Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Comic Books in 2009

Looking into 2009 and at my comic spending habits I have to say... Manga is better than American comics.

175 pages for around 10 bucks vs. spending 3 dollars a month(maybe 4 dollars soon) on 22 pages or around 15 dollars for over 120 pages. Sure its in color but for the price of two trades I can get three manga. Plus beginning, middles, and ends. Less continuity. None of that creators jumping on and off.

I'm following a total of seven titles, started collecting another one thats twenty odd volumes in and am hoping two others get released. Sure, some of them aren't great but I'm more satisfied at the end of the day.

That said, I recently tried Jack of Fables and quite enjoyed it.

So looking ahead at 2009 this is what I want comic wise.

1-Blackest Night To Be Good-I was just about to drop green lantern after several months of doing nothing for me. The whole One Year Later jump ruined a bunch of titles I enjoyed and had me shed several titles I read. But Sinestro Corps was awesome. Since then the stories have fluctuated(I honestly did not like the Secret Origins story) but I'm holding on for this.

2-To Like the X-Men Again: I'm not enjoying Astonishing quite yet. Greg land turns me off so I'm not buying Uncanny. I don't even know whats going on with the third X-title. I miss enjoying the X-Men.

3-Grant Morrison On A Vertigo Title: Pretty please?

4-DC To Stop Milking Events: Sometimes I feel DC hears a good idea, and tries to squeeze all the money out of fans by turning a good idea to a long, dragged out mess of an event. Stop it!

5-More Alternative Comic Book Series I'd Want To Follow: It seems most alternative titles are minis. Then the others are either graphic novels or ongoings that come out on weird schedules(or the creators waiting for the big 2 to notice them). I'd like some new alternative ongoing books that come out almost monthly.

6-To Buy A Few Marvel Titles: I try and I fail at this. Its like I go out, buy a few, need to cut stuff and BAM! Back to Runaways and maybe an X-book.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Directory of AMWF pornstars

This site is a listing of white women who have sex with Asian men on camera. Not comprehensive, just the notable ones.

Monday, December 29, 2008

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Wrestlers in SAG? Vince Hates the new Movie the Wrestler?

Check It Here

“There’s really no reason why these guys are not in SAG,” Aronofsky told Newsday. “They’re in front of a camera performing and doing stunts, and they should have that protection. They should have health insurance and they should be protected."

Curiously, McMahon has long maintained that his “independently contracted” performers aren’t athletes but “entertainers,” partially to get around having his events regulated by state athletic commissions. However, in order to keep the Screen Actors Guild out of his business, his shows are strangely identified as “sports programming.”

"I’m really curious to see what some of these old-timers make of it,” said Aronofsky in an interview with Reelz Channel. “When I won the Golden Lion, I dedicated the film to all the wrestlers, I kind of shared their stories. They’re a unique lot. They’re not organized, they have no pension, no health care, so many of them are tragically dying at a young age. I was talking to Mickey, ‘Why aren’t wrestlers in SAG?’ If you really think about it, the Screen Actors Guild should organize them…They’re performing in front of a camera, and stuntmen are SAG."

This past week the infamous wrestling promoter[Vince McMahon] invited Aronofsky to privately screen the film for him at WWE headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut. McMahon, whose struggling film production company, WWE Studios, also has a deal with Fox (one in which it pays the film giant to distribute its mostly straight-to-DVD fare through the Fox Atomic label), airs its TV show, “Friday Night Smackdown,” on the Fox-owned MyNetwork.

Reportedly, WWE has veto power over any wrestling-related advertising that runs during “Smackdown,” which has apparently made it difficult for Fox to advertise its current best Oscar contender on its own network’s top-rated show.

“It’s amusing but it’s not surprising,” says Writer/Producer/Director Richard O’Sullivan, who recently placed a sitcom set in the wrestling industry—entitled “Citizen Pain”—in development at the Toronto based Fight Network. “Vince McMahon is a wrestling promoter. His wrestling company, which his father left to him, is the only thing that’s ever been successful for him. His boxing events failed. His restaurant failed. Evel Knievel jumping the Snake River Canyon failed. He bought the Debbie Reynolds Hotel…that failed. He started a football league and a bodybuilding league and he’s made a bunch of movies which get horrible reviews and don’t turn a profit. The only one of his guys who actually did turn into an a-list star was Dwayne Johnson and that was only after he broke away from Vince, got out of ‘the wrestling vacuum,’ and took control of his own career. So I can see how Vince would be really pissed that a movie about ‘his’ industry—which thematically is out of step with his vision of the business—is getting great reviews and winning awards.”

“Pro wrestling has been a staple in television for over sixty years,” says O’Sullivan. “But advertisers still look at it sometimes as this low-rent, trailer park trash sideshow, and the content of McMahon’s TV programs really doesn’t do a lot to change that perception. Aronofsky’s film has really given the wrestling biz a bit of a shot in the arm. People are looking at the industry and the people who work in it and they’re giving them some major respect. But as usual, it’s gonna take Vince McMahon all of five minutes to un-do that good will because as he has publicly stated…he’s in ‘the garbage business.’”

Friday, December 26, 2008


My local comic shop is closing. Yes... the other two closes ones are actually out of the way. So... going all online now and buying less monthlies. Yeah...


Friday, December 19, 2008


What's happening? Here's some random pictures.

Excel Saga vol. 18 summary coming soon.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

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Friday, December 12, 2008

RIP Bettie Page

December 11th, the iconic Bettie Page died. She was my favorite pin up model. Heres a few pics including one of me rocking a Bettie Page button up.


Thursday, December 11, 2008

Aubrey Addams multiple bukkakes!

Aubrey Addams is a fairly new star in the biz, born in 1987 and thus very fresh and still eager to do whatever we dirty minds want her to do. One of us apparently wanted her to take about a dozen spermloads in her face and swallow the mess. Guess what... she did it! :D In this scene she first does a blowjob in high heels, and takes the cumshot. Then a bunch of guys cum on her face, and she cleans up; then a new bunch cum on her face, and she cleans up; and then - yes! - a third bunch of guys cum on her face, and - yes yes yes! - she cleans up! Have fun!


Rapidshare - part 1
Rapidshare - part 2

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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

November 2009 Favorites

9. Madame Xanadu #6-Xanadu meets death. All kinds of good stuff.

8. Wet Moon Vol. 4: Drowned In Evil-Least fav of the series. Still, good stuff. Though a bit weird with the vigilante running around.

7. Young Liars #9-Danny's life sucks. So does Sadies.

6. Wonder Woman #26-The Greek Gods return! Director Steel is a jerk! Genocide(?) whups on Diana!

5. Batman #681-Not the grand finale it should've been. But damn fun.

4. Justice League International Vol. 3-Collecting the Lord Manga Khan arc. Bwa ha has all around. Never read the full story and I feel like a better now that I have.

3. I Kill Giants #5-The titan appears!

2. Skip Beat Vol. 15-My newest manga obsession. This si a series about Kyoko who follows her childhood friend(and crush) to Tokyo so he can be a big star. Once he starts to achieve this, he casts her aside. She vows revenge by entering the entertainment industry. Now he's a big singer and she's a buzz about actress. Oh yeah... and I didn't even really get into this volume.

1. Nana Vol. 13-There's a party. Nobu gets a girlfriend. Plus some family time. Oh yea, wonderful stuff.

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Monday, December 8, 2008

I Liked Punisher War Zone

It was ridiculously violent with a black sense of humor. Just as I figured the Punisher should be.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Dear Comic Companies,

Dear Dark Horse,

Where's Gunsmith Cats: Burst? I know the sales have been okay and I even asked you if you stopped the book months ago and you contacted me back saying you still planned to do more. Well? The series finished in Japan according to Wikipedia. If Kodansha took back the rights to help launch their US manga line let me know. This book is the reason I look at your solicits every month.

Dear DC,

Stop with the big events after 2008. Chill out with the mapped storylines across the board. let your creative teams do their thing. Really, I'm kind of getting bored.

Dead Johnny DC,

Keep up the good work. Tiny Titans is awesome and the new Supergirl series was pretty good and I hope it gets better.

Dear Vertigo,

Get Grant Morrison on an new creator owned ongoing, please? By the way... Fables and Young Liars are awesome.

Dear Image,

I only buy I Kill Giants. Not counting the few imprints, you pretty much just publish minis and books that don't interest me. But I Kill Giants is cool.

Dear Marvel,

I'm following two ongoings and one trade. However, if Emma Frost returns to her villainous ways to allow for a Jean Grey return and the back tracking of one of the few "risk taking ideas" that I actually like, I'm finished with the X-Men. Which is not really much of a stretch because I got the essentials, Grant Morrison's run, and Joss Whedons run. So I'm good.

Dear Tokyopop,

Waiting on that Fruits Basket Ultimate Collection volume 4, reprinting material from volumes 7-8 of the manga which you already published which is your biggest seller. Also, Harukaze Bitter Bop?

Dear Viz,

You've been kicking ass. Thanks.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

For Your Consideration

Its time for movie studios to pimp out those feature films they believe to be of such quality that they deserve recognition on two specific award shows; the Golden Globes and the Academy Awards.

Between the two, I prefer the Golden Globes. For two reasons, splitting Comedy and Drama films in movies and lead actors. Plus the noms for Television. The Oscars? Pffff.

Oscars, listen up... you run a show that goes over three hours showcasing films that most to public WILL NOT SEE! Really, it's kind of boring. The average fan probably only tunes in to see the what the actors are wearing and hoping for a good monologue from the host. Everything else is practically filler.

I've been looking at the films that the studios are pimping and I have only seen the Dark Knight. I can probably catch Wall-E and some of the other animated flicks but that's it. And the sad thing is... I live near a movie theater. I'm also a bus ride from another one at a mall. Then there's another few farther down the same street at another mall. And guess what? None of them are playing any of these movies hearing about. No Wrestler, Seven Pounds, Doubt, Slumdog Millionaire, etc. Maybe they all come out this weekend with Punisher.

Really, if I hear people complain about the ratings again, I'm going to scream. Not really but is irritating. Seeing films I never seen nominated isn't going to make me tune in. Than again, most those films aren't ones I'd probably enjoy.

I'll just seem them on cable. Or pick them up from the local neighborhood bootlegger. (Just kidding. ::checks around with shifty eyes::)

So, Oscars... do me a favor, at least put a hit film in there. That'll surely put a few more clicks on the channel you'll be broadcasting on.

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