Tuesday, February 26, 2008

ADV Films Finally Says Something About Releases...

For those anime folks at home who don't download, ADV films released a statement regarding delayed anime that has been rescheduled. Offering much hope that more updates for more anime vids will be on the way. See, anime in the states is in flux right now. How does a medium continue to gain new fans yet drop drastically in sales? Internet downloads. I can't talk too much crap because I know people who download videos and share them with me but I do my best to try some anime from the stores or buy releases of stuff I like. Though that shop that sells imports makes it so I am buying anime but not necessarily from American distributors. However I have been following the situation and its been rather scary. Anyway, as explained on a message board, I believe at Anime News Network, by someone in one of the companies that the average anime has a few fansubs the circulate with thousands of people and these people aren't going out to buy this anime when it's released. The person answering questions understood certain things and explained that there is of course time needed to work out license, do dubbing, packaging, etc. before the videos release. Of course, there's those anti-dub fans who hate the companies. I should point you to this very good piece by ANN's Answerman about certain anime fans. Just the beginning portion.

You see, several months ago, which was a also several months from anime expo, Geneon, closed shop in the States. Meaning releases Geneon were in the middle of releasing were suspended. The company currently is in talks with another anime distribution to license their library to the states. Several months ago ADV started making cuts to budget eliminating programs and apparently had a serious shake up. It was a few days before they released a rather simple press statement about reorganization. I feel a bit happier cause I was buying Welcome to the NHK and now I know it'll be out... today... of course Best Buy won't have it for probably another week(this happens) so if I don't see it I'll order it from a website.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

My Guilty Pleaure: Nana

Since I'm much more itno manga lately I decided to take a chance on the shoujo title Nana. My comic shop, whose cut their manga purchases in half, has had the first eight volumes just laying on the shelf. During the recent sale I bought volumes 1-3 and tore through them. Yeah, it's girly but extremely cute, funny, and engaging.

It's about two girls with the same first name who move to Tokyo and become friends. One, Nana Komatsu, is moving there to be with her long distance boyfriend. The other, Nana Osaki, is looking to become a rock star. Their meeting is chance and are soon splitting an apartment together.

I just finished volume six and it's a damn impressive series. I plan on checking out the anime soon enough.

The songs Rose by Anna Tsuchiya. Which is a cool song.

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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Thursday, February 14, 2008

January Favorites 2008

Replacing my Best of the Month

#8: Booster Gold #6
I like Ted Kord. I like Booster Gold. I liked Countdown and OMAC Project at the time but now-eh. Let's hope the best Blue Beetle sticks around.

#7: Astonishing X-Men #24
The penultimate issue reads like a penultimate issue. Still, I'm bias. Plus John Cassaday art. Yay! Looking forward to the finale.

#6: Ultimate X-Men Vol. 17
To think I hated this run in the beginning but Kirkman and collaborators have pulled it out. Beast is back, Cyclops and Jean run the institute like a real school, and Bishop has his own X-Men. PLus a nice twist towards the end. Plus some good art and nice action.

#5: Wonder Woman #16
The best superhero book on the market. Well, not really but one of my favorites. The Circle continues the action! Talking Gorillas battling Nazis? Thats fucking genius!

#4: Batman #673
Grant Morrison pays tribute to Bill Finger by integrating mroe of Batmans once retcon golden/silver age stories into the current continuity. Including Joe Chill and a story entitled Robin Dies at Dawn. It's a strange trip as Batman lays diing with his life flashing abck and possibly forth.

#3: Crime Bible: Five Lessons of Blood #4
My favorite mini out right now. I've spoken a lot about this one already so I'll just move on.

#2: Harukaze Bitter Bop Vol. 1
Fun best describes this manga. Fun characters, fun story, and funny moments. Chiyoharu, Kaede and Souza shine in this comedy/action/fantasy about a teen who runs into a mysterious muscle man and a teen girl detective.

#1: Checkmate #22
Yeah... spoken about this one a lot recently as well.

spell check still isn't working

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Las tias borrachas en los bares muchas veces acaban de esta forma, y muchos de nosotros con la polla dentro.

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Esta zorrita tiene un culo y un cuerpo perfecto para follarla por detras.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Una buena fiesta de verdad

La preciosa Virginia dandolo todo

Britney Stevens - 3 Clips

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Krystal Jordan - 3 Clips

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Charley Chase - 3 Clips

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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Wednesday! Wednesday! Wednesday!

Comics this coming comic day.

Booster Gold #0-A Zero Hour tie-in? Seriously? I find the idea of having Booster involved in a DC crossover decades late to be funny.

Tiny Titans #1-Because it looks cute.

Wonder Woman #17-Because it's my favorite superhero book. Not counting superhero teams or niche titles like Checkmate.

DMZ #28-One more spotlight issue and then off to the next arc. I'm thinking sometime this month I'll reread all my issues.

Fantastic Four #554-How is this a volume 3 series? They just renumbered all the relaunches to match back up to where the series would've been. Anyway, I'm getting this to fit in with the crowd. It's the big hot release thanks to the team behind the Ultimates. I'm not a big Mark Millar fan but I did like the Ultimates. Still, this is a maybe. I might just buy the eventual trade.

Dokkoida Vol. 1-Maybe. It's a manga and I'm in manga mode.

Music: Jem and the Holograms Theme-Freezepop

Thursday, February 7, 2008


!!!Super Manga Blast Edition!!! Reviews from several mangas from January to now!!! New Gunsmith Cats and first volumes of Zombie Fairy, Harukaze Bitter Bop, and Ral Grad from Death Note artist Taseshi Obata. Quick reviews this time out.

Harukaze Bitter Bop Vol. 1

By: Court Betten

Grade: B+

Chiyoharu is an outcast in school after a prank grew lead to a huge fire at his school. His friends expelled while he gets off with a suspension. His life takes a drastic turn for the strange when he encounters an amnesiac muscle man named Souza of the North Wind and Kaede Tsubaki who claims to be a high school detective. Now him and Kaede are trying to help Souza regain his memories.

This series gets right into the story without feeling rushed. Focusing on only the main three characters in the first chapter and Court Betten makes them all interesting. I especially like Kaede whose just funny. As the series progresses more supporting players are introduced and towards the end of the first volume clues about Souza start popping up. It's a brisk pace with some good laughs. Court's art is typical manga comedy. Clean, simple with crazy facial expressions, exaggerations and body language. The design on the characters are very good. This was a fun little book and makes me sad it only runs three volumes.

Zombie Fairy Vol. 1

By: Daisuke Torii

Grade: C-

Aoto Hozuki brings a family heirloom, an ancient coffin, to a TV show to have it appraise. Soon a Chinese Girl pops out making a big mess of things. After she snaps out of her evil trance he brings her home to the family. Soon the Chinese girls old friend Lin-Fa comes knocking with answers and questions for this girl named Chun-Ai. Now it's up to Lin-Fa to help Chun regain her memory and lift a couple of curses.

This one moves too quick. Introducing half a dozen characters early on and basic plot points doesn't help. Even after the story gets through a few chapters most the family comes off as just cardboard and even main character Aoto was rather boring. The two Chinese girls are interesting and the art is pretty. It's softer lines which makes since because it's a shojo style manga. The last chapter gives me hope for more character development in the future so I’ll give it another volume but I thought this read like fan-fiction with nice art.

Ral Grad Vol. 1

By: Tsuneo Takeno & Takeshi Obata

Grade: B-

Ral is a boy imprisoned in a cell of shadows because he is integrated with a dragon made of shadows. He is released from his cage to help in the battle against the shadow monster of Le Noir and their queen. Now free, him and his dragon Grad, fight monsters. Oh, and Ral loves the ladies.

Most anime/manga with teenage boys seem to have them brushing off women or too shy to do anything. Once Ral discovers women, and breasts, he just lunges at them. It's amusing and makes from fun laughs. The character is sort of interesting and his tutor Mio is too, even if she seems a little too dismissive of Rals social manners just because he was locked up with no light. The villainess is creepy and engaging. The arts good. The women are sexy. I think it's generally an entertaining read even if the whole shadow demons and Le Noir mean little to me. I'm checking out the next couple volumes.

Gunsmith Cats: Burst Vol. 3

By: Kenichi Sonoda

Grade: A

Rally Vincent gets a new car to replace her beloved but trashed to hell Shelby Cobra GT500. Now with a King Cobra just in time to get into the illegal V8 race. She needs money as her, and cohorts, deal with Bean bandit hasn't gotten them their cash due to a certain detective out to make Beans life a living hell. These two are also in the race with plans to snuff out one another. It's a bumpy ride.

Fast cars, sexy girls, but not much gun play this time out. Though Rally does instruct some action film fans about proper gun use at a shooting range. still, its fast paced excitement and fun. Twists and turns with Bean and the detective out to finally do him in. Not much to say other then if you like cars, women, and guns then Gunsmith Cats is the best damn action book on the market.

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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Screw Your Character

Seriously, comic fans who complain about someone’s reaction to the superheroes they love if they are misused, mistreated, or just generally pissed(or occasionally just written out) on is a load of hypocrisy. Especially knowing that it's just cause they don't like the characters and would get defensive the minute one character they do like gets messed up. I hate Daredevil. Really, I never got the character. If I went on a rant about how I'm glad he died, if he had just died, that would piss off or annoy a Daredevil fan who'd already feel sad cause Marvel's wrote out one of their popular characters.

but I guess when it's B and C level characters thats different? No, it's not actually. Any long time comic fan knows that B and C level characters are allowed more time to grow and change. you can add all the new ideas to Spider-Man or Batman or Superman but it'll always returns back to the basic points because those characters are so identified by a particular tone and feel. Superhero comics are cyclical and reuse lots of same plotlines and the biggest guilty parties are the top tier characters. But B and C level characters, they have the truest opportunity to go a different direction. Take a look at Renee Montoya. Where she was, how she grew, and where she is now. There are classic superhero points here and there but that’s a kind of journey as character you won't see Wonder Woman, Daredevil, Hulk, etc. take. Same goes to guys like Deadpool. Yeah, they seem to have reverted him but for several years he went from a second rate rip off of a DC classic to becoming his own character. A character that became unique to himself.

But here comes the comic fan who hasn't bothered to read, or see, the same kind of stories with these characters that we love and try to insult them and us. All they do are just being idiots and pricks. No, not even elitist or comic know-it-alls but just general fools. Because you don't like them, their useless? Wow-that makes absolutely no sense. None at all. Now please go away and let us fans enjoy our characters and want them treated right. But don't expect us to side with you in case Marvel or DC screw one of your characters up.

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Friday, February 1, 2008

Manga vs. American Comics Part Infinity Part Deux

Check this out for a good idea of how the internet comic fans think.

Some good points made here and there. And then a lot of terrible points.

Seriously, if Naruto has sold 71 million manga internationally, I would tend to think that means most fans are not insulted by non-glossy paper. To be honest with you, only elitist comic snobs point this out and the majority of time their wrong when they speak for the likes of me and you. Yeah, I love my Fourth World Omnibus with that paper, screw you. And Jack Kirby wouldn't complain cause all he ever dreamed was for his works to be collected. Manga sales in Japan alone 4.1 billion US. 200 million int he US. And who knows how much else int he world.

American comics outsell manga but releases around 7 times as much material in a single year. Think about it, Manga makes up 30-60 trades on Diamonds chart which lists 400 items. Over the course of 12 months comics will of course outsell manga but Manga making almost half of what American comics does shows theres much demand.

Manga use to be released in floppies in the states. Did you know that? At one time Gunsmith Cats, Ah My Goddess, Ranma 1/2 were selling each around 12,000 issues. Dragon Ball(and Z) and Sailor Moon broke around 14,000 an issue.

Maybe I'm getting annoyed with all this because I am buying more manga. Slightly more. I'm 7 volumes away from finishing the complete Dragon Ball series(including Z) which has been very entertaining. I'm loving Gunsmith Cats and Excel Saga. I'm looking for another manga to buy. Half conisdering Ranma 1/2 cause I've been rewatching the series and the manga/anime store by me has all the volumes. Plus I have volumes 1-2 already. I might check out Rose Hip Zero. Forget what it was about but when I did read up on it it sounded interesting enough.

edit: by spellcheck ain't coming on so I apologize for any spelling errors.