Friday, May 30, 2008

Meme: 10 Facts, 5 Fictions

Taken from Blindswandive

1. Think of 10 short bits of interesting stuff about yourself. And they've gotta be true.
2. Come up with 5 false statements regarding yourself, but for fun's sake keep them in the threshold of believability.
3. Jumble them all up together and list them in any order.
4. Post them on LJ and let people guess which the five false ones are!

1)I hate taking any sort of pills. Even if it's plain old Tylenol.
2)I've never broken a bone.
3)In middle school and some of high school I had chronic stomach pains that doctors couldn't figure out.
4)I get an allergic reaction to bee stings.

-Criminal Past-
5)At Anime Expo 2001 I helped steal over 300 dollars of merchandise.
6)I was once arrested on base after the 9/11 scare because it was late one night and I didn't have my ID.
7)Me and some old buddies of mine snuck into one of the various military buildings of the old housing base I lived on.

8)I've only seen three rock concerts in my life.
9)The He-Man movie with Dolph Lundgren is my favorite movie.
10)Once saw Perry Farrell(of Janes Addiction) at the Amoeba Music.(Swear to god. [15 geek points to anyone who gets my paraphrase])
11)I use to rock the Riff Raff hair cut, before I had even seen Rocky Horror Picture Show.
12)During my stint as a backyard wrestler I had been in the ring with someone who went on to wrestle on WWE TV.

13)In fifth grade when my teacher was talking about bacteria I got all weirded out and over reacted. Eyes watering up and eveyrthing. It was so pansycore.
14)I've never had an alcoholic drink.
15)I lived in Austin, Texas briefly before moving to Tampa, Florida and then to Southern California.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Aria Valentino y sus enormes tetas

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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Brianna Love Bukkake

This girl is already a famous pornstar, I don't think there's gonna be anybody that hasn't seen her yet. IMDB states she did about 140 scenes in the last few years, she sure earned her stars as a whore! Now she's going even further: she let's half a dozen guys shoot their load on her dumb, yet sexy, pornstarface, all of this to support her little daughter, which will star next to her in just a few years. Thumbs up!


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Enjoy and if you will, spread the word: it's good to download at Ahoyhoy's Best Porn blog!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

I Know I Complain About It...

But I have to say it again... god I hate internet comic fans. Really I do.

Upside down cumshot

We've all seen lots and lots of cumshots over the years, and all of those look about the same; they are shot from the same distance, from about the same angle and all of them feature a girl sitting on her knees, with her tongue out waiting to get splattered. Nothing's wrong with that, but when you see something else, something like this clip right here, you'll think what many of us will: 'Yabedabedoo!'

The clip is - since it's limited to one cumshot - only 1 minute long and about 20MB of size (very good quality: 720x528 pixels, XVID), as always packed in 1 rar-file and downloadable via RapidShare. Have fun!


Download link: Rapidshare link (20MB)

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The Man Named Onizuka

I just started hunting down the GTO manga. That's short for Great Teacher Onizuka. I saw the anime, bought it, and started re watching it constantly just recently. It's about a former delinquent turned teacher and his goal... to be the best teacher in Japan. And to look at hot high school girls. It's crazy, over-the-top and funny. But finds himself the homeroom teacher of a feared junior high class of fourteen year olds. So he ahs to work to gain the admiration of his students all while teaching them important life lessons and trying not to get fired for hsi crazy antics. Plus trying to get a girlfriend. The manga... is very much more R-rated. They actually toned down the stories for the anime. I was a bit, not taken back, but a tad shocked on some level.

Tohru Fujisawa is one hell of an artist and his stories are funny and twisted. I like his art on the Rose Hip stuff but GTO was one I wanted to get but didn't really want to start buying a long manga series. But I gave in. I also started buying the manga where Onizuka first appeared, Shonan Junai Gumi. I expected an action comedy about delinquents, instead I got a sex-comedy about delinquents. His style here is more crazy comedy anime with bigger eyes and more stretching faces. But it's a surprise.

have If you never heard of GTO, don't fret. It's popularity here in the states isn't as huge as other anime/manga and probably due to the stories content. Though, the anime series and mangabeen translated into French, Russian, Spanish, German and other countries making it one of the better known Japanese properties internationally. There is also a live action series.

A ella lo que le gusta es por el culo

El mejor gimnasio del mundo

Monday, May 19, 2008

Absolute Ronin

I am actually going to spend my cash on this. Around 60 bucks online but it's priced at 99 dollars. This is my second fav Frank Miller book and my trade is like, fifteen years old. Looks like around 25 pages of extra. Lets hope though its worth that crazy price tag.

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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Maya Hills eating Peter North

This whore is starting to get quite popular on the internet, so it's the perfect moment to post this scene. It features Maya giving Peter North a (very hot, by the way) blowjob and then a close-up of one of the best cumshots you will ever see! It's such a huge amount of cum it doesn't even fit on her tongue, but (lucky us!) it's such a thick load it doesn't drip on the ground! She then plays around with it in her sexy mouth and swallows. This one will make thousands of guys ejaculate, definitely!

Because I could choose which screenshot to use as a thumbnail I give you another one right here (clickable!):

The big preview here:

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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Spermlicking pornstars

A new short update - I've been on vacation - for you! This scene is short but very sexy; one girls get a thick facial, so the other hot sexworker can lick and kiss it off! How romantic! The scene is only 11MB big and 1 min long (good quality though!) so it's a quickie to download and watch.

Also, the poll closed and the results are quit interesting. You apparently love to see bukkake scenes (46%) with some throatgagging (28%) and anal gaping girls (30%). Unpopular (a disappointment for me tbh) are cumswaps (12%).


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Friday, May 16, 2008

Lex Steeler and Ryan Conner

Nikki Blond - Anal Kitchen

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Savannah Gold - Pool Tables

Georgia Peach - Crude Oil anal


Wild On These -Tatiana

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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Avatar Shipper?

Seriously-thats a dumb word to describe people talking about relationships in stories. Shipper? Lame.

Anyway... I brought up a plot point in an episode of Avatar the Last Air Bender and speculated if that would be brought up in the final episodes of the final season. This deals with who Katara might marry. Now... I don't usually talk about relationships in stories unless they are an important aspect to them. Avatar is one of those series because a)Aang likes Katara b)Sokka has had a relationship with two girls, one of which becomes the moon spirit c)Zuko and Mai.

In some series, relationships don't mean much but in others-they can make a good series better. And one of the things I do like about Avatar is that romance and love, as I see them, are important parts of the series. Aangs relationship with Katara would mean less if he didn't have feelings for her. I believe that to be more than an opinion. Zukos relationship with Mai represents his softening as an individual. Sokka's... well... not much but if he didn't have the brief moments with Yue in the final episodes of the first season would her sacrifice mean as much?

Now... back to my plot point. I actually watched a bunch of vids by someone on youtube whose sure that Katara and Zuko are going to end up together. They may have been looking too hard at certain episodes but they made some interesting points. Like how they represent ying and yang(for those unfamiliar with Avatar Zuko bends fire and Katara bends water) in their battle in the end of season one. In season two's final epsiodes talks about how Katara and Zuko did share a certain connection(before Zuko decides to once again side with his family). Also pointed out the way they spoke, the positioning of the characters and more as symbolic.

It does look that as season 3 comes to a close the two have regained that connection. If they don't get together, fine. Aang gets the girl and thats what he's wanted since he saw her. If Zuko and Katara do get together than its something more. It represents a union of sorts. The evil fire nations Prince and the daughter of a water tribe that suffered fromt he war.

Still... relationships and romance can mean a lot to a series/story. Writing it off as if its nothing due to the fact that ist not the focal point is rather naive.

Edit: Some novel with spoilers came out. I won't say anything other than the fact that the result is still, as I believe, an important ending to the subplot.

Anyway, season 3 AMV! I don't like the song but its a good vid.

April Favorites for 2008

10. Young Liars #2-As says, “Reads like a good rock song sounds.” This particular issue sounded like a loud, noisy, old school industrial track in my opinion.

9. Wonder Woman #19-Wonder Woman versus a Green lantern. But it’s more than that. Gail’s Wonder Woman run is turning into an action packed fantasy superhero title and I’m liking it a lot. In fact, the recently released issue 20 is pretty awesome.

8. Noble Causes Archives Volume 1-Over 500 pages of action and drama evolving around a superhero family. Good stuff. Though I didn’t jump on the recent “reader friendly” issues because-well, the first few pages confused me. Still, this was fun.

7. Buffy the Vampire Slayer #13-Xander and Dracula hang out. That’s why its on here. Just those scenes. Well, the whole issue was good but those raised it up.

6. Booster Gold #8-Blue & Gold continues with Max Lords and Checkmate whupping everyone’s asses in this alternate timeline. But the ending gave me a geekasm as it alludes to the reforming of the JLI. Which was in this weeks issue. Yay!

5. Nightwing #143-Nightwing and Robin go to an old Ra’s secret HQ to find answers to whose stealing dead met human corpses. Don Kramer fills in on art but its still good.

4. Checkmate #25-Final issue of Greg Rucka and companies awesome run. It’s big and explosive as the Rooks are called in to take the Kobra’s breeding center by force with an ending no one expected. Great twist to a great run that is over and will be replaced my complete suck. Or so all the Bruce Jones haters tell me.

3. Fables #73-I said it once, I’ll say it again… Cinderella=Bad Ass.

2. Queen & Country Definitive Edition Volume 2-More SIS missions and internal politics. More Tara Chace being total bad ass. More awesomeness.

Why do I love bad ass female leads so much?

1. Nana Volume 10-“But wait Carl, that came out in the first comic day of May.” True… at comic shops! I found this the day after the final comic day in April(so was that the beginning of May, whatever. Same week) and swooped in and grabbed it. So I’m counting it to April.

Nana’s relationship with rockstar Ren finally gets outted by the paparazzi and now her bands record deal is a green light. Plus Hachi and Takumi! Yeah? Still rather it was Nobu and Hachi. Lame…

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Felony - 4 Clips

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Ohana | Festa Brazil


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Sex Hymen

Sex Hymen

Monday, May 12, 2008

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