Saturday, January 26, 2008

One of the Most Dangerous Women in the World

Have you ever seen a Japanese woman scream in anger as she devours her enemy? I have. And I have to tell you, it's a sight to behold. Joshi Puroresu is quite a thing to marvel at. These women, as my friend once said, "wrestle like they have something to prove." At least the best did. These women trained just as hard as the men and in many ways some wrestled harder. Unlike WWE or most women's wrestling, most Japanese women wrestled with the kind of fury and aggression only seen in the men. One such woman is Bull Nakano. The only woman's wrestler to hold the two most prestigious women's titles in the world, the WW(f/e) Women's championship with lineage dating to 1950s(before the WWF was actually established) and the WWWA Women's belt dating back to the 1930s.

Bull scared me as a child, I admit. But now... I admire her. She wasn't just a monster, she was very skilled. Since she retired she lost a lot of weight and lives in orlando, Florida pursuing her career in golf.

If you have a few minutes, okay-more than that, please check out one of the greatest women wrestlers of all time. Definitely, one of the most illustrious. The first video is her destroying another great, Manami Toyota. The last two moves are very scary looking. The second a great match against Kyoko Inoue. For the WWF womens title but in All Japan Womens promotion. The third Bull Nakano in a Joker t-shirt being indestructable for the most part. The last vid is a fan tribute. Just some pictures with music.

CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH - Bull WWWANakano vs Manami Toyota, 7/13/90

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Bull Nakano

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