Saturday, June 21, 2008

DC Comics Is Doomed!!!

On the slim chance DC takes me up on my offer for Dan Didio's position, I'd like to give you all the run down on what my exit strategy on the craptacular fest that has become DC Comics. (I kid, I kid. I like DC right now. A little...).

1. No more crossovers and events! Not quite. Small crossovers between titles will be fine every once in a while and if there's a huge story planned in one of the books than a little extra promotion behind to to make it feel like an event is warranted. However if its one of those characters that appears in more than a single title there's got to be some agreements made and secret handshakes to be exchanged. And no needless tie-ins if there isn't some drastic change being made.

2. All low selling titles(by which I'm talking DC proper. Not Johnny DC, vertigo, etc.) are safe from execution for at least twelve months. Why? Reevaluation? Do we think we can raise sales? Are the trades selling good? Or has the book just ran its course? Plus I'd like to do a Vertigo Sampler with the first issue of recent arcs of this low selling series with summaries/recaps on what the book is and whats happened.

3. New monthly mags here we go! Magazine length comics serializing several superhero properties every other week for around 5.95 in color. However without color and cheap paper we can drop the price down but I know how you geeks are.

4. Cut down the titles being released and spend a little more time promoting titles we have.

5. Smack around people who are not communicating. Really... some of these editors and writers need to let each other know whats up.

6. Don't hire back Chuck Dixon. Just to piss of the internet geeks. Because I don't like you.

Come on DC... what do you say?

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