Thursday, June 19, 2008

Sunny Lane's first anal scene!

I know it's a bit different from what I usually post, but this scene has such a mysterious and epic hype around it, I just had to post it! Sunny Lane, the well-know enthusiast pornstar, finally agreed to do anal scenes! This is the first time for her and it's an amazingly good scene, from the award winning Big Wet Asses series. This scene is ripped from the just released Big Wet Asses 13 DVD! Have fun!


Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Password: ahoyhoy

Also, the poll closed. Apparently most of you don't like cum on feet (7%) or in the eyes (11%), good, because I don't really fancy that neither :P Fill 'em up isn't that popular either: with an average of 18% only a fifth of you like to see cum shot in a cup, anus or pussy. More popular is the sharing is caring concept: 27% likes to see girls who lick sperm from faces. And, finally, we have 2 categories which are very popular: respectively 45 and 47 percent of you loves to see spunk in a girls mouth and on her face. So you know what you can expect in the future on this blog!

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