Friday, October 31, 2008

Violet Blue / Noname Jane

NameAMWF scenesIR with BM?Escort?
Violet Blue / Noname Jane
Video Virgin Gold Special
(XG-3346, censored, 2001/10/23)

Best Selection Blond Girls
(DPS-199, censored)


Superheroes Would Vote No on Prop 8

This coming election day, just ask yourself-what would Superman do? What would Batman do? What would the X-Men do? It's obvious. They'd fight discrimination and eliminating marriage to individuals based on their sexual identity is discrimination.

Now, think about it hard. Really. Heroes are suppose to fight for truth, justice, and equality. The likes of Wonder Woman are suppose to represent noble ideas. Wonder Woman would laugh at this prop. Coming from an island of all women one would be naive to think nothings happening there. In the comics they've made it clear, she's an activist fighting for many rights. The X-Men? Their mutants and just hate any form of discrimination.

I'm just saying, help Superman see a world of happiness and peace, uphold Capt. Americas faith in the basic fundamental rights. Vote no on prop 8.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Comic Critics, The Lowest of All Critics?

Do comic critics matter? I mean... no disrespect but I use to review too at Paperback Reader. I don't really remember too much feedback, other than someone being bad at me not liking a New Avengers issue and getting some free comics. Do comic fans really listen to critics? Some do, but I'm pretty sure most don't. Nor do I really see any comic critics, with the possible exception of Blair Butler, being important. Lets be honest, Pro-Wrestling has got Dave Meltzer, whose comic books got?

Personally, I do like dropping by critic sites but I, for the most part, never agree. Some of the comics they praise just do nothing for me and some they don't like are high on my list. Perfectly normal really but it makes me think there's a great divide between comic critics and the general audience. Do comic critics come off as bitter older fans or indy snobs? I personally think if you want to try a comic you should either just do it or hop on a message board and get a broader opinion of said comic book.

So... are comic book critics important at all? Not really. Bad reviews might actually effect music, video games, movies, and television but as long as you have Wolverine or Batman or some known superhero and a half decent artist on a title it's going to sell. Most fans buying comics are more interested in disposable fun so they'll buy into an average comic story. Comic critics opinions seem to mean very little in the end. It's kind of sad, because while I don't normally agree with them I tend to think most have a better taste than the average comic fan.

Yeah... this is just a random rambling.

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Dear Diamond Distribution...


Three monthlies I planned to buy were shorted at my shop. At least Empowered volume 4 and Kill Your Boyfriend there. I'd be a slight bit happier if Borders or Barnes & Noble had Skip Beat volume 9.

Oh well...

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Music Review: Sinister Six-Invasion of the Mic Snatchers

Music Review: Sinister Six-Invasion of the Mic Snatchers
Like free music? Like hip hop? Like geek/nerd references? Hop over to this page and download the free album by a collection of nerdcore hip-hop artists who come together to collaborate as the Sinister Six. Lead by MadHatter and featuring YTCracker, Zealous1, Benjamin Bear, Chester, and MC Loki. Over a year in the making, Invasion of the Mic Snatchers has bee plagued with delays but now its here with a slight line up change. The albums concept is essentially casts the six as villains taking over the world. It features 10 songs, several skits/interludes, and a track with fellow nerdcore artists shouting out Sin 6 and plugging themselves.

The album opens with a narration that sets the tune and the first track out is guest, Ranger, on Herald which invokes memories Silver Surfers arrival to announce Galactus. Make Way is up next with the true band introduction, though this was originally released a year ago with two other rappers who left for various reasons. Truth be told, I like the original slightly better because of ShelShockers catchy verse but its a fun track. The band really gets together next up with Break Down. I definitely like Deeper and Roll the Dice. HQ is a fun track with the Six taking you through their headquarters and the MC Skeletor guest lines bring a smile to my face. I need more MC Skeletor in my life. My favorite track is On the Hunt because it's done exclusively by my three favorite rappers on the project, YTCracker, Benjamin Bear and MadHatter.

On the down side, I wish there were a couple more tracks involved. While the skits do set the mood and push the story forward(especially Cleverfield which is based on Cloverfield.), I wouldn't have mind a few less. Tear it Up, with guest TyT, is a good song but I wish there was more of an epic ending. Though MadHatters final verse is great. Pledge of Allegiance is interesting, and at times very amusing, but its no something I'd replay often.

Despite this criticisms, this is a fun record. Benjamin Bear was my MVP through out killing every time out. YTCracker and MadHatter were awesome. Zealous1, who I normally feel indifferent to, did a damn fine job. When he came on Break Down I was like-WOW! I was indifferent towards MC Loki and Chester I have mixed feelings on. His lyrics are geeky good but I'm not sure I like his flow. The beats throughout, mostly by MadHatter, were cool. Fun, energetic, and matching the tones of the songs.

It's free, download it. Or go to the page and download Deeper, Roll the Dice, HQ, and Duck Hunt.

Grade 8/10

Sunday, October 26, 2008

DVD Review: Black Lagoon: Second Barrage Vol. 3

Black Lagoon: Second Barrage Volume 3

The final volume to the second season continues the exploits of Rock and Revy in Japan as Balalaika and Hotel Moscow go to war with the Yakuza. As the conflict boils Yukio accepts her position as the new head of the Washimine Clan, a Yakuza family. Rock desperately wants to prevent her from getting tied into this mess but she doesn't want nothing to do with him.

Black Lagoon is one of the break out anime series of the last few years with rave reviews with its slick style and pulse pounding action. Produced by the amazing studio known as Madhosue and based on the hit manga by Rei Hiroe this series is probably arguably one of the best action series in a long time and volume 3 of the second season is the strongest story wise.

Volume 2 set the story in motion with Balalaika going to Japan to handle Russian mob business with Rock along as a translator and Revy as his body guard but these final four episodes it all explodes with Rock looking tot he teenage Yukio, hoping she won't fall into a world of criminals but her looking back at him disgusted. Seeing him standing in the "twilight" between the criminal world he belongs to but having the chance to return to a normal life. Rocks intentions bring him into conflict with Balalaika and also angers Revy, the dangerous female gunslinger, who wants to protect him. It's easy to see she cares for Rock and the internal struggle inside her because of these feelings. He's not totally immersed in her world which makes it hard for her and when Balalaika points this out you can tell it cuts like a dagger.

Than there's the action and its good. Especially the scene where Revy teams with Washimine heavy hitter Gin to save Yukio from a former clan member. As is the twos battle between one another while Yukio and Rock watch on.

Great animation, story, and action. It's wonderful that Funimation worked out a distribution deal with Geneon to release this second season and rerelease the first in the States. I don't want to insult downloaders but anime has been hit pretty damn hard. My only sore spot, when I saw this in subtitles a year back I liked the idea of the communication barrier but at the same time the idea of Revy and others not being able to speak Japanese in japan but throughout the series was odd. Here its switched a bit but all the characters speak English except when in the various clan/mob dealings. But hey... whatever.

Grade: 10/10

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Mia Lina does multiple gokkuns!

Mia Lina is probably a name you have never heard of, and to be honest, the same counts for me. She's apparently only started doing porn in 2008, and has only done a few scenes yet. This fact makes it staggering that she already does things like anal and spermfests like in the scene I'm bringing you today, because normally all pornstars - even beginners - should know that you have to hold some things back, so demand will rise, and you therefor can become a very popular and rich überwhore! Oh well... She does a great job in this scene. It's one of the first times she's doing porn, and she's taking about a dozen loads in her mouth; this will amaze you even more when you see her do this extreme but horny act with a nice, open and girly smile on her beautiful little fuckface. Have fun!


Rapidshare - part 1
Rapidshare - part 2

Password: ahoyhoy

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Movie Review: Max Payne

Max Payne

Lets keep this short and sweet.

Max Payne is a former homicide detective working the cold case beat looking for any clue into the mystery revolving around the murder of his wife and child. One of the three suspects still out. On his search a female acquaintance he meets at a party as well as his ex-partner are both murdered and he's the prime suspect but Payne digs into his former partners files to find what he was working on and the connection to his wife's murder.

Visually, a really good looking film. Its dark, stylish, and just cool. Its nice to see the writers take the material seriously and the actors involved not treat this as joke like video games seem to be treated as. That said, the stories not that great because at times it feels like its taking it self too seriously as the action doesn't really kick into gear until almost half way through the film. There's very brief scenes before hand but I felt a good action scene in the beginning would've helped. The big action scenes towards the end however were very good and the CGI did look very nice.

The film utilize much of the supporting cast outside the Beau Bridges character. Shame since the supporting cast is pretty good with Milas Kunis, Chris O'Donnell, and Donal Logue as well as rapper Ludicrous doing a good job for his bit part. Milas Kunis also should've had more to do.

Overall, a pretty good action movie. Could wait for cable or DVD but still I enjoyed it.

Grade 7/10

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Reviews: DVDs & Books

DVD: Shanghai Express
A little bit western, mostly Hong Kong action comedy from the legendary Sammo Hung directing and starring with another legend in Yuen Baio and quite a large cast including Rosamund Kwan, Richard Ng, and many other recognizable Hong Kong actors and actresses at the time.

The story follows seveal points that intercept. Sammo Hung's character, Cheng, is a bit of a hustler returning home with big plans. Tsao(Baio) is the newly elected security chief for the village after the last one and several officers robbed the bank, a trio of Japanese carrying an important Chinese map, gangsters after them, and an Interpol agent tracking Cheng. They call come together in the town of Hansui and things get crazy.

If you're into Jackie Chan than you'll probably dig his older and younger "brothers" in Sammo Hung and Yuen Baio. All three were raised and trained in the Peking Opera School and have similar styles with the differences being Sammo Hungs larger and and was considered the most talented martial artist of the school at his time while Yuen Baio was one of the better acrobats. The performances were all really good despite the fact that, as it turns out, many just wanted to be int he film so some scenes and characters had little bearing to the story. The set design for the small town and the fancy hotel are all top notch for their time and period. If you're looking for something that's funny and entertaining, this is a good flick. Its got good laughs, good fight sequence, and a couple crazy stunts like when Yuen Baio hops from the top of a burning apartment to the ground, gets up and runs forward and still nails his lines out. That scene represents one of the big differences between Hong Kong and American action films, that the actors feel superhuman. Its not a great movie by any means, but its extremely fun.

DVD extras include commentary with expert Bey Logan, interviews with some of the cast, trailers, and even deleted scenes. Dragon Dynasty always providing good DVDs for their releases.

Rating: 8/10

DVD: School Rumble Season 2 Part 1
The second season of that crazy romance School Rumble kicks off. Thirteen episodes of romantic misunderstandings, characters too shy to express their feelings, crazy school activities, and the occasional rumble.

This season includes the cultural festival which, for those not into Japanese culture, is a festival put on by a high school featuring plays, shops, and food booths that are opened to the public. There's also the survival game taking place on school grounds that was made to decide which theme the main characters of class 2-C would do. We take a peek at some of the characters part-time jobs, studying for exams, and even the girls basketball club.

Watching this reminds me of how utterly lame the ending to the manga is. These episodes are silly fun with a number of great laughs. The survival game scene is so over-the-top because its mostly played straight. The play 2-C puts together was strange and fun. The basketball portion had a number of great laughs. The star of the show is Harima and he has some great lines. Most the characters are a joy to watch though I tend to like the female lead Tenma less and less with each episodes. I watch the series in dub and I love it. Yes... I love the dub, deal with it anime fans.

Bad point, forty-five dollars for thirteen episodes. Yes, its cheaper then paying the twenty for the 4-5 episode DVDs like they did with the first season but I'd rather that every other month then pay around forty dollars twice in three months for the complete second season. If I'm paying that much I'd like the complete season if possible.

Rating: 8/10

Book: A Gentleman's Game-A Queen & Country Novel
by Greg Rucka

A Gentlemans Game stars Tara Chace, the head of the Special Operations Section and designated Minder One in the SIS. When a several terrorist attacks break out in London the Prime Minister urges quick retaliation against the leader of a Terrorist organization. The job lands with Tara Chace, and not only is it a dangerous one but the results make things even worst.

This is a novel dealing with the world Greg Rucka created in his spy series Queen & Country. A very realistic look into the world of espionage. Now, I wouldn't have bought this book if it wasn't for the fact that in the current Definitive collection the last story takes place in between Gentleman's Game and Private Wars. So I bought it to see what happened.

Now, this was a fast read and not at all boring. I see this because I find most novels to drag on in the beginning or have dull characters that will eventually turn me off. But having known these characters, already been interested in their world, and the pacing of the series it gripped me. I love the comic but the book feels even more in depth into their world than that. Especially following one of the terrorists, Sinan, through his own journey. Of course, the stand out character is Tara Chace and always is Tara Chace. I love tough women and she's one of baddest bitches around. Its fast, action packed, suspenseful, and I urge you to check it out. Though I'd suggest picking up the definitive editions first, skipping the final story in the third volume, and then reading this.

The only down side, of course, is that the recent collection killed the ending to this book for me. Ah well, I'm fine with it. Its my own fault for not heeding the warning.

Rating: 10/10

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I Don't Like Indy/Damn CD Rips

I am in the process of watching all four Indiana Jones films. Rather slow because, well... I guess just don't like Indy too much. I mean, I finally seen Raiders of the Lost Arc all the way through and felt that it was just okay. I didn't really get into the adventure too much. Don't get me wrong, the acting was fine and the story was interesting but after the first thirty or forty minutes I was almost bored.

Temple of Doom? After the first fifteen minutes I was pretty much done. That film just would not stop and Kate Capshaw is annoying in that film.

The Last Crusade? Well I actually think that films alright. Maybe its Sean Connery that gives it that extra boost and I do love the beginning of the film quite a bit.

Temple of the Crystal Skull? Hated it when I saw it in theaters. I was like... "What are aliens doing in a Indy film?" I would kind of agree with South Park if I was that big of an Indy fan.

On another note, damn! Since there was some comp problems I lost all my music files. Thus restoring my iPod to zip. So of course I'm ripping songs for it. But one of my fav anime soundtracks, Project A-Ko, wasn't ripping. At all! I cleaned it(with alcohol) checked it on my CD player and another disc for the computer, everything worked fine. I was surprised that this site didn't have it since this soundtrack was released in the states and not a good torrent for it.

Luckily, I didn't give my friend my extra copy which was sitting in my box set(I ordered the soundtrack when I had the movie on tape and then bought the box set) so now its ripping. Thank Jesus, Project A-Ko is a fun silly anime and the soundtrack is awesome. produced by an American team doing synth rock and pop music.

Its ripped now and I'm happy. I might have to make a back up just in case for this one.

Friday, October 10, 2008

September Favorites 2008

I picked up the Absolute Ronin. Great looking book and brilliant story. My only beef... not enough extras. Some ad posters, concept drawings, a new introduction but I wanted more. If they weren't going to do a commentary or interview with frank Miller they should have shaved off at least twenty to twenty five dollars.

Still... I'm glad I bought it.

8. 100 Bullets Vol. 12: Dirty-Good trade with the usual awesome Eduardo Risso art. The only problem i can see with the volume is that it feels like stories leading up to the final countdown of the series. Which it pretty much is.

7. Tiny Titans #8-Report cards, a birthday party, and Tiny Terror Titans! Aw yeah!

6. Young Liars #7-Sadie battles the Spiders From Mars. Yep... one twisted ass piece of work here.

5. X-factor: Only Game in Town-Despite the fact that I've obviously missed a few issues, probably due to Manifest Destiny X-Crossover, this was good. This arc elevates this to my fav X-title. Though I'm only buying two to be perfectly honest but... why do I need to really buy that many? This baby has Arcade in it which is cool, because Arcade is wicked.

4. Wonder Woman #24-Wonder Woman the movie? Dianas not too pleased with the idea, especially when the Queen of Fables shows up. Despite some peoples protests, I'm fine with Nemesis. Could Diana do better? Sure. But he seems like a nice guy with a sense of humor and I did like the scene where he met Hippolyta.

3. I Kill Giants #2 and 3-I can't quite explain this title of a little girl who claims to kill giants and her life at school and home but its a unique, stand out title.

2. Nana Vol. 12-You knew it was on this list. Sadly this volume ends before my fav scene of the series. I've read the fan translations, sue me.

1. All Star Superman #12-It's hard to put into words exactly the awesome that this book is. So I'll quote a scene from Jor-El talking to his son, Kal-El(Superman obviously): Here the the choice is simple. To remain at play within the field of living, fluid consciousness. Or to turn and face evil one last time." I have goosebumps.

Katja Kassin Gokkun

Katja Kassin, the famous german superwhore did lots of hard scenes; obviously because her ass is made for extreme sex acts. In this scene she lays down on a table and masturbates herself in front of some cocks, while they cum in a cocktail glass. And guess what... she takes all of it in her mouth... well, a guy poors it in, i should say. The cum is thick and gooey, as it should be :P Enjoy!


Download: Rapidshare (48MB - 640x480)

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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Con estas tetas da igual si sabe jugar a Guitar Hero no crees?

Un buen anal a Isabella Paccino

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Adriana Sage y su gusto por los pollones

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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

January Jones For Catwoman!!!!!!

I've told my family, my friends, and now you... Warner Bros. and Chris Nolan...


This woman is dynamite on Mad Men. She's even better now in season two than in season one. I'm expecting Emmy and Golden Globe nods next time around. She has this subtle, nuanced, and powerful portrayal of Betty Draper in this show. I think she would be perfect for Batman's number one Femme Fatale. Especially as she looks like the live action version of the original Selina Kyle design from Batman the Animated Series.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Upcoming...(Plus Vampirella Pictures!!!)

Yeah, no real posts lately but soon I'll kick out my best of September. Just waiting for a package with a few trades. I also plan on doing some real posting soon. Reviews of films. I see so many that its a wonder I don't review as such. I'll also showcase some bands that I listen to much like I did for a while a ways back.

Obviously, more on the comics I read and my feelings about various news going on about them. But until then... Vampirella pictures!!!