Thursday, July 31, 2008

July 2008 Favorites

Lets make this quick. Wasn't exactly a great month.

7. I Kill Giants #1-Strange and amusing. I'm looking forward to more.

6. Justice Society of America #17-Damn fine issue all around. Of course, the recent Annual made me scratch my head as to whats going on with PG. I'm starting to think she shouldn't have an origin.

5. Booster Gold One Million-Twists and turns a plenty. Including a return, a confirmation of existence(perhaps) and a couple other nice bits including Batman and something Rip says. Was going to drop the title now Johns and Katz are gone but Jurgans is staying on and since he wrote and drew the original series, I have faith.

4. Wonder Woman #22-Yeah... Diana is bad ass.

3. Batman #678-I don't take drugs and understood what was happening so screw all you naysayers.

2. Water Baby-The Minx book I liked out of the four I bought. Thank you Ross Campbell. Thank you for being awesome.

1. Nana Vol. 11-No surprise here.

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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

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Monday, July 28, 2008

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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Neil Gaiman to Write Batman Story

I'm not one of these huge Gaiman fans. Hell, I think Sandman is a good series but not great. That of course has to do with the fact I'm much more into big action, humor, and not a big literary guy. That said, I do enjoy what I've read from him and I am interested in him and Andy Kuberts Batman story for 2009. That was indeed a big announcement.

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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Comic-Con News and Tidbits I've Seen

Thus far, mostly news I don't care about. Really... Kevin Smith writing a Batman mini with Onomatopoeia doesn't interest me. Neither does a Flash mini even if its done by Geoff Johns and Ethan Van Sciver. I like those guys but I just don't care about the Flash.

The buzz that's being reported for Watchmen sounds hopeful. The rumors going out about the firing of new Punisher movie director, according to Ain't It Cool News, makes me think the film may not be any good. But word is the preview footage was nice. It was interesting to hear Sam Jackson on G4TV talk the Spirit which I have mixed feelings about.

I don't know if it was at the Con or if G4 just had its usual news ticker but a remake of Rocky Horror Picture Show by Mtv is beyond stupid. I'm not one of these guys who gets mad at remakes or adaptations but I find remaking this movie to be foolish. Why remake a film that still does better business than most movies ever will? The film is still being shown in theaters across the country. The fans are die hard. Not to mention when the movie was adapted from its stage production, it failed with a mainstream audience. Yes, mainstream audiences know the movie now but how many of them really care to see it? The only way this works in theaters is with a name cast and no name cast could ever hope to wow the die hards. It just seems like a lose-lose film. Won't impress the old fans, won't crossover for new fans.

Anything else happening? I don't know. Other than trying the next Brian Azzerello(I probably spelt that wrong) series from Vertigo no comic news has so far interested me.

Friday, July 25, 2008

This Weeks Comix-7/25/08

Crappy week. Dropped Trinity. Budgetary reason. Want more anime/manga and less comics.

Madame Xanadu #2-Was alright. That's the best I can come up with. Well, the art was pretty.

Diana Prince: Wonder Woman Vol. 2-Bought for the fact it is Wonder Woman and this is some of Mike Sekowsky's better art. That's about it.

Uncanny X-Men #500-Didn't even read it. The art was a real turn off. Well, Greg Lands part. I should've known better than buy it but I miss X-Men books.

Yotsuba&! Vol. 3-4-Got these in the mail and lifted my spirit. Just good looking and fun manga stories about a weird little girl and how she turns everyday events and situations into some sort of adventure.

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Thursday, July 24, 2008

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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Cutie Natsumi



Darlene - Miss Big Ass Brazil #3
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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Corrida sobre Catalina Cruz

La increible morenaza Zafira

Morenaza de tetas operadas Gina indigo

Catra, una zorra tatuada punk

Gigi se divierte al sol.

Karina Hart y sus tetazas

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This Weeks Comix-7/17/08

Batman & the Outsiders #9-No one at the shop follows this comic so i don't no if this is the last Dixon issue. If it is, a shame. So much going on that the next writer has a lot to try and figure. Good issue but not the best in the series.

Tiny Titans #6-Best of the week. The stuff with Raven and Trigon was gold.

Trinity # 7-Good first part, skipped the back up. Still... I'm not exactly thrilled by the series yet.

Ultimate X-Men Vol. 18: Apocalypse-I disliked Kirkmans first few trades but then it picked up with Cable. That said, this one sucked. Salavador Larrocca does the worst artwork I've ever seen from him and the other artists who finished off didn't impress me. He crammed so much into these issues that Apocalypse, despite beating the crap out of everyone, doesn't really feel like an epic villain. He came off as being bad ass for the sake of being bad ass. The Sinister and Apocalypse relationship aren't explored and neither are the characters. I think Vaughan used Sinister best in his arc even if he gave him little back story. Overall, I hated it.

next week looks... eh. I've pretty much abandoned the X-titles so not picking up Uncanny #500. Trinity, Madame Xanadu, and Diana Prince vol. 2. Lame... maybe I'll try something new.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sativa Rose bukkake!

I never thought I would be able to post a bukkake scene with this sexy-lipped Latina girl, but the moment is here! This whore did hundreds of scenes so far, and some of them are pretty good, but most of them are very cliché (standard suck, fuck and pathetic pop) so this one is extra special! She gets many huge and thick loads served warm on her face. During the seen she really seems to enjoy herself; no 'hurry-up-so-i-can-count-my-money'-look, which makes this scene one of the best bukkake scenes ever, imo! Enjoy!


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Also, the poll closed! The question was what you think the best source for porn is. Torrents, paysites and newgroups are very unpopular with only 2%; blogs and linklists are doing much better with respectively 16 and 18 percent. The big winner is forums, with 57%!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Anime Everyone Likes-That I Hate

Just read the review for Gurren Lagann and, no surprise, the guy loves it. I remember saying I didn't care for it and some guy said I had no soul. Huh? yeah... apparently anime fans, like comic fans, can get on you for disagree with the crowd. So why didn't like this "work of art?" Kamina. The character drove me mad. I hate people who try to tell people theres a better way to live their life and disrespect anothers culture. That's what I got from this character. His "cool, arrogant, can do anything" attitude didn't strike me like everyone elses because one of the characters traits irked me to no end. He died half way through and I was actually happy. Then I stopped watching altogether.

Another really popular anime(and manga) is Death Note. Now, I've only seen the live action movie but man... Light is a douche bag. I have this thing that effects my opinion on anything in entertainment-if I can't like the main character then I won't like the series. Sometimes thats not true but all my favorite stories have characters I love. Now... Light gets this notebook where he writes names down and they die so he takes it upon himself to kill evil people. Of course, power corrupts and when the authorities start getting onto him he maneuvers in ways that ultimately turn me off. Like engineering his girlfriends death. Yeah... in true fashion the characters I do think are decent usually die in these types of stories. No thank you to Death Note.

The next one will also annoy anime fans. I hate Eva. Neon Genesis Evangelion. Yeah, yeah, yeah... it's a psychologically challenging sci-fi/mecha series with religious overtones. But you know what I see? Twenty six episodes of beating the crap out of its characters until there is no hope or joy in their hearts. Yes... its is ridiculously depressing. I like the animation. I like the music. I think its a neat idea. But I hate everything that happens. I also believe it has the worst ending of any series I have ever seen. The fact that they keep remaking parts of Eva and people keep shelling out cash to see them retell the same story over and over puzzles me to no end.

Three anime that I dislike and the reasons for them.

Friday, July 11, 2008

This Weeks Comix-7/12/08

Booster Gold #One Million-Apparently the finale to Geoff Johns and J. Katz run as writers. Makes sense if you read it. Lots and lots of stuff happens and overall a great issue. Though the One Million tie-in(old DC crossover) isn't really anything that matters. If you've been enjoying Booster Gold then this is definitely a pick up. If not, I say try it if you're looking for a big crazy action, sci-fi, time traveling series.

I Kill Giants #1-Not quite sure where this is going but the weird art, humor and overall tone of the book makes this the kind of book you think about after reading it more and more. Check it out.

Justice Society of America #17-The JSA and JLA follow Gog around while he makes miracles happen. This is good stuff and fill-in artist Fernando Pasarin is doing a damn fine job. JSA is my favorite team book out right now.

Madame Xanadu #1-Didn't get this with my package, late I guess, but good early word forced me to check it out. It was alright I guess. Its got the DC characters with the more serious Vertigo twist. The art was awesome. Amy Hadley work is damn fine to look at.

Trinity #6-Interesting to see the Trinity talk about why someone would call them the Trinity. At this point I stopped reading the back ups. But for 3 bucks, 12 pages isn't cutting it.

Wonder Woman #22-Great issue that reminds you how much more awesome it would be if Gail had started writing from the get go.

Young Liars #5-Looking for a title that's crazy, over the top, and just the sequential equivalent to punk rock music? Right here. And this issues ending made me worry about my "boys" much like the ending to the Doom Generation.

With Astonishing X-Men cut, Batman & Outsiders after Dixon leaves, Runaways I'll just go to trades, and Buffy. Skipping a few series I planned to check out.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Astonishing X-Men Mixtape/Other Tidbits

Searchlights-Amphibious Assault

Social Enemies-Orgy

Judas Iscariot-Chris Randall

I'm Housin'-Rage Against the Machine

Hot Hole-PIG

Birth-The Faint

17 Year Locust-Rob Zombie

You Know I'm No Good-Amy Winehouse

Time After Time-Cyndi Lauper

Ballroom on Mars-T. Rex



Seedling-Hate Dept.

The Beginning of the End-Nine Inch Nails

Revolution Man-Union Underground

Lamp Halo-ZeroMancer

Melt-Monster Magnet

For Joss Whedon/John Cassaday run. Not buying Ellis'. Maybe in trade.

Apparently Excel Saga volume 2o is out in Japan. Really. Wow. This might mean that in 2009 we'll get three volumes in the year. If another volume hits by the end of the year, maybe 4 volumes! Either way I still have to wait until December for volume 18.

Also, I'm part of the coolest club ever.


Amy Ried and Puma Swede - cumswap record!

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Monday, July 7, 2008

Rebeca Linares bukkake!

You probably all know Rebeca Linares, a relatively new Hispanic pornstar. She normally does a lot of anal rough fucking with just a little facial now and then. But this time, she gets covered with 10 (!) loads of balljuice. And those are all big loads! She really seems to enjoy the feeling of warm mansause dripping of her face. Also sexy is the cameragirl, who acts amazed as those guys shoot there huge loads on her face! This is the first time Rapidshare allows free users to download 200MB files, so this should make you even more happy!


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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Grant Morrisons Website...

Has been overhauled. Check it out. Also some interetsing info.

COMING SOON…big news on upcoming VERTIGO projects like SEAGUY: SLAVES OF MICKEY EYE!, JOE THE BARBARIAN and POISON PINK plus the lowdown on the MAHABHARATA online project with Virgin and first rumblings of the NEW Morrison/Quitely collaboration to follow ALL-STAR SUPERMAN!

More Morrison/Quitely is cool. Though I won't be checking out the new Seaguy cause I didn't care much for the first mini.

June Favorites for 2008

Several things got delayed from my Mail Order package(Madame Xanadu and Gantz) and... well... slightly a lackluster month. Lots of good stuff but very little that blew me away. So I'll keep this one brief this time.

5. Final Crisis #3/Batman & the Outsiders #8(tie)-Yeah... kind of weird having them both next to each other with what went down last month. Still, I originally picked Batman and company for fifth spot but I've reread FC more times and like more and more each time. So they can share.

Batman & the Outsiders is a great action title with cool characters. But I'm out now that Dixon is gone and Green Arrow will probably be leaving to be in the new Justice League book. Final Crisis opening scene, despite some controversy, was super cool. A lot of what was happening just made me smile. Much better than the first issue.

4. Teen Titans #60-Despite the predictable ending-lots of cool moments and ass kicking. Also, McKeever and DC at least gave me a great reason to pick up Terror Titans in October. Besides Joe Bennett on art.

3. Justice Society of America #16-I was weary of all the Kingdom Come stuff but as the stories and situations progressed, I've become a believer.

2. Fruits Basket Ultimate Collection Vol. 3-The third hardcover collection of the series, collecting volumes 5 through 6, makes me a fan of the series. I like Tohru and some of the other supporting players. Yeah, it's girly and cute but I enjoy it. Still-Nana is the better shoujo.

1. Wonder Woman #21-Congrats Diana, you're on top of my list. Damn fine issue, damn fine story, damn fine creative team. Wonder Woman is everything I hoped it would be under Gail Simone.

July's list will be a tad late. Also I won't be getting my end of the month package because I'm going to be gone for a little while. So my August list, in September, might be quite large. Hopefully Mail Order Comics told shipping to hold my package but I'll email them once more before I leave.

Also-I dropped Astonishing X-Men. Forgot to pick it up(or they forgot to put it in my box) and don't really care. So I'll trade that one. Yay?

Found out the DC picture links eventually break. So next month I'll try linking from