Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Well-I don't usually say anything about it but I try to write. Stories and stuff. Last year I finished 66 comic scripts(All rough drafts that need rewriting. But still) for a teenage superhero comic that took me two years. What did I do with it? Nothing. Matt Hawkins of Top Cow once told me, in my teens, that breaking into the comic industry means you're usually coming in from a different field or you know someone. Of course, there's also being an indy creator and I'm the paranoid type who has a hard time sharing. Especially finding an artist to do my work. Something about the idea of them stealing it.

Still, after this accomplishment of mines(I like to think so. The first long form story I wrote with a beginning, middle, and an end that everyone who I let read it told me it was good. They could've been lying though.) I've struggled with what to do next. Something to sell. Novel. Easy enough? except I hate reading novels. I read. I use read books all the time but my attention wains and I find most books rather boring. I prefer nonfiction books now. So a novel. problem is I abandoned my first two ideas because a)I hadn't tried writing a novel in years and felt I sucked and b)they seemed more gear to a visual medium. My next attempt was solid with a premise that allowed me to go crazy but quickly I realized, I was going to put my own anger, fears, and depression into that. yeah, it would be more personal but this killed the fun and enthusiasm.

So I went back to a formula I knew and liked. Teenagers, action, larger-than-life. So, I almost done. I plan on finishing the rough draft in two weeks(or at least before August). Pretty fast, huh? Started in April and BAM!

Well... wish me luck on finishing it. Then rewriting it. Then trying to sell it. Like there's a market for my story. I do think its to mature for young readers and too geared for younger readers for the older types. But I'll worry about that in the rewrite phase.

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