Friday, April 25, 2008

Quick Hits-April 25, 2008

Ever watch something you liked when you were younger but not so much anymore? And the reason you don't is because the damn anime company redid the dub and translation? Seriously-I doubt I'd be as bored with 3x3 Eyes if I watched it in the original American voices. Than again, I haven't bothered with it in subtitle so maybe I just don't care.

Batman #675-My least favorite issue of Morrisons run thus far. Some good stuff, but the bad art and the fact that it felt like a filler before the major arc just didn't fly with me.

Checkmate #25-I'm going to miss Rucka and company. I was thinking of staying on to try the next team but looking ahead-way to many comics on my slate next month and after.

Fables #72-Damn good.

Went against my better judgement, trying to save money, and ordered the third season of Sailor Moon. I love the first two seasons but never bothered looking past that. Well, except the last season with the Sailor Stars. The less aid about that the better.

Also, since I only just became a hardcore Nana fan the wait for chapter 74 of the series has been brutal. And it's because the last chapter released was back in February. Wow... I'm addicted. Volume 10 of the American manga release is out next month and I'm hyped. I've read it all already but I will provably read again right away when I buy it.

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