Saturday, April 26, 2008

How To Damage Your Shows Potential

1)Don't air repeats at a suitable time before the start of the new season. This way people who might be interested in the show can't catch up, and thus, don't watch it.

2)Advertise a couple weeks before the show comes. But mostly rely on your creators and hardcore fans to do it for you because you're cheap. This way the only people who know its coming on are people who already watch it.

3)Have an almost half a year break in the middle of your season despite the fact the majority of episodes are done.

4)Decide to release the DVD with the newer episodes a few months before they actually air. Forcing pissed off fans to buy it. Or download it online.

5)Get mad when the upset fans who you're screwing over decide they don't actually want to watch your network or play your stupid games.

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