Friday, April 4, 2008

Quick Hits-April 4, 2008

Secret Invasion #1-Actually liked it. But I imagine like Bendis' New Avengers, once the the final fight comes along he'll either have his characters talk or have the fight of "screen" while the other characters handle the situation. God that's frustrating. Lenil Yu's are was... good. Sometimes great, other times "eh." I don't think Laura Martin is a right match for him color wise. Still, I liked it.

The Twelve #4-Another solid issue with fantastic Chris Weston art. That's all I have to say.

Nightwing #143-Don Kramer fills in for Rags Morales, I don't care because I like Don too. The banter between Nightwing and Robin was great. One of the few times I've liked Tim Drake. Overall, action-packed issue.

Chobits-The anime didn't thrill me. I was "meh" the whole way through.

Expect March Favorites and Excel Saga vol. 17 summary soon.

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