Saturday, April 5, 2008

March Favorites 2008-BEST MONTH EVER!

Best month in a long time. Seriously, first time I didn't have to strain to think of ten like I did with my previous top 10. In fact, more then ten made my list. First a series of collections of works I've already read that were recently released that I'd like to recommend.

Repo from Image about repo men chasing a clone for big bucks in a dystopian future. It makes bad taste good again.

Justice League International which collects the first seven issues of my favorite Justice League in a neat hardcover. Its bwahaha good.

Jack Kirby's Fourth World Omnibus Vol. 4. You should buy it because its Jack Kirby.


#12: Showcase Presents Booster Gold Volume 1-I haven't finished yet but I like it a lot. I've enjoyed Booster Gold in the Justice League and his newest series and this is some good stuff. Dan Jurgans writes and draws the original exploits of the fame-seeking and money obsessed superhero from the future Booster Gold. Great art, great stories and Booster Gold growing as an individual. Pick it up, contains the entire series.

#11: Young Liars #1-I'm mixed on Dave Laphams work but the first issue of Young Liars was fast paced and packed with cool. Mainly Sadie Dawkins. Brain damaged from a bullet in her head that will one day kill her she lives for joy and excitement. This is only the beginning of what I assume is going to be a wild ride.

#10: Fables #71-Cinderella owns you. Simple as that.

#9: Nightwing #142-Nightwing fights a winged zombie cloned made of superhuman parts. Talks shop with Dr. Mid-Nite. Hangs with his new gal pal as they show kids how to do circus acrobatics. Then he teams with Robin to go for an adventure. Yep... one of the best pure superhero comics out there.

#8: Batman & Outsiders #5-Batman and crew race to stop a space shuttle. Why? Buy the book to find out. It has Green Arrow, Batgirl and the Dibneys! This makes it all kinds of awesome. Seriously, I love this.

#7: Wonder Woman #18-Some people have written off Gail Simone's run already. These people haven't read enough Wonder Woman to understand the character and the fact that Gail is making this book good again. I have and I appreciate her work. This issue had Diana recruited by an alien race and courting Nemesis.

#6: Checkmate #24-Checkmate deputizes everyone in a race to stop Kobra's evil scheme. And that's not even enough. Intense finale to Rucka and companies run.

#5: Empowered Vol. 3-Not as good as volume 2, but still entertaining. Adam Warrens series about the struggles of super heroine Empowered has all the sex and bondage ones come to expect plus spotlight on Thug Boy and Ninjettes past. Funny and great art. Check it out.

#4: Dr. McNinja Vol. 2-The webcomics fourth issue, DARE to Resist Ninja Drugs and Ninja Violence, is collected. The best story in the series in my honest opinion has Dr. McNinja and his dad trying to stop 80s action star Frans Rayner's evil plot. Plus what other book has Death as a waiter, Ben Franklin's clone, Raptor riding teenage Mexican bandit, and such a love for the 80s? Plus a new exclusive comic. Check it out here for part 1 and here for part 2. Then buy it.

#3: All Star Superman #10-Masterful. So much crammed into 22 pages that bursts off the pages. Superman prepares for death, puts his affairs in order, saves lives, inspires people, and generally makes you remember that Superman is awesome.

#2: Excel Saga Vol. 17-Seriously, if you've read my blog you know this is a favorite. The longest running manga I've followed currently still going. This one has amnesiac Excel/Teriha starts regaining bits of memories while her old Across-mates are more or less running the city. But Kabapu has plans to conquer the city and now has the funds to support his cause.

#1: Nana Vol. 9-$8.99 for over 250 pages is quite a deal. Especially when it's this good. The latest volume of Nana has Hachi(Nana Komatsu) dealing with her pregnancy and now being engaged to rockstar Takumi. This starts to separate her from her friends Nana(Osaki) and now newly ex, Nobu. Of course, the lack of progress on their record deal is also frustrating Nana and her band mates. Much, much more in this volume. I read the fan translated issues first but Viz's adaptation is better.

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