Saturday, March 29, 2008

Bubblegum Crisis Music

One on my fav anime soundtracks is the 8 OSTs done for the 8-episode Bubblegum Crisis. The original OVA series. Some of these were just the opening for the series. Here's a listen. (Note the first vid is my fav anime song altogether).

Friday, March 28, 2008

What Does This Mean For Superman? No-For Comics?


n what may shape up to be a historic ruling, a judge on Wednesday awarded Jerry Siegel’s heirs the copyright to the Superman material in Action Comics #1.

As Jeff Trexler points out, Judge Stephen Larson’s 71 1/2-page opinion doesn’t resolve all the issues — the separate Superboy case, division of profits, etc. — but it does seem to put an end, of sorts, to a decades-long feud. (The decision is certain to be appealed by Time Warner.)

“After seventy years,” Larson writes in his concluding paragraph, “Jerome Siegel’s heirs regain what he granted so long ago — the copyright in the Superman material that was published in Action Comics Vol. 1. What remains is an apportionment of profits, guided in some measure by the rulings contained in this Order, and a trial on whether to include the profits generated by DC Comics’ corporate sibling’s exploitation of the Superman copyright.”

Trexler also points to an analysis of the decision by William Patry, Google’s senior copyright counsel, which provides some context: “The opinion doesn’t cover Schuster’s interests, which are not subject to Section 304(c) termination, but rather a future 304(d) termination. Nor does the opinion reach the work for hire question for anything after the (justly famous and important) Action Comics Vol. 1 published on April 18, 1938 – the collateral estoppel applied on work for hire only covers Action Comics Vol. 1. Finally, there are very thorny issues of apportionment. All of these issues are likely to be the subject of subsequent motions and possibly trial.”

Expect more coverage over the weekend.

Update: The New York Times weighs in with reaction quotes from Siegel estate attorney Marc Toberoff, Joanne Siegel and Laura Siegel Larson. The Times notes that while the decision leaves intact Time Warner’s international rights to Superman, it may open the door to a similar reversion of copyright to the estate of Joe Shuster in 2013.

“After 2013, Time Warner couldn’t exploit any new Superman-derived works without a licence from the Siegels and Shusters,” said Toberoff, who also represents the Shuster estate.

Okay-yay for creator rights! Lets get that out of the way. Now lets look at this from the standpoint of the normal comic fan who can't understand legalities of such a ruling: what happens to Superman? Now with the possibility of this being held up(someones going to appeal, and a different judge might make a different ruling) does this mean that the original creators can regain the copyrights on the previous issues they worked on? And if that is true, what about Superman stories where only one worked on it. For example, a DC hired artist working with Jerry Siegel, does DC own only part of that?

Of course even if the estates of both creators get the copyrights on "their issues" and are paid back royalties what problems can this lead too? First of all, they won't be able to market Superman because they don't own the trademark. Nor do they own the trademark on Action Comics or Man of Steel. not to mention the look, the logo, everything about Superman is owned by DC. Copyright simply covers the story and the art. So, what would the estates do? They can't sell Superman in a way to make money because how do you market a character at another company when the distinction of the character is owned by the other? Especially if they go after complete copyright ownership of the character and all existing work despite the original creators not being involved.

Now, if they decide to go after the trademark, wow... that would be amazing if the one. And I also would see the long awaited comic book crash. Think about it, DC loses their icon-Time Warner has to pay, possibly, millions in back royalties. Would Time Warner just cut DC comics in this situation? Could DC survive without that backbone? Maybe but they would take a hit. Lets be honest, if comics #2 company had to start cutting jobs and back material publish comics it would be bad. How many comic buyers only buy, or purchase a majority, of DC books? Seeing as there's an 18-20% difference between DC and the third largest publisher-quite a lot.

I'm looking at this too hard. I'm sure something will come along and things will work. Or Time Warner will win an appeals and these legal battles will continue for ages to come.

Hmmm... just though of something, even if the estates win-they won't have the power to keep Superman out of public domain. Where as DC Comics/Time Warner could make an argument to get the copyright extended. I mean-if hospital that owns the rights to Peter Pan and uses royalties to fund themselves can't keep pan out of public domain then how can the estates of Siegel and Shuster?

I'm over thinking this.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Quick Hits-March 26, 2008

All Star Superman #10-Definitely worth the wait. A brilliant piece of graphic art.

Green Lantern #29-A definitive retelling of Hal Jordans origin. Including newer elements that have been tacked on over the last few decades. It's pretty good so far.

Teen Titans #57-I just can't quit you. Ravager made me check this out and she was totally bad ass. Except Cassie makes me want to drop this book again. I hate her. And I rarely hate teenage female heroes. Anyway, Ravager beats the crap out of a few lame villains. Good times...

Bubblegum Crisis OAV-Finished it last week. 8 awesome episodes from one of the major cyberpunk anime that is left open ended due to production problems. Despite all that, great animation and-if you watch it in Japanese-awesome music. The English dub is okay, but the fact they change the songs into English kills it dead. It's about four women who use powersuits(think Iron Man) to fight robots called Boomers, all for a price. Waiting on Bubblegum Crash, and then I'll order AD Police prequel. The original BGC is far superior to that lame Bubblegum Crisis 2040 that came out.

Chobits -It was... eh... interesting with good animation but I didn't like the characters and didn't care for most the voices in both English and Japanese. It's a alternate world where copmputers are this androids called Persecoms. The main character finds one laying around that is unusual.

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

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Monday, March 24, 2008

My Pull List

100 Bullets(in trade)
All Star Superman
Astonishing X-Men
Batman & the Outsiders
Booster Gold
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Checkmate(may be dropped after Rucka leaves)
Excel Saga
Final Crisis
Fruits Basket
Gantz(soon from Dark Horse)
Green Lantern
Gunsmith Cats: Burst
Incredible Hercules
Justice League by James Robinson
Justice Society of America
Noble Causes(in archives. HEY! i paid on subscription service for them so hurry up Image!)
Pirates of Coney Island
Queen & Country Definite Collections
Repo(the trade says volume 1 so i assume there will be more)
Rose Hip _____
Steel Fist Riku
Trinity(online subscription for cheaper)
The Twelve
Uncanny X-Men(with the roster shift and Matt Fraction and Terry Dodson join Ed Brubaker. screw Greg Land)
Wonder Woman
X-Factor(in trade)
Young Avengers(when it retruns. hopfeully)
Young Liars

Some stuff I could take out but I'm fine with this. I know Gail Simone and Greg Rucka has some stuff coming out I know I'll pick up.

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Sunday, March 23, 2008

One More Post...

My links have been updated with One Manga. It's a site with free manga. I'm against downloading comics, but One Manga also features fan translated chapters of books unreleased in the states. Still, I support the titles I like by buying them(like Nana) or the eventual anime(like School Rumble).

Whatever-I guess it's about the same thing. Anyway its a good manga site to kill time on.

I Got Anger Issues...(and other stuff)

According to blog@rama. I was annoyed after some of the posts about Spoiler there, and even various posts over the last few months on the Ramas boards. Maybe I didn't clearly represent my thoughts but whatever. Anyway, I'm a bit annoyed now but I'm easily annoyed. Angry-please... takes a lot to get me angry and some internet folks talking trash, or talking about me, online isn't going to do that. Besides, it's the net-you can't read too much into someones emotions based on what they write.

I just want to enjoy comics. I don't like someone telling me "the facts" as they see it. Or disrespecting characters I like. Seems to happen a lot nowadays. Guess I should just stick to reading comic news and skipping everything else. But sometimes the best reviews are the ones you get from fans online.

In other news, I'm watching Chobits. Which is alright. Waiting for Bubblegum Crash and Ranma 1/2 season 6 anime. Plus the first Fruits Basket Ultimate Collection HC manga. So I'm going to be enjoying those.

Also volume 2 collection of the awesome Dr. McNinja webcomic is ready to order. Great, funny book.

This week I'm getting All Star Superman and Green Lantern. Showcase Booster Gold and Jack Kirby's Fourth World are added to my mail order list which also has... er... I don't remember. Got my last package which included Justice League International HC, Empowered Vol. 3(which I bought anyway), several comics(including the buzz Buffy #12) and... that's right... EXCEL SAGA VOLUME 17!!! Expect my summary of that by next weekend.

I Hope Your Favorite Superheroes Die!

Way back, okay a few years, there was a crossover called War Games in the Batman books. Which I did kind of like. However during it former Robin and important supporting character from Robin and Batgirls comics named Stephanie Brown aka the Spoiler was tortured and killed. Now, I liked the character(more than Tim Drake/Robin despite reading much less with her) so I was sad to see her go. Now I didn't make a fuss but agreed with fans who were hoping to see her return. Now, there's a website called Girl Wonder that was rallying for at least a memorial for the character which DC did not do. At least until a recent, possibly hallucination, in a Batman comic. However it looks like Stephanie Brown is a live and kicking. Yay. More info here.

This brings me to the point in my heading-what the fuck is wrong with some of you comic fans? Seriously I don't understand why anyone would take their time to insult comic fans for wanting a company to respect a character that was treasured. Oh, she's not any major character but she had her fans. I find it amazing that comic fans, er-superhero fans I mean, are against fictional characters. This same people would get online and bitch and complain if a character they like got screwed over but it's okay for them because its the character they like. BS.

The comic message boards are filled with such juvenile, idiotic, moronic so-called fans. Why don't you all just shut up and let some people be happy instead of trying to piss on people because you're having an f'ed up day.

Pfff. Okay, I'm done ranting.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Pull List Changes/More Manga & Anime

I'm doing alright in fixing my pull list. Have cut some stuff, but sadly added a few. I've caved and will try the weekly Trinity(Superman, batman and Wonder Woman) but will order them through subscription service for cheaper. Madame Xanadu from Vertigo I'll be trying. That's for new series. I'll probably end up dropping Robin if Stephanie Brown isn't the Spoiler. We'll see.

I need more alternative comics but the problem I always have is that most are mini-series or the schedule isn't frequent enough. In some cases its that i worry the creators are going to ditch to do that "big company project." Still I am trying Jeff Smith's RASL and might look at Terry Moore's Echo in trade.

I have found the next manga series to back track, and that's Fruits Basket since Tokyopop has been releasing this larger, hardcover, and nicely priced ultimate collections. So I won't have to buy all the smaller volumes. Which is good since the series runs 22 volumes apparently. I added Steel Fist Riku, Gantz, and soon Black Lagoon to my list. That will probably be it for a while.

As for anime, damn-there's a lot of stuff I want. I'm hunting the original Bubblegum Crisis works. great cyberpunk with awesome music. Well, the real music and not the badly done Americanized versions of the songs. Waiting for volumes 3-4 and then I'm going after the Bubblegum Crash and AD Police volumes. I like the original BGC compared to the re-envisioning BGC: Tokyo 2040. Though the original is shorter I love the look of it and the music is great. Every episode of the original had its own soundtrack. Just read that the original character designer, Kenichi Sonoda of Gunsmith Cats fame, refused to participate.

After that theres several things I want including the two seasons of Sailor Moon I haven't seen, the complete 3x3 Eyes, Chobits, and complete Nadesico(though the movie appears to be out of print. oh well). All those I can find in imports. I'll wait on an import version of My-Otome series. I could get it in subtitles right now but rather wait. The hardest ones are going to be You're Under Arrest and Urusei Yatusura. Under Arrest TV series, movie, and specials have been released but some of the OVAs haven't. Those I might be able to find on imports. It's a lengthy series but the four box sets are still in stock at most places so that's good. But Yatsura, Lum, thats something different. 50 DVDs and six movies. Insane. The box sets are gone. Pff....

I'm also following School Rumble, Welcome to the NHK, Black Lagoon(which I will rebuy in English if Funimation does get the license) and Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

Fuck... I might have to drop some more comics.

New Ideas & Changes in Superhero Comics?

Sometimes I'm online and see so-called comic book fans talking about "new and innovative ideas" when speaking about superheroes. (Now, I say "so-called" because I really don't think buying 90% superhero comics should make you a comic book fan, but more on that some other time.) I find this strange since, by now, I would imagine anyone reading superhero comics for a prolonged period of time to notice there is and probably won't be any real new and innovative ideas.

Think about it for a second, all superhero comics use the original DC stories as a template. DC crafted the first real superheroes and started the basic formulas. Since then it's all be different takes on said formulas. Introducing a new character, slapping on a different personality and powers may make him different but he(or she) still owes their existence to Superman. Just as every basic storyline now has been done to death. Sidekicks replacing their mentors? Time travel? Space stories? None of what you read in mainstream superhero comics has been innovative or new. Not saying there aren't great stories, but this are great versions of formula stories.

Of course, I'm sure someones pointing out Marvels work in 60s and yeah, that was innovative-more contemporary and real world situations. Then of course the 80s with certain creators doing more literary, psychological, or more mature superhero comics int he mainstream. But what that is decades in between and I'd argue that after Watchmen and DKR there's not really much that can move forward with mainstream superhero comics. The writers of this generation were greatly influenced by those writers and you can see it in lots of comics now.

As for applying changes to iconic characters, please... thats not happening. Any time a book or character finds its niche the companies are not going to stray too far away from that. Take Grant Morrison's New X-Men, he took the formula and applied certain changes. Mostly minor(costume, relationships, community, counter-culture, etc.) but introduced so many of these ideas that there were avenues Marvel could have followed up on. Instead they put them back in costumes, retcon several ideas, and went back to the tried and true X-Men even though Morrison never actually strayed away from the concept-it just seemed like he did to readers who weren't paying enough attention.

But back to the point. Changes to Superman? Spider-Man? You can effect the supporting cast and things like that but you can never mess so much with these types of characters because they're bread winners for their companies. Introducing new superheroes is a joke because it seems most comic fans are more interested in familiarity that they won't give it a chance. Unless you slap Jim Lee or Brian Bendis on a book but hey-you can't do that for all new characters can you?

Superheroes are cyclical. The cycle through phases but in the end changes are minor and nothing to move the property away from what made it popular. As for the attempts for trying to make the books more thought out and accepting in mainstream culture, I'd say that's not going to happen. Superheroes appeal to a young reader. The idea of costumed characters with powers fighting villains is just appealing to youngsters. Plus the lack of accessibility of comics, the way media translates properties into TV/movies, and this stigma that's still with them-superhero comics are not going to change. There's not going to be innovative ideas and the changes you see now will probably be gone ten years from now. Which will make newer fans who complain about older readers and their stories become the ones on the opposite of the argument in the future.

Pfff... what was I talking about again?

Thursday, March 13, 2008

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February Favorites-2008

List of my favorite reads for February.

#9: Tiny Titans #1-Cute is what this book aims for, and it hits its target nicely. Really, this was so amusing and fun.

#8: Incredible Hercules #112-114-Suggested by Marvel comics fans(who when I was asking for suggestions kept pushing on books I specifically didn't want or explained why I wasn't into) and purchased. I quite enjoyed it. It's got action, humor, and an understanding of the mythology of the character. Plus Ares is a jerk and that was fun.

#7: Batman & the Outsiders #4: Batgirls back to being cool AND a Green Arrow book I want to read! Seriously, Winnick did okay for a while but now I just want him far away from the character. Not only that, but the return(possibly, we'll have to see but I do believe that's right) of two cool characters I hadn't noticed until reading Dan Didio's comments and fan speculation. Who you ask? Come on, your nose must be twitching.

#6: Wonder Woman #17-Despite the artist switch, Gail Simone's first arc reestablishes bad ass Wonder Woman. Not since Greg Rucka's prime on this book as Diana been so cool. It's Wonder Woman versus Amazons and Nazis! Just good stuff in the finale of this arc.

#5: Azumanga Daioh the Manga Omnibus-The re-release of the complete Azumanga Daioh series. This manga, which is done mostly as comic strips, follows the lives of six teenage friends in high school. It's hilarious. Not to like this means you have no heart.

#4: Checkmate #23-The series is in it's last issues under Greg Rucka and company but they're going to go out with a bang! Following up on the Pawn 502 story sees Checkmate once again having to deal with the terrorist organization Kobra. Damn... the next creative team is going to fail this book. Well, the art of Manual Garcia will be nice though.

#3: Crime Bible: The Five Lessons in Blood #5-Sudden ending without captions aside-DAMN! We're two months in and Greg Rucka delivers the best ending I've seen in quite a while. It's not a "new" kind of ending but one I, and many other readers, did not expect to see come out of this title. Renee Montoyas journey as a character keeps getting filled with twists and turns and here's another one. Manual Garcia does his best work yet with a gorgeous looking book. The alternating artists was a great idea for this mini-series. Can't wait to see what Greg Rucka has in store for the Question next.

#2: Batman #674-Things come together as we learn the secret of the mysterious three Batman. But there's some new questions arising from these answers. Morrison continues using older stories as a source of inspiration for his run. This issue was so good I started seeing some of the online detractors turning around in favor of what Morrison is accomplishing.

#1: Gunsmith Cats: Burst Vol. 3-Rally Vincent and Bean bandit enter an illegal street race with different goals. Rally's is to turn up some cash since Bandits assets are on hold(his holding onto some cash for several people) while Bandit is thinking he needs to get rid of the crooked cop after him. All that plus more! Rally gets a new car to replace her beloved Shelby GT5000 and even shows some wannabe marksman proper gun control. Damn this is good.

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Friday, March 7, 2008

Cutting the Pul List-Annual Comic Book Fun

Ol' cutting the pull list. It's that time. I wanted to do it earlier this year but haven't so lets do it now.

All Star Batman & Robin-The issues 1-6 were cool but now I don't care. Besides, a barely trained Dick Grayson kid can not not nearly kill Hal Jordan. Sorry Frank, but that's just dumb.

Checkmate-Cutting after Greg Rucka and friends leave. That said, I will more then likely check out Ruckas next projects.

DMZ-Well, might as well cut this next week. The day it comes out.

The Order-Coming to an end so that's fine.

Robin-If it turns out the new Spoiler isn't Stephanie Brown. Possibly sooner.

Runaways-If Terry Moore and Humberto Ramos don't sell their first arc, I'm through.

Uncanny X-Men-Was trying it but since I heard the new issue spoils Astonishing X-Men and I'm already buying so much, no reason to keep going.

Hmm... Need to cut more. With Rucka, Gail Simone, Grant Morrison and the long talked of All Star Wonder Woman having projects coming out I should replace more stuff. But most the books I like well enough, or love, to keep. Maybe I'll start dding a few things to my Mail Order list to save cash.