Thursday, June 12, 2008

May Favorites 2008

Only nine for May despite being a pretty good month. Spot 10 probably would've been Robin but I dropped it and a few other books to make room. Now Dixon leaving means that was a good decision anyway. Mostly DC as I don't buy much marvel since nothing there right interests me and there was no now trulyManga I liked enough to list. Though the second volume of Harukaze Bitter Bop was pretty good. That said, I'm reading Great Teacher Onizuka and the original series starring Eikichi Onizuka, Shonan Junai Gumi right now and those are awesome.

9. Teen Titans #59:Clock King comes off as pretty damn cool here. The overall story of the Terror Titans beaten up and selling the Teen titans to the Dark Side Club is pretty cool. Though the teaser makes me worry for my fav Titan, Ravager. If she leaves I might as well.

8.Young Liars #3: The title of this chapter is "A Hard Knock Life" and it lives up to that. Picking up where issue one left off with a flashback set after the flashback issue number 2 this is big, loud and crazy. Good times.

7. Justice Society of America #15: I missed this/ Huge superhero battles. And I mean huge. Good looking and well written with a truly epic feeling.

6. Fables #73: The war is on and so far things are looking alright for the Fables. Until the cliffhanger at least.

5. Wonder Woman #20: The third arc on Gail's run begins and she's joined with new artist Aaron Lopretsi. Aaron brings more depth and substance than the previous artists with his line work. This issue has Beowulf, a character called Stalker, and all kinds of awesome.

4. Booster Gold #9: JLI geekasm! The bands back together and kicking ass! Just in time for some serious party crashers. Plus the Mister Miracle scene with the him as the only prisoner in a super deluxe booby trapped prison was a damn fine part.

3. Giant Sized Astonishing X-Men #1: Damn nice ending. Though the delays have forced certain comics to reveal spoilers, I was able to avoid most of them. This issue was a nice conclusion to an uneven run that had lots of highs, a few lows, and long breaks between. This was one of the high points.

2. All Star Superman #11: Superman's dead! The penultimate issue is here and makes me sad the series will soon be ending. (Pssst... Superman isn't really dead. At least not yet.)

1. Batman #676-677: RIP is kicking and so far it's been thrilling. We meet the Black Glove and get a twisted scene with the Joker in the first part. Plus a wonderful scene with Batman and Robin in that same issue. Things are taken to the next level in the second part with the Black Glove making its move and certain elements dividing fans. Oh, this is interesting. really interesting. Really, really good.

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