Friday, August 24, 2007

Props to This Is Anime

One of the websites I order from, This Is Anime, I got to give props to. Not only are the prices really good but I recently had a problem with an order I made. One of the titles went from in stock to back ordered. After waiting for a few weeks for them to get it in I contacted them about just a refund or credit and they allowed me to pick replacement and BAM! shipped a few days later. In fact, like two hours after I read a reply email saying that they'll ship it out immediately. While I'll have to wait a while to pick up the Project A-Ko complete box I will soon enjoy the complete Red Garden series. I saw the first episode at anime expo and thought it was strange and had wonderful animation.

Well, that's that for a cheap plug. I also shop at Discount Anime DVD. Usually for the few manga I like. I see Project A-Ko collection on Amazon and merchants. maybe in a while I'll order it from there.

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