Friday, July 27, 2007

Come On DC...

Marvels made a few interesting announcements. Mainly effecting the only two titles I buy which will keep me on them for the time being. DC has... what? Countdown still? Please...

Here is my overall problem with Marvel, I don't want realism in my superhero comics. At all. Grounded? Sure. Character driven? From time to time? Realism? This are guys in spandex beating up other guys in spandex in a ideal world where the men are supermen and the women are ridiculously hot. There are more Caucasian characters then ethnic characters. Minorities, teenagers, and females get the brunt of the damage during the ::big yawn:: "breaking down the characters and see what their about" arcs that are all the rage.

Spider-Man has been dead to me for a decade. I'm running out of love for the X-Men. And I honestly do not care anymore.

I think I should just quit comics and just follow manga and anime. Well, I'm still buying DC comics cause they have my favorite characters but all this countdown and x-over and shared universe nonsense is getting on my nerves. DC, get your shit together. Marvel, take a step back and realize we're talking about a universe where people come back to life and guys in flashy spandex protect the major sections of NY because for some reason the vast majority of supervillains are too brain dead to just move to Las Vegas or Chicago and get a good crime thing going there.

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