season 2 but still, I loved it. Dread the upcoming film. Mad Men and 30 Rock continue to be awesome. Enjoyed Sons of Anarchy and True Blood.

5 Fav Male Performers on TV

#1-Jon Hamm on Mad Men
#2-Alec Baldwin on 30 Rock, #3-Charles Hunnam on Sons of Anarchy, #4-Zachary Levi on Chuck, #5-Stephen Moyer on True Blood
Mad Men is such an engrossing show and Jon Hamms Don Draper is brilliant. So good my friend got his haircut and calls it the Don Draper look. Of my list the only surprise, against my top shows, is Zach Levi from Chuck which is an awesome program.

5 Fav Female Performances on TV

#1-January Jones on Mad Men
#2-Tina Fey on 30 Rock, #3-Katey Segal on Sons of Anarchy, #4-Anna Paquin on True Blood, #5-Maggie Siff on Sons of Anarchy
January Jones should have won! Yeah, I like Anna Paquin too but Jones is work in Mad Men was so emotional. Two women from the biker drama Sons of Anarchy. Great talent on that program. No surprise, Tina Fey.

3 Fav Anime Shows or Movies/DVDs or New In Japan

#1-Yuyu Hakusho Season Sets
#2-Black Lagoon: Second Barrage, #3-School Rumble
This year, all DVD pick ups. Went witht he Yuyu Hakusho seasons because it surprised me how much Cartoon Network edited. Still need to watch the final box that just came out. Black Lagoon was all kinds of awesome. School Rumble, first season was great. Second season is okay.

5 Fav Comics/Ongoings, Minis, or OGNs

#1-All Star Superman
#2-I Kill Giants, #3-Wonder Woman, #4-Empowered, #5-Water Baby
ASS is awesome! Oh yeah... I Kill Giants, which just finished, was truely remarkable. Gails making Wonder Woman good and Empowered keeps rocking. Water Baby was a fun read. But all pale to All Star Superman.

5 Fav Mangas

#2-Skip Beat, #3-Excel Saga, #4-S-A/Special A, #5-Gunsmith Cats: Burst
Of course Nana though Skip Beat was close. Excel Saga was good but only two volumes released and the story is only starting to pick up now. Special A was a fun read. GSC might have bene higher but only one volume which makes me think Dark Horse is losing the license and Kodansha will be releasing it soon. Still, Nana is a perfectly executed drama about two friends. Emoitonal and at times funny.

5 Fav Comic Writers

#1-Grant Morrison for All Star Superman, Batman, and Final Crisis
#2-Joe Kelley for I Kill Giants, #3-Gail Simone for Wonder Woman,#4-Adam Warren for Empowered, #5-geoff Johns for Green Lantern and Justice Society of America
Bought more Morrison than anyone else. Everyone else on my list placed because of my fav comics or because of the output.

5 Fav Comic Artists

#1-Ai Yazawa for Nana
#2-Frank Quitely for All Star Superman, #3-Adam Warren for Empowered, #4-Yoshiki Nakamura for Skip Beat, #5-Ross Campbell for Water Baby and Wet Moon
Nana edging out ASS. Yep... more output. Empowered is a gem so Adam Warren is up there.

5 Fav Albums

#1-If by Mindless Self Indulgence
#2-Invasion of the Mic Snatchers by the Sinister Six, #3-Nudy Show! By Anna Tsuchiya, #4-Digital Gangster by MC Lars and YTCracker, #5-Chinese Democracy by Guns N’ Roses
Though Nerdcore had two albums up there(with Sinister Six being free-isn't that great?) the MSI album Ifs on top. Anna Tsuchiya's album was fun and the new GNR is addicting. Still, I don't get too many new albums these days. Maybe 2009 will be better with new TKK, KMFDM and... um... oh nevermind.

5 Fav Songs

#1-Roll the Dice by the Sinister Six

#2-Bomb This Track by Mindless Self Indulgence, #3-Displine by Nine Inch Nails, #4-Paper Planes by MIA, #5-Never Wanted to Dance by Mindless Self Indulgence
Two MSI tracks and singles from MIA and Nine Inch Nails. But on top is my fav song by nerdcore Sinister Six. Go to the site and grab it.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Last Air Bender Movie Controversy

Check it... Here

Yeah, I guess I'll just skip this altogether. Sad, as I was liking the idea of a live action film but I think its time Hollywood got over the need to cast Caucasians in films where the main characters are clearly not.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Maria Ozawa - First Bukkake

Yes, it's Japanese, and yes it is censored (only penises/vaginas). But still, Maria Ozawa, the half Japanese, half Canadian superwhore finally did a bukkake movie! After the first uncensored scenes, and all the softie stuff, we now have some real interesting material! This extremely beautiful girl sucks cock, gets fucked and of course gets loads and loads of cum on her face! She has two sexy assistants, who jerk the guys off on Maria's face; when there's enough cum the 2 assistants lick the sperm off Maria's face and spit it back in her mouth or swallow the mess themselves. Also, Maria gets fucked during the entire bukkake, which is obviously pretty nice. The scene is in good quality (640x480) and has a duration of 28 minutes, so you will have some fun :)


Cover of the DVD the scene is from (just because it's so hot :p):

Rapidshare - part 1
Rapidshare - part 2

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video de Denise Milani en alta definicion

Roxy Jezel y Jenaveve Jolie en un trio

Pornstar gemela de Nuria Bermudez

Jayden Simone y Cinna Bunz

Casting para convertirse en pornstar española

Carrie Lee es la tipica rubia con cara de zorrita

Ella es timida hasta comiendo pollas

Cheerleaders lesbianas se animan unas a otras

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Death of the Direct Market?

As you may be aware, the closest comic shop to me has closed(though I heard rumors of a future reopening) and I have decided all online sales. Now word is coming through of Diamond Comics minimum sales order being raised. "Books not expected to reach $2,500 in retail orders (that's copies x cover price) will be far less likely to be relisted in Previews," Diamond's monthly catalog.

This will of course hurt smaller publishers and continue Marvel and DCs dominance of the market which will eventually implode on itself when people wake up and realize buying twenty to thirty superhero titles a month plus a dozen trades is a waste of cash. It took me a while. Now I actually have money in the bank and money in my pocket.

I don't know how this will effect manga sales as those books sale better at book stores and online. Which is fine by me anyway.

Also their eliminating their Adult Previews and offering it as a PDF file. I wonder how that will work? I guess my Mail Order Comics site will just get the info and put it up. Hmmm...

I learned about this here.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Coming Up...

Ramble Awards! A new format as I'll do a list with my top 5, or 3, in a certain field. I also cut down the comic one from series, OGN, mini, manga, writer, and artist by counting OGN series, minis in with series.


Keep a look out.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

December 2008 Favorites

Whats with the log in being screwy?

Anyway, due to my comic shops closing I have to get my comics, for several weeks, through Midtown comics. So my order from the last week of December has only just arrived. Guess I'll be paying that extra cash for faster shipping. Also, not an exceptional month... so lets skip the reasons and just list the comics.

6. Justice Society of America #21-22

5. Green Lantern #36

4. Fables #79

3. Wonder Woman #27

2. I Kill Giants #6

1. Excel Saga Vol. 18-Here for my recent summary.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Una ducha es suficiente

Lesbianas brasileñas comiendoselo todo

Corrida sobre la chupona enmascarada

Maria Ozawa follando sin censura

Pareja amateur follando en la ducha

El culito de la zorra se mueve sin parar

Ninfomana amateur muy tetuda

Una novia India cachonda da mucho juego

Comepollas amateur

Sexo amateur desde Rusia

Primero el tonteo y luego el folleteo

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Catching Up With Oscar Hopefuls

I saw Slumdog Millionaires last weekend and I have to say, fine film. Different than I expected. Though I guess I didn't know what to expect. All I knew was it had a boy looking for the love of his life and the Indian version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. Its more than that, taking you through the life of Jamal Malik and how the events of his life shaped him and helped to play the game despite being a slum dog. A visually stunning film with good performances all around. Definitely recommended. I don't think it'll get much in he way of Oscar nominations though, sadly. I'm sure the critics will be sadden too.

Wall-E, the Pixar/Dinesy film, is amazing. I am so mad at myself for not seeing it as I planned back when it was in theaters. This touching film about a trash compactor robot who falls for a probe robot in a dystopian future where the humans live in outer space as the planet is supposed to get cleaned up is amazing. Really, I was touched. This will win the best animated feature award but as far as I'm concerned should be in the best picture race. A bunch of critics agree with me if you check out the wiki profile.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button was good. Brad Pitt turned in a good performance but... I was not as enthralled in the film as everyone else seems to be. Its a good looking film with a strong story. I definitely see Brad getting a nomination but I don't think he deserves the win. Still, if you have about 3 hours to burn you'll probably like this movie about a man living in reverse, born old and getting younger. Cate Blanchett was very beautiful and did a great job in her role.

I'll be seeing the Wrestler and Gran Torino next. Not exactly interested in Milk. For some reason, despite not seeing many of his movies, I just don't like Sean Penn. I also didn't see Brokeback Mountain. I know I'd probably like both films but I don't have the interest to see them. What other Oscar hopefuls are out to look at, I wonder... Oh... Doubt. Probably skip that one too.

I never heard of the African-American Critics Association but they picked the Dark Knight as best film of 2008. Wow. Heaths won damn near every time he's been nominated.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Understanding Your Future Masters: Excel Saga Overview Part 10

Table of Contents
Introduction & Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9
Excel Saga Wikipedia

Volume 18
Mission 1: Kabapu plots violent strategy against Il Palazzo with his subordinates. Sumiyoshi is the only one with a shred of human compassion now that Watanabe has become a damaged individual since volume 15 when the once amnesiac Hyatt left him. As they plot they learn Il Palazzo is running for Mayor so Kabapu decides to run against him.

Excel/Teriha goes to one of his rallies overwhelmed with a feeling she can't describe. As she calms herself in an alley she overhears two people(Watanabe and Sumiyoshi) plotting Il's demise.

Mission 2: Excel/Teriha wants to help Il and needs weapons. She goes to Umi and Umi's not sure she understands Teriha. She traps Teriha within the lab so she won't do anything irrational.

That attack? The attempted "car accident" failed. With explosive results. Back at Kabapu HQ.
Matsuya: You don't look like you're doing much campaigning. How can you say you're going to win honestly?
Kabapu: We honestly have a great deal of cash! Money to spread rumors! Money for attack ads! Money to bribe elected officials!

Yeah... Kabapu wins despite being an exposed, corrupted man. Sumiyoshi... he just can't adapt to all this. Oh, and it was Egala who got hurt in the "car accident."

Mission 3: Dreams and memories collide as a hospitalized Egala realizes that president Excel is an impostor! Took a while.

Mission 4: Egala confides in Hyatt whose skeptical of the notion that their President is a fake. She informs Il of her suspicions and gets a job demotion.

Egala asks Hyatt: Don't you even care what happened to the real Excel?

Mission 5: After a night of drinking and eating, what later is revealed to be spoiled meat, Sumiyoshi and Watanabe have to cancel plans with Matsuya. So Iwata asks her to a movie.

Little talk of Ill Corp., Kabapu and the such. Iwata thinks they're on a date. The two run into Umi and Teriha. Matsuya believes she's seen Teriha before. Iwata, being a cyborg/android, collapses because he didn't get back to the lab to recharge. Now he has to be retrieved. Turns out he ignored all the warnings because he wanted to hang out with Matsuya.

Mission 6: Shiouji family(that includes Teriha) go to a hot spring. Putting him out of contact with Sumiyoshi because he needs help. It seems a confused Ropponmatsu II(or Nishiki) is at his home. especially after she collapses and he tries recharging her only for her to download his dating sim games into her memory. Awkward!

Some funny scenes with Iwata, Watanabe, and Matsuya.

Mission 7: Shiouji family is still at the springs. The situation with Sumi and Nishiki worsens. Matsuya and Iwata try to help to hilarious results.


Excel Saga volume 19 on June 19th according to one website. That's... 6 months!!! Volume 21 dropped in Japan late last year so by the time volume 19 drops, volume 22 should be out in Japan. Meaning, and I hope, one volume every six months.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Coming Up...

Next week, or the week after, I will have up my December Favorites. Waiting on a package from Midtown Comics with Final Crisis Secret Files(only bought it for Frank Quitely cover), Green Lantern #36, JSA #22, and Teen Titans #66(which is the closest to getting dropped but since I've dropped almost half my list it won't be going anywhere for awhile).

For the time being Midtown will be my source of buying comics with occasional help from Amazon. Than by March all Mail Order Comics with the occasional help from Amazon since MOC I have to pay for three months in advance and Amazon pay right when it ships.

I have my Excel Saga piece written and have the pics picked out. It'll be up sooner than later.

Oh, and Slumdog Millionaire was an excellent movie. Check out. The Spirit was corny fun.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Two Hungarian girls swap loads of cum

This is an amazing scene, from , where two extremely beautiful young girls get abused (mouthfucked, gangbang anal, etc) in an very erotic way (no filthy garage fucking with some goons!). Then the blond gets 4 big loads of semen in her mouth, so she can swap this mouthful (an actual mouthful!) to the waiting mouth of her dark-haired girlfriend. There is so much cum that it dribbles out of her mouth for almost 30 seconds! A much better swap you're not gonna find any time soon! The scene is, again, of very high quality: 852x480 pixels (that's 16:9) and a bitrate of 3100kbps. Enjoy!


Rapidshare - part 1
Rapidshare - part 2

Password: ahoyhoy