Monday, April 28, 2008

Gunsmith Cats Mixtape

Nan Toka Shinakya from Gunsmith Cats-Hateshinai Toiki Single
Hateshinai Toiki from Gunsmith Cats-Hateshinai Toiki Single
Babylon Drifer-My Life w/the Thrill Kill Kult
Got Ur Self...-Nas
New Jack Hustler-Ice T
Analogue Assassins-SMP
Rose-Anna Tsuchiya(also first OP for Nana Anime)
Bad Habit-The Offspring
Don't Bother None from Cowboy Bebop OST 2
Rush from Cowboy Bebop OST 1
Pistol Packing Mama-Tex Ritter
Nobody Knows You When You're Down & Out-Bessie Smith
Gonna Be Right-Sister Machine Gun
Thunderkiss '65-White Zombie
Sick City-PIG

That covers rap, industrial, punk, blues, Japanese anime music(pop, blues, jazz) and metal. On another note, GSC takes place in Chi-town and KMFDM, Sister Machine Gun, and TKK were all members of legendary electro label Wax Trax! which was based out of Chicago. Also cool to get some car songs on there since the lovely Rally Vincent and dangerous Bean Bandit love their cars.

Here's a link to a previous list of comic book soundtracks including Seven Soldiers, 52 and some some various DC mega events. I'll post some other ones later.

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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Trailer For Avatar Conclusion

This is what I was talking about earlier when discussing how one company can ruin their own shows.

Great Quote About Morrisons Work

Since his early career, Grant Morrison has used superhero comics to explore the relationship between fiction and reality, and, unlike other comic book greats like Alan Moore or Frank Miller, he doesn't have any interest in making fiction more like reality. He wants to make reality more like fiction, specifically, superhero fiction.

From here.

How To Damage Your Shows Potential

1)Don't air repeats at a suitable time before the start of the new season. This way people who might be interested in the show can't catch up, and thus, don't watch it.

2)Advertise a couple weeks before the show comes. But mostly rely on your creators and hardcore fans to do it for you because you're cheap. This way the only people who know its coming on are people who already watch it.

3)Have an almost half a year break in the middle of your season despite the fact the majority of episodes are done.

4)Decide to release the DVD with the newer episodes a few months before they actually air. Forcing pissed off fans to buy it. Or download it online.

5)Get mad when the upset fans who you're screwing over decide they don't actually want to watch your network or play your stupid games.

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Brianna Frost aprovechando la era de internet

Friday, April 25, 2008

Quick Hits-April 25, 2008

Ever watch something you liked when you were younger but not so much anymore? And the reason you don't is because the damn anime company redid the dub and translation? Seriously-I doubt I'd be as bored with 3x3 Eyes if I watched it in the original American voices. Than again, I haven't bothered with it in subtitle so maybe I just don't care.

Batman #675-My least favorite issue of Morrisons run thus far. Some good stuff, but the bad art and the fact that it felt like a filler before the major arc just didn't fly with me.

Checkmate #25-I'm going to miss Rucka and company. I was thinking of staying on to try the next team but looking ahead-way to many comics on my slate next month and after.

Fables #72-Damn good.

Went against my better judgement, trying to save money, and ordered the third season of Sailor Moon. I love the first two seasons but never bothered looking past that. Well, except the last season with the Sailor Stars. The less aid about that the better.

Also, since I only just became a hardcore Nana fan the wait for chapter 74 of the series has been brutal. And it's because the last chapter released was back in February. Wow... I'm addicted. Volume 10 of the American manga release is out next month and I'm hyped. I've read it all already but I will provably read again right away when I buy it.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

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Guarra enseñando como usar dos buenas tetas

Novia calentona primero baila y luego folla

Gorda follada a cuatro patas

Secretaria cachonda

Simi y sus tetazas, dandose placer

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Its That Time of the Month Again...

Where DC is losing to Marvel in the charts, the DC haters come out in droves to say how Didio is killing the company and rip into everything going on. Yes, time to celebrate this joyous occasion.

Anyway tomorrow I pick up Batman, Checkmate and Fables. Definitive Queen and Country is coming in from Midtown next week. Deadpool Classics is on mail order list. Speaking of which, Young Liars, Buffy, and Noble Causes archives should arrive tomorrow. As well as an amazon package of the final three volumes of the Hot Gimmick manga.


Ricki White - 4 Clips

Ricki White flashes her goodies to a bunch of workers Click Here to view clips

Renae Cruz - 4 Clips

Renae Cruz back again for another journey in Public Nudity Click Here to view asses in public porn

Renae Cruz - 3 Clips

Renae Cruz back again for another journey in Public Nudity Click here to view asses in public clip

Monday, April 21, 2008

Rereading Some Comics...

Finished rereading a ton of Wonder Woman and damn, the Greek Gods are jackass' to Diana and the Amazons.

Also, I find Batman to be the least interesting character in Paul Dini's Detective run. Reread them. It's always the villain or supporting character in the issue that has the best lines and scenes. In fact, one of Dini's most talked about issue barely had Batman in it at all as it focused Robin and the Joker.

I still think Geoff Johns Teen Titans is only okay. There's some great stories int here but most of it does nothing for me. And if you did not know the Titans before hand, his first year just makes it more confusing.

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Novia chupona

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Anal a Lisa Sparkle

Gran comida de polla de Velicity Von

"Mas salida que el pico de una mesa"

Como le gusta que la den dos a la vez

Italiana tetuda morenaza chupando en la cocina y recibiendo su leche

Adriana Sage practicando el bocaculo

Follada amateur en la mesa de la cocina

Japonesita follada con corrida final

Joven amateur chupandola al novio

Friday, April 18, 2008

Understanding Your Future Masters: Excel Saga Overview Part 9

Table of Contents
Introduction & Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Excel Saga Wikipedia

Volume 17
Mission 1: Kabapu continues to wither away as more legal troubles mount. In the opening he is actually taken away to be interrogated.

Kabapu: I haven’t done anything…
Cop: That’s what they all say… Even those latter proved innocent.

Il Palazzo and his subordinates are in firm control of the city with government officials taking their directions from Il. President Excel seems to be a target for gangs as Teriha(aka the Real Excel) gets abducted while on an outing with Umi. Shiouji sends in a new, inferior model, of Ropponmatsu II called Nishiki to save her. Teriha collapses from a fever after the rescue while struggling with flashbacks of her previous life that occurred during the experience.

It should be noted that Prof. Shiouji is against Teriha leaving the home and makes up a reason to Umi on why(his fake theory in mission 2 of the same volume) as he’s under directions from his mother, Miwa, to watch her.

Mission 2: Excel/Teriha wants to work though Umi is concerned for her safety. Shiouji not as much anymore. Umi does get Teirha a job at a maid café she was formerly employed at. Soon however its bought by the Ill Corp. until Teriha yells at Egala and Hyatt to not destroy the building and leave it alone. Stunned Hyatt and Egala agree believing this to be their senior(half-right) and assuming this café is how she “unwinds” from work. Teirha runs off exhausted after this experience and gets a few more flashes of her past life.

Later, after Teriha pays rent, Miwa shows her son Teirha giving Umi birthday gifts . Miwa states that Umi will be sadden if Teriha leaves.

Mission 3: Iwata gets injured on the job(window cleaning on a skyscraper). So being an android its up to Shiouji to repair him but the problem is the Department of Environmental Security hasn’t the funds to pay for it. Matsuya asks of Shiouji and promises they’ll pay him back.

Egala celebrates money with Hyatt. Teriha asks about Shiouji’s profession and Umi lies to her. The two then talk of Teriha’s memories.

Iwata, back on the job, is looking to sell some junk to pay off his debt. Digging through boxes of storage sent over from when they got kicked out of their offices and homes he finds a black bricks. Turns out its gold. This was the gold that Egala got way back in volume 11. Watanabe tries taking it by force once its revealed this was found after a fire in Hyatts apartment and since Watanabe went into debt trying to help her financially he believes he is entitled to it(also volume 11). Momochi takes it while Watanabe beats up on Iwata.

The volume ends with Teriha seeing a picture of President Excel in a magazine and having more flashback dreams.

Mission 4: Teriha is haunted by more past memories that she can’t really decipher. Back at the Departments current offices the gold bar has made Kabapu more cheery. The group is supplied with new equipment and even give back to the community! This, of course, is just a front because at a celebration Kabapu sets of several explosions at Ill Corp. buildings. Turns out the gold bar allowed Momochi to gain access to funds she hidden for Kabapu. Shiuji reappears and gives them brand new power suits. Kabapu is now aiming to conquer the city.

Mission 5: Across/Ill Corp. talk about bombings. Il Palazzo seems amused by the statutes that were delivered as gifts were really bombs.

Kapabu and his staff have to break into his old base. Mainly Iwata and Watanbe. However Iwata, like the idiot he is, makes a mistake that looked to cause a huge explosion. Shiouji races to help with his computer hacking skills but he can’t crack through. Until the last moment where a lipstick adorning pop-up screen says all is safe. (I’m assuming this is Miwa Shiouji’s doing).

Back at the Shiouji’s home everyone’s gathered. Miwa asks Teirha that remembering her past may not be a good thing. Kabapu and his staff start the clean up of the base.

Note from the oubliette in the back of note, Excel/Teriha probably had a life before she joined up with Across too.

Part 10

Here's a link to review giving it 2½ stars out of 5. I disagree, of course, but the reviewer seems to generally enjoy the series and just didn't care for this volume. And the viewers does recommend picking up the series from the start.

Double Edit: Translated the website for Japan's Young King Ours magazine and figured out that volume 19 of Excel Saga(Excelling [heart] Sir Moth as it's listed) should be out Feb. 8th. Still, that demands that volume 18 probably won't be out until, at it's earliest, December. Damn...

Publication Date: December 9, 2008

Damn... I was right...

Silly Anime Fans...

To get this highly anticipated anime out to fans as soon as possible, there will be two separate releases. In July, August, and September, the entire series will be brought out in a bare-bones sub-only format, at nine episodes per DVD. This will be followed in the first months of 2009 by a more standard release, containing both the original Japanese audio and a completely new English dub. Scenarios for online distribution are also being considered.

No way sub only, 9 episode DVDs are going to be the wave of the future. Two reasons, er... three. There are people who like dubs. We simply laugh at you on your message boards. There's the fact that most non-anime fans would probably not give a sub only a chance. Lets be honest, anime companies always value new customers and try to appeal to them. Number three, no way a 9 episode DVD in subtitle only would be 24.99 or less. Of course I could be wrong.

I'm watching the Tengen Toppo Gurren Lagann on fan sub right now. And if I like anime I buy it on DVD but there is no way I'm buying sub only. I like having anime on while doing other things and following the stories. Maybe reading a comic, doing some writing, hell-I like to eat and watch TV. So if I am hyped about this series, I'll just wait for the 2009 release.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

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Ruby Knox y Halia Hill listas para follar

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Le encanta que la graben tocandose

Diversión oral, le gusta que la llenen de leche

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Una buena mamada amateur

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Saturday, April 12, 2008

July 2008 Solicits-Dark Horse

I'm going to give you a look at things coming out that I might get based on recent solicitations. We'll start with Dark Horse.

Osamu Tezuka (W/A)
On sale Sept. 10
b&w, 424 pages
TPB, 4 1/2" x 6 3/4"

I don't have any Tezuka. So lets start with the first hit he had.

Joss Whedon (W), Karl Moline (P), Andy Owens (I), Michelle Madsen (C), Jo Chen (Cover), and Georges Jeanty (Cover)
On sale July 2
FC, 40 pages

I like it, but its not my favorite comic. Still-the characters make me come back.

Oku Hiroya (W/A)
On sale Sept. 24
b&w, 224 pages
TPB, 5 1/8" x 7 1/16"

First volume pre-ordered of this hit manga. Of course with this, Astro Boy and the upcoming Black Lagoon I should stop looking for new manga to buy.

Quick Hits-April 12, 2008

Booster Gold #8-If Blue Beetle/Ted Kord lives through this I'm going to be surprised. Booster and Beetle team up with the Freedom Fighters of Green Arrow, Hawkman and two others to battle Max Lords, Superman, and the OMACs in a world gone wrong. Good, fast paced story with a lot going on and a moment at the end that made me geek out.

Justice Society of America #14-The Kingdom Come sequel starts actually moving with the JSA fighting Gog. Yep-finally, after the slow progress from the beginning it looks like things are heating up and my interest is in the book has risen after cooling off post after the first arc. Good art by Dale Eaglesham and company.

Tiny Titans #3-Aw yeah, Tiny Titans. Beast Boy messes around in class, Rose does show n' tell, Robin rides in the Batmobile and later him and his friends hang in the batcave. Best Titan book on the market.

Wonder Woman #19-Diana is cool. 'Nuff said.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

March Favorites 2008-BEST MONTH EVER!

Best month in a long time. Seriously, first time I didn't have to strain to think of ten like I did with my previous top 10. In fact, more then ten made my list. First a series of collections of works I've already read that were recently released that I'd like to recommend.

Repo from Image about repo men chasing a clone for big bucks in a dystopian future. It makes bad taste good again.

Justice League International which collects the first seven issues of my favorite Justice League in a neat hardcover. Its bwahaha good.

Jack Kirby's Fourth World Omnibus Vol. 4. You should buy it because its Jack Kirby.


#12: Showcase Presents Booster Gold Volume 1-I haven't finished yet but I like it a lot. I've enjoyed Booster Gold in the Justice League and his newest series and this is some good stuff. Dan Jurgans writes and draws the original exploits of the fame-seeking and money obsessed superhero from the future Booster Gold. Great art, great stories and Booster Gold growing as an individual. Pick it up, contains the entire series.

#11: Young Liars #1-I'm mixed on Dave Laphams work but the first issue of Young Liars was fast paced and packed with cool. Mainly Sadie Dawkins. Brain damaged from a bullet in her head that will one day kill her she lives for joy and excitement. This is only the beginning of what I assume is going to be a wild ride.

#10: Fables #71-Cinderella owns you. Simple as that.

#9: Nightwing #142-Nightwing fights a winged zombie cloned made of superhuman parts. Talks shop with Dr. Mid-Nite. Hangs with his new gal pal as they show kids how to do circus acrobatics. Then he teams with Robin to go for an adventure. Yep... one of the best pure superhero comics out there.

#8: Batman & Outsiders #5-Batman and crew race to stop a space shuttle. Why? Buy the book to find out. It has Green Arrow, Batgirl and the Dibneys! This makes it all kinds of awesome. Seriously, I love this.

#7: Wonder Woman #18-Some people have written off Gail Simone's run already. These people haven't read enough Wonder Woman to understand the character and the fact that Gail is making this book good again. I have and I appreciate her work. This issue had Diana recruited by an alien race and courting Nemesis.

#6: Checkmate #24-Checkmate deputizes everyone in a race to stop Kobra's evil scheme. And that's not even enough. Intense finale to Rucka and companies run.

#5: Empowered Vol. 3-Not as good as volume 2, but still entertaining. Adam Warrens series about the struggles of super heroine Empowered has all the sex and bondage ones come to expect plus spotlight on Thug Boy and Ninjettes past. Funny and great art. Check it out.

#4: Dr. McNinja Vol. 2-The webcomics fourth issue, DARE to Resist Ninja Drugs and Ninja Violence, is collected. The best story in the series in my honest opinion has Dr. McNinja and his dad trying to stop 80s action star Frans Rayner's evil plot. Plus what other book has Death as a waiter, Ben Franklin's clone, Raptor riding teenage Mexican bandit, and such a love for the 80s? Plus a new exclusive comic. Check it out here for part 1 and here for part 2. Then buy it.

#3: All Star Superman #10-Masterful. So much crammed into 22 pages that bursts off the pages. Superman prepares for death, puts his affairs in order, saves lives, inspires people, and generally makes you remember that Superman is awesome.

#2: Excel Saga Vol. 17-Seriously, if you've read my blog you know this is a favorite. The longest running manga I've followed currently still going. This one has amnesiac Excel/Teriha starts regaining bits of memories while her old Across-mates are more or less running the city. But Kabapu has plans to conquer the city and now has the funds to support his cause.

#1: Nana Vol. 9-$8.99 for over 250 pages is quite a deal. Especially when it's this good. The latest volume of Nana has Hachi(Nana Komatsu) dealing with her pregnancy and now being engaged to rockstar Takumi. This starts to separate her from her friends Nana(Osaki) and now newly ex, Nobu. Of course, the lack of progress on their record deal is also frustrating Nana and her band mates. Much, much more in this volume. I read the fan translated issues first but Viz's adaptation is better.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Kylie Reese - 4 Clips

Kylie Reese fucking under a bridge and saying hi to the passing train Click Here

Velicity Von - 4 Clips

Velicity Von fucks like a champ in an alley way Click Here to view movie

Quick Hits-April 4, 2008

Secret Invasion #1-Actually liked it. But I imagine like Bendis' New Avengers, once the the final fight comes along he'll either have his characters talk or have the fight of "screen" while the other characters handle the situation. God that's frustrating. Lenil Yu's are was... good. Sometimes great, other times "eh." I don't think Laura Martin is a right match for him color wise. Still, I liked it.

The Twelve #4-Another solid issue with fantastic Chris Weston art. That's all I have to say.

Nightwing #143-Don Kramer fills in for Rags Morales, I don't care because I like Don too. The banter between Nightwing and Robin was great. One of the few times I've liked Tim Drake. Overall, action-packed issue.

Chobits-The anime didn't thrill me. I was "meh" the whole way through.

Expect March Favorites and Excel Saga vol. 17 summary soon.