Thursday, May 15, 2008

April Favorites for 2008

10. Young Liars #2-As says, “Reads like a good rock song sounds.” This particular issue sounded like a loud, noisy, old school industrial track in my opinion.

9. Wonder Woman #19-Wonder Woman versus a Green lantern. But it’s more than that. Gail’s Wonder Woman run is turning into an action packed fantasy superhero title and I’m liking it a lot. In fact, the recently released issue 20 is pretty awesome.

8. Noble Causes Archives Volume 1-Over 500 pages of action and drama evolving around a superhero family. Good stuff. Though I didn’t jump on the recent “reader friendly” issues because-well, the first few pages confused me. Still, this was fun.

7. Buffy the Vampire Slayer #13-Xander and Dracula hang out. That’s why its on here. Just those scenes. Well, the whole issue was good but those raised it up.

6. Booster Gold #8-Blue & Gold continues with Max Lords and Checkmate whupping everyone’s asses in this alternate timeline. But the ending gave me a geekasm as it alludes to the reforming of the JLI. Which was in this weeks issue. Yay!

5. Nightwing #143-Nightwing and Robin go to an old Ra’s secret HQ to find answers to whose stealing dead met human corpses. Don Kramer fills in on art but its still good.

4. Checkmate #25-Final issue of Greg Rucka and companies awesome run. It’s big and explosive as the Rooks are called in to take the Kobra’s breeding center by force with an ending no one expected. Great twist to a great run that is over and will be replaced my complete suck. Or so all the Bruce Jones haters tell me.

3. Fables #73-I said it once, I’ll say it again… Cinderella=Bad Ass.

2. Queen & Country Definitive Edition Volume 2-More SIS missions and internal politics. More Tara Chace being total bad ass. More awesomeness.

Why do I love bad ass female leads so much?

1. Nana Volume 10-“But wait Carl, that came out in the first comic day of May.” True… at comic shops! I found this the day after the final comic day in April(so was that the beginning of May, whatever. Same week) and swooped in and grabbed it. So I’m counting it to April.

Nana’s relationship with rockstar Ren finally gets outted by the paparazzi and now her bands record deal is a green light. Plus Hachi and Takumi! Yeah? Still rather it was Nobu and Hachi. Lame…

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