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Understanding Your Future Masters: Excel Saga Overview Part 9

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Introduction & Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
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Part 5
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Part 8
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Volume 17
Mission 1: Kabapu continues to wither away as more legal troubles mount. In the opening he is actually taken away to be interrogated.

Kabapu: I haven’t done anything…
Cop: That’s what they all say… Even those latter proved innocent.

Il Palazzo and his subordinates are in firm control of the city with government officials taking their directions from Il. President Excel seems to be a target for gangs as Teriha(aka the Real Excel) gets abducted while on an outing with Umi. Shiouji sends in a new, inferior model, of Ropponmatsu II called Nishiki to save her. Teriha collapses from a fever after the rescue while struggling with flashbacks of her previous life that occurred during the experience.

It should be noted that Prof. Shiouji is against Teriha leaving the home and makes up a reason to Umi on why(his fake theory in mission 2 of the same volume) as he’s under directions from his mother, Miwa, to watch her.

Mission 2: Excel/Teriha wants to work though Umi is concerned for her safety. Shiouji not as much anymore. Umi does get Teirha a job at a maid café she was formerly employed at. Soon however its bought by the Ill Corp. until Teriha yells at Egala and Hyatt to not destroy the building and leave it alone. Stunned Hyatt and Egala agree believing this to be their senior(half-right) and assuming this café is how she “unwinds” from work. Teirha runs off exhausted after this experience and gets a few more flashes of her past life.

Later, after Teriha pays rent, Miwa shows her son Teirha giving Umi birthday gifts . Miwa states that Umi will be sadden if Teriha leaves.

Mission 3: Iwata gets injured on the job(window cleaning on a skyscraper). So being an android its up to Shiouji to repair him but the problem is the Department of Environmental Security hasn’t the funds to pay for it. Matsuya asks of Shiouji and promises they’ll pay him back.

Egala celebrates money with Hyatt. Teriha asks about Shiouji’s profession and Umi lies to her. The two then talk of Teriha’s memories.

Iwata, back on the job, is looking to sell some junk to pay off his debt. Digging through boxes of storage sent over from when they got kicked out of their offices and homes he finds a black bricks. Turns out its gold. This was the gold that Egala got way back in volume 11. Watanabe tries taking it by force once its revealed this was found after a fire in Hyatts apartment and since Watanabe went into debt trying to help her financially he believes he is entitled to it(also volume 11). Momochi takes it while Watanabe beats up on Iwata.

The volume ends with Teriha seeing a picture of President Excel in a magazine and having more flashback dreams.

Mission 4: Teriha is haunted by more past memories that she can’t really decipher. Back at the Departments current offices the gold bar has made Kabapu more cheery. The group is supplied with new equipment and even give back to the community! This, of course, is just a front because at a celebration Kabapu sets of several explosions at Ill Corp. buildings. Turns out the gold bar allowed Momochi to gain access to funds she hidden for Kabapu. Shiuji reappears and gives them brand new power suits. Kabapu is now aiming to conquer the city.

Mission 5: Across/Ill Corp. talk about bombings. Il Palazzo seems amused by the statutes that were delivered as gifts were really bombs.

Kapabu and his staff have to break into his old base. Mainly Iwata and Watanbe. However Iwata, like the idiot he is, makes a mistake that looked to cause a huge explosion. Shiouji races to help with his computer hacking skills but he can’t crack through. Until the last moment where a lipstick adorning pop-up screen says all is safe. (I’m assuming this is Miwa Shiouji’s doing).

Back at the Shiouji’s home everyone’s gathered. Miwa asks Teirha that remembering her past may not be a good thing. Kabapu and his staff start the clean up of the base.

Note from the oubliette in the back of note, Excel/Teriha probably had a life before she joined up with Across too.

Part 10

Here's a link to review giving it 2½ stars out of 5. I disagree, of course, but the reviewer seems to generally enjoy the series and just didn't care for this volume. And the viewers does recommend picking up the series from the start.

Double Edit: Translated the website for Japan's Young King Ours magazine and figured out that volume 19 of Excel Saga(Excelling [heart] Sir Moth as it's listed) should be out Feb. 8th. Still, that demands that volume 18 probably won't be out until, at it's earliest, December. Damn...

Publication Date: December 9, 2008

Damn... I was right...

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