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Understanding Your Future Masters: Excel Saga Overview Part 8

Table of Contents
Introduction & Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Excel Saga Wikipedia

Volume 16
Mission 1: Kabapu enacts plans to take down the Ill corp. He sets up his own electronics store to try and undercut Il Palazzo’s store. Kabapu also sets up his subordinates for job interviews to get placed in as spies but they sabotage his efforts by purposely failing the interviews. President Excel shows little concerned about the new store competition. Well, “Excel” as we find out the body Umi found at the end of volume 15 is Excel. How do we know she’s real? How about her tattered prison clothes from early last volume.Umi hides her in her room at Shiouji’s lab/home. Excel is suffering from amnesia and Umi has given her some of her cosplay clothes to wear for the time being. All the while Shiouji is desperately looking for the missing Ropponmatsu unit and Kabapu loses his bid to rebuild the reclaimed island(which, form my understanding, is somewhere near Kobe, Japan.)

Mission 2: Prof. Shiouji is suspicious of Umi after an incident in the last chapter where he, without his glasses, thought he may have seen someone else on the premises. He discovers there has been a visitor living in the lab/home for the past week. So he confronts her, accidentally walking into her room as she’s changing. Several hours earlier Kabapu watches as his empire slowly crumbles and decides he must find Shiouji Tenmangu, Prof. Shiouji’s father, to find the missing Ropponmatsu unit. Momochi brings his attention to a DVD where Shiouji Miwa teases that she’s found her missing husband. The real Excel is scared after drawing a picture of Il Palazzo and then seeing him on TV, throwing her into a state of confusion where she trashes Umi’s room and runs off. There’s a moment where’s she’s hiding under a familiar bridge as Hyatt and Egala pass by and reminisce(vol. 8, mission 7) on it. Umi, after searching for her, finds excel laid out on the steps of her aunt and cousins lab/home. Fast forward to present where Miwa, Prof., Umi and Excel are all present. Miwa decides to let Excel stay and gives the amnesiac Excel the new name of Teriha. All to the Professors disliking.

Mission 3: The City Environmental Security Agency has deep troubles. Kabapu has been exposed by the media as people question the loss of millions and attribute it to Kabapu’s mysterious dealings. Now him and his subordinates work out of a flimsy cabin with Momochi giving most the directions as they crew of Iwata, Watanabe, Sumiyoshi and Matsuya do mostly odd jobs around the city like simple clean up and maintenance. This leaves the crew mostly out of house and home with Sumiyoshi considering leaving but his friends wanting to at least stay for the time being out of loyalty.

Il Palazzo has bought Kabapu’s old building with plans on demolishing it. The news reaches Kabapu and makes him feel worse. Miwa talks her son into taking a teaching position to earn the household some money because Kabapau can no longer finance him.

Mission 4: The Environmental Security department repair their current HQ/shed and go out for a bite at an Okonomiya place where Mrs. Manager is currently filling in. President Excel announces to Hyatt and Egala she will no longer do press as Lord Il Palazzo will be making more public appearances and speeches.

Mission 5: Kabapu reminisces about the good times. Including how he meet a talented scientist named Shiouji Tenmangu and his fiancé Miwa. Also looking back on how Miwa changed in attitude after Tenmangu left and how Ropponmatsu was relatively unfinished.

Meanwhile! Teriha(you know, Excel…) joins Umi at a certain convention where Umi’s seniors dress her up to match Umi’s cosplay outfit.


Teriha discards the outfit as it’s “not her colors.” Teriha helps Umi sell merchandise(doujinshi) at the festival. Teirha starts getting hit with some memories all related to that long blond hair man. Back to Kabapu who was wandering around and got hit by a bus. Poor guy.

Mission 6: It’s New Years Eve!!! Watanabe, Iwata, Sumiyoshi, and Matsuya visit a temple here Iwata accidentally breaks their temple bell. Did you forget his a cyborg now?

What would Buddha do?
Kill him! Torture him!
In a nonviolent fashion, of course!

The Across girls get trapped in an elevator when the city suffers a black out. “Excel” collapses and Egala notices how heavy Excel feels. Allt he while Umi and Teirha make their New Years wishes, Shiouji upset as he planned on testing his new machine. Soon excel pops up and gets the girls out of an elevator. The Department celebrate New Years together in the shed at the end all while Miwa watches from Kabapu’s old sci-fi HQ all the details from Excel and her girls to the department and it’s obvious she knows something’s up.

Volume 17 to be released 3/11/08. Wow... thats about 6 months after the last volume versus the little over 9 month wait for volume 16 I suffered. Volume 18 is out in Japan and unless volume 19 drops before volume 17 hits here I predict a long wait for volume 18 for us. Grrrrr.

Edit: Look up "excel saga manga volume 19" in Google search engine and you get the paragraph above on the second page.

Double Edit: Translated the website for Japan's Young King Ours magazine and figured out that volume 19 of Excel Saga(Excelling [heart] Sir Moth as it's listed) should be out Feb. 8th. Still, that demands that volume 18 probably won't be out until, at it's earliest, December. Damn...


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Is coming to a close. Hope everything's well with all of you. Got myself some DVDs. Well, lots. Plenty of watching needs doing.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Avatar AMVs

Once again cause the third season is kicking so much ass. And a new one or two. One thats mroe season 1 and one for season 3.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

I Am Legend Was Pretty Good

And I bought a Misfits shirt. Yay!

Listening to an older Comic Pants podcast about diversity in comics. I agree mostly with what they're seeing. The rise in "sexism" in superhero comics(well--the more likeliness of beating harshly or killing female characters over male characters) is sickening.

I've been meaning to write some more serious opinions so keep an eye out.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Anime I've Finished(or am Watching)

PaniPoni Dash-Its about an 11 year old girl whose a super-genius and now teaches high school. A very crazy, wacky, high school comedy. The trailer was funny and the first couple DVDs were fine but its, er, gets just plain odd and weird. There's some character development and actual plotting going on but for the most part strange things just happen. Anti-climatic ending and I wouldn't actually recommend it to people. I thought it was amusing.

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya-Its a strange dramadey about an eccentric girl named Haruhi and is told from the POV of her classmate Kyon. Haruhi starts up a club called the SOS Brigade in hopes of finding some sort of fun and fantasy. She unknowingly recruits three different types of agents assigned to watch her. A time traveler, alien cyborg, and ESPer all going to her school. This anime does a great job of balancing straight high school drama with absurd hilarity. They blend in science fiction elements nicely. When I finished watching the last DVD I was angry at how it ended but I found out that day there's a planned second season. Thank goodness. This is definitely a quality anime. Good looking, great characters, lots of fun.

GTO-Former street gang member turned teacher is the central premise behind the hilarious GTO, which stands for Great Teacher Onizuka. Onizuka is tough as nails, a bit strange, fun loving, and has a somewhat perverted mind. Don't be turned off by the little, er, school girl humor this is actually a damn fine anime. A lot of it involves him tyring to make school fun for his students, teach some how to stand up for themselves, and others how they have to grow up. Just lots of fun here. Its far from realistic though so don't expect any of that.

Bleach-Just started watching it and have to say, its good. It's about Ichigo who becomes a replacement Shinigami(death god) for a shinigami named Rukia. This leads into your typical action story like Yuyu Hakuso, Dragonball z and Naruto. Big fights, cool characters, and just dragged out adrenaline building story arcs. Formula that works for me because these are usually better then most action movies or American superhero comics. Recently skipped the large filler storyline though, on my brothers word, to watch the actual arc going on now that's based on the story. Sometimes they license the manga too quickly and get ahead of the original series. Anyway, its a fun action packed show that's apparently on Adult Swim but I don't know if its edited bad or has bad dub but what I've seen, specifically the first 70 something episodes, its pretty awesome.

Welcome to the NHK-Its about a hikkimori, think shut in/recluse, who gets aid from a strange girl he never met but knows a lot about him. This comedy/drama is pretty crazy. The first two volumes are out on DVD and I was definitely signed up after a sneak preview from AX 2007. Anyway, its pretty straight forward, the Hikkimori, named Sato, doesn't like the outside world and believes there's a conspiracy out to get him. His psychotic thoughts and observations is what makes this series so damn funny. Lots of good stuff.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Top 10 for November 2007

Honorable Mention: Batman & the Outsiders #1-2-As long as Chuck Dixon doesn't knock around the gay characters(he apparently doesn't think homosexuals should be in superhero comics. On that note, when the hell did Thunder and Grace start dating?) I think we'll have a damn fine series. Batman assembles a team to handle, what else, villanous threats. I like the cast and with the upcoming addition of Green Arrow I'm even happier. Since GA's book sucks.

10. Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8 #8

9. Checkmate #20-Bit of a anti-climatic ending. But still, I did enjoy this arc. I really hope with Rucka not resigning an exclusive he still stays on this book.

8. Fables #67

7. DMZ #25

6. Batman #671-The Ressurection of Ra's Al Ghul is good. Not great because some of the issues are mediocre but this one was very cool. Especially the confrontation between Batman and the Sensei.

5. Wonder Woman #14-Finally, a good Wonder Woman issue. And I can tell you, #15's better. Expect that one high on next months list.

4. Booster Gold #4-Twists and turns for the time cop Booster Gold.

3. Crime Bible #2

2. All Star Superman #9

1. Astonishing X-Men 23-Finally, Whedon kicks it total badassery. Cyclops owns you bitch.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

What Kind of Adaptation Do You Want?

In this age of adaptations I'm getting confused. People complain when it's not an accurate adaptation then complain when it strays too far. Jesus... what the hell...

Friday, December 7, 2007


Just wanted to plug the company that's lighten my spirits lately. The majority of comics I'm getting right now strike me as "good, but not really worth rereading" and movies have been a bit blah. With TV in the middle of a strike my shows are just starting to to trickle off into repeats. So I turned to wrestling again and Chikara has made me feel happy. Watch these, because these are fun.

Speed Racer Go

Monday, December 3, 2007

What Does Mainstream Comics Have Over Indy Titles?

How about better ship dates? I mean, yeah, we complain about lateness but usually there's some there with some sort of explanation. That way we know if we need to give our hopes up. Indy titles? Pffff.

Next Exit, the last SLG title I was buying. I was waiting, several months for issue 11. Guess what? At AX, surprisingly there was an SLG booth, and the guy said "The titles done." Yeah, on a fuckin' cliffhanger. Your Tokyopop book was pretty boring get back to this will you?

Wet Moon vol. 3, apparently has been done for a while but Oni has delayed the book twice. Why? Don't know. Creator Ross Campbell even explain he didn't understand why.

Gunsmith Cats Omnibus Vol. 4, already printed material that needed some translation-oh, wait, you guys already translated it a few years back. Well then, why was it delayed? This of course fucked up an order I made online that had me scratching my head and it turns out there was computer problems, they thought they shipped this, etc. So I'm splitting my anger here but still... already, printed, translated, and why is it delayed? Not even a week, I don't think it even comes out this week. But I shouldn't be surprised, Dark Horse has delayed the majority of the Gunsmith Cats books for weeks at a time.

Get on the ball alternative comic companies. You want people to buy and try new things? Have a system that gets the books out or someone able to explain a shipping date or contact fans explaining what the problems are. Don't have us looking to Amazon or Diamond every week to see whats up. I mean, occasionally DC and Marvel actually update with changes.