Thursday, June 28, 2007

ROH: Fifth Year Festival Reviews Part 3

I didn't feel like taking too many notes.

Ring of Honor-Fifth Year Festival: Liverpool ***1/4

My favorite match was Delirious vs. Matt Sydall in a 2 out of 3 falls match(***½). It had a great opening for the first fall. Good mix up between the two with Matt Sydall looking exceptionally good. The ending helps the slow transition of Sydalls persona to a heel. Delirious exploded in the second fall. The final moments in the third fall were well done.

Second and third favorites would be Nigel McGuinness vs. Samoa Joe. great last part, should have went longer(***½). Also the opening between Homicide and Davey Richards was wonderful(***1/4).

I was disappointed with the Briscoes vs. Shingo and Naruki Doi. Just felt like overkill. still, fun in parts(**3/4).

Sara Del Rey vs. Allison Danger-**3/4

Jimmy Rave & Jimmy Jacobs vs. BJ Whitmer & Colt Cabana ***

Roderick Strong vs. Pac-***1/4 I'm liking Roderick the heel.

Ring of Honor-Fifth Year Festival: Finale ***½

Favorite match was Nigel McGuinness vs. Jimmy Rave(****). Best match I've seen thus far in the year. it was hard hitting and built wonderfully. Some of the spots were pretty sick. Especially the tower of London(elevated ace crusher type move) on a metal guardrail. Then hitting Rave with the rebound lariat which earned that move a new name-the jawbreaker lariat as Jimmy Rave had to have his jaw wired shut soon after this.

Second and third go to the tag title match between brief champions Naruki Doi & Shingo vs. Roderick Strong and Davey Richards. Good stuff. Just a hard hitting tag match(***½) and finally Matt Sydall vs. Pac(***1/4). Despite Sydall being smaller, seemed to do more wrestling then Pac.

Disappointed with the last Samoa Joe match. Him and Homicide(**3/4) could have had a more hard hitting affair but it wasn't. It was okay.

Delirious vs. Colt Cabana ***

Skipped the women's tag match.

BJ Whitmer vs. Jimmy Jacobs **3/4-Should have been longer. Was going good.

Jay Briscoe vs. Mark Briscoe ***-good but seemed off on certain points. It should have been shorter.

Great Samoa Joe video package at the end of the DVD.


I keep trying to calm down and new information keeps popping up about Benoit and his family. I should be back to the usual soon. I have reviews of the last to Fifth Year Festival DVDs from ROH, a new spotlight/picks, and surprisingly a best of the month earlier then expected. So we'll get to that sometime next week. Or in a second...

Friday, June 22, 2007

Damn Mail Order Comics...

During my credit card debacle I canceled an order but for some reason it went through and now it's come back and the billing was demanding cash. I tried to explain but they deactivated my account. I sent emails out, pretty angry. I went back and reworked out how to send payment through paypal but I sent an email about my dissatisfaction and I hope they give me this money back because I did cancel that order.

I am really annoyed right now...

Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Adventures of Dr. McNinja

You a comic fan with some time to kill? Then i want to direct your attention to an amusing web comic called Dr. McNinja. It's about a doctor, who also happens to be a ninja. Plus his Gaucho sidekick and his somewhat dysfunctional family. My brother turned it on to me and sports one of the websites t-shirts I bought him. Funny t-shirts indeed.

You can order a copy of the first 3 issues as well. Which I'm going to do myself sometime in the future.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Quick Hits-June, 20 2007

Countdown #45-That's it, dropping it. The story is all over the place and the little I like gets no attention and the things that don't interest is everywhere. Jimmy Olsen is fine as a man with a camera and a signal watch and Mary Marvel is perfect as a cute, funny, and charismatic character and doesn't need any darkening.

Justice League of America #10-Started off well with this crossover but I lost interest fast. Still, nice art and the story here was generally good. Liked the ending on some level.

Repo #1-Seems like a series in the same vein as Miller and Darrows Hard Boiled with some Philip K. Dick inspirations(waitaminute, wasn't Hard Boiled on some level inspired by Dick? Man that sounds wrong...). Fun stuff even if I'm not sure whats going on.

Spirit #7-Liked the first two stories but Kyle Bakers story, art wise, was too dark and murky for my tastes. Liked seeing Jordi Bernet's art. The man draws beautiful women.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Green Arrow...

While I plan on picking up all the Green Arrow/Black Canary Wedding stuff I have to say a huge...


To DC for allowing Judd Winick to continue writing Green Arrow. he hasn't ever, EVER, produced an above average GA story thus far. Every story either turned heavy handed, anti-climatic, or everything is settled way to easily. Plus he does not treat Black canary as the bad ass character she is. He writes her as some sort of nympohmaniac for Ollie rather then the tough willed woman in love with him. Seriously DC, why? I hear it's Conner Hawke in the GA role for the series but i highly doubt that as Ollie Queen is far more popular and will turn up in the book. This just really, really annoys me. I've been waiting for a change in Green Arrow writers and with Ollie not in Justice League I'm through with my favorite character. It's sad that my two favorite DC characters I can't even enjoy right now.

Friday, June 15, 2007

My Thoughts on the Big Reveals In New Avengers #31!!!/Plus Quick Hits

Meh. That's pretty much it. Elektra a skrull? As I don't care for the character, doesn't effect me. is it surprising? I guess... No. Nothing Marvel does seems to surprise me as it seems to linger on the notions of a dark atmosphere. Friends and families torn apart. Etc, etc. To be honest, I'm counting the days till Jean Grey returns, Emma Frost goes bad, Rogue dies, and Capt. America is alive and well.

Though I'd still get strongly angry when those things happen.

Countdown #46-Nice art. This close to dropping it.

DMZ #20-My favorite of the arc thus far. Though I seem to be the only one not enamored with the story itself.

Fables Vol. 9: Sons of Empire-Thank the sweet lord for this wonderful title. This was one of the best in the series thus far. Very intense. Plus some fun moments in between all the darker tones.

Green Arrow #75-Please never let Winnick near GA and Black Canary again.

Top 10 for May 2007

Actually top 9. And yes I'm late.

Honorable Mention: X-Factor: Many Lives of Madrox
My Marvel pull list has depleted quite a bit. So this is one of the few books I check out. While I thought it was solid in the first two collections the changing artists, pacing, and involvement with some of Mavels events started to turn me away but BAM! This is the best of the three and one of the best reads in a while.The Multiple Man Jaime Madrox is out searching for the dupes he sent out into the world to learn. many nice twists and turns. not just with him but the whole cast. Check it out.

#9. Welcome to Tranquility #6: The final chapter of the opening arc is a very satisfying read. The murder mystery is solved, a man finds his magic word, truths are revealed, and some characters have happy endings. That's good comics.

#8. Shazam: Monster Society #3: Billy and Mary have a run in with Dr. Sivana who learns more about the mysterious creatures invading the city. Wanting to turn them into weapons. Yeah, his firsts set of plans don't go over well and now its up to Billy to SHAZAM! into Capt. marvel to save the day. My least favorite issue this far but one of my favs of April.

#7. Gunsmith Cats: Bust Vol. 1: The Cats are back! And due to some material out of print, i still haven't finished the first series. Oh well... But not enough to not enjoy this. Can Rally and the crew get the bounty, mob money, and avoid a staged terrorist attack? I have hope. It's hot women, lots of action, and lots of macho. If the formula isn't broken...

#6. Buffy, the Vampire Slayer Season #3: Willows back and laying the smack down. Nice twist ending. I'm sure you're reading this anyway.

#5. Astonishing X-Men #21: YEAH!Still one of the most entertaining books I pick up. Even if Whedon isn't really taking the X-Men into a new exciting direction this tip of the hat to both Claremont and Morrisons run is the best x-title and has the best characterization. Cassaday is doing a great job on art. The ending was very gripping.

#4. Birds of prey #106: You like action? Right here baby! Secret Six vs. Birds of Prey throw down! Gail Simone brings style and sass to super heroics that's unmatched today. Gail Simone is leaving this title with a bang!

#3. 52 Week 52: Some people hated on this issue but I loved it. Maybe I'm a mark bit i was very invested in it. Rip Hunter, booster Gold, and Supernova fighting Mr. Mind across the multiverse? Throw in some great feel good moments and BAM! Hell yeah I loved it. Epic work here.

#2. Batman #665-It's the Batman book I've been waiting for. These last couple issues Grant Morrison and Andy Kubert deliver. The pieces are starting to fit, things are making more sense, and the threat is growing. Dynamic issue with some great moments.

#1. Ultimates Vol. 2 #13-Yikes! Was it worth the wait? I think so. In fact, hell yeah! I'm not a big Mark Millar guy but this is just big and loud. nice wrap up to the series which i will now drop before Jeph Loeb ruins it and Joe Mad proves he shouldn't be on comics ever since the Battle Chaser fiasco.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Admiral Henry Morgan

Or Capt. Morgan as his better known, one of the famous pirate captains(though he was actually more of a privateer never shipping with out commission), is best known for his conquest of Panama. Anyway in this book I am reading, Pirate Wars, there's a brief mention that he sailed with a witch on this epic attack but I can't find any information to elaborate. Hell, can't find any true specifics on anything but the fact they came, they saw, and they conquered practically. I guess I'm going to have to shell out cash for the only book I can find specifically about Morgan.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Countdown!!! To Excel Saga Volume 16!!!

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EXCEL SAGA VOLUME 16 DROPPING 9/11/07!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To say this is the book I've been waiting for all year is an understatement. Seriously... this has taken, what? Nine months? Especially considering volume 16 had already been published in Japan at the time volume 15 hit the market here. I can only assume volume 17 would be out already but who knows. I hate waiting...


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Friday, June 8, 2007

Comic Book Picks-Entry #2

Deconstruction is a popular pass time of writers doing superhero comics. Sadly, it's so popular that its became practically the predominant direction. It seems we get this every other creative relaunch. Sometimes, however, it seems alternative comics want to take a stab at taking analogs of known characters and deconstructing them in a way that their parent companies would fear. My picks aren't those types of stories,their commentary about those types of stories. Or, then again, using this deconstruction to truly expose the tragedy and sadness that such "realism" could have on characters that are innocent. Or, hell, they just do it for entertainment. It's all how you interpret it.

Superman in Action Comics #775
Joe Kelly, Doug Mahnke, & Lee Bermejo

First off the most well known of the three stories I picked and one of the first Superman stories I really ever read. This was reprinted at the time I when I had really gotten into comics and my taste bad changed so I was more willing to give the Boy Scout more a chance.

Anyway the story here focus' on the Elite, a new extreme team of superheroes. They don't just stop crime, they kill the criminals. Superman's ideals clash we the way Elite handle the problem. You can tell this leads into a conflict. Superman, in a wonderful scene with a worried Lois, says "People have to know that there's another way, Lois. They have to hear a voice of compassion and faith instead of spite and anger." The end fight/moment with Elite leader Manchester Black is actually one of the most hardcore moments I've ever seen of Superman and still-Superman is Superman no matter what.

Batman A-Go-Go from Solo #7
Michael, Lee, & Laura Allred

A shame audiences didn't really give Solo a chance because there is much buried treasure here and I picked this specific issue. Mike Allred, who to be honest with I have never read anything by until this issue, shows a love of the madcap, silver age DC and it's a thing of beauty. From the Teen Titans vs. Doom Patrol story to many little shorts. But the masterpiece would be Batman A-go-go.

Batman and Robin of the Adam West Show era come to stop the Riddler. The battle commences but the Riddler escapes. But it seems Gordon's not too concerned. He sees Batman as a magnet. The worlds changing all while Batman fights costumed villains becoming a childish joke. The series takes this Batman to a dark place and shows just how depressing and sad and unneeded "realism" can be to these superheroes at times. It's one of the best Batman stories I ever read.

Seven Soldiers: Manhattan Guardian #4
Grant Morrison & Cameron Stewart

My last choice is a cog in the big wheels that is the beautiful Seven Soldiers of Victory saga from a year back or so. This issue also has to be my favorite single issue of anything by Grant Morrison.

The final issue of Guardian has Ed Stargard, owner of Guardian newspaper and former Newsboy Army member, relate the story of him and his six friends to Jake. Stargard and his fellow Newsboy Army members were that of children's fantasy tales as you can imagine. Crazy kids and their dog getting into adventures strange and unreal. So it goes without saying that the story he tells of the Sheeda and how they met the Terrible Time Tailor is one of the most haunting and sad comics I have ever read. The fates of the kids are gruesome and tragic. There's a line in their that truly haunts me tot his day when I read certain superhero comics: "In the end, the world just got too big and too wide and too real for our little band of neighborhood heroes..."

That's it for this week. I'll pick some happy stuff next time.


I just need to avoid clicking on threads in message boards...



I like DC comics leave me alone.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

This Weeks Comix 6/6/07

I keep switching the title. Maybe I'll stick with this. Anyway due to my debit card problems last month(damn you!!!) I had to pick up a couple extra issues of things I normally get in the mail.

Birds of Prey #107-Dynamite ending to an incredible arc. The kind of arc that makes you sad to see a member of the creative team heading out the door. Oracles whole operation is unraveling thanks to Spy Smasher and we get the return of Ice! The stuff with Zinda towards the end was a highlight moment of the week. But came second to what happened in Detective Comics.

Buffy #4-Pretty good. Probably my least favorite thus far. Don't know why, but wasn't feeling it like the others. Still good though.

Countdown #47-Er... yeah... explain the Black Adam part to me please?

Detective Comics #833-Paul Dini and Don Kramer are back on and deliver a dynamite issue. The first multi-part story of Dini's run thus far has Batman and Zatanna investigating why a stage assistant died in a magicians act.

Welcome to Tranquility #7-Good solid issue. Feels like the kind of story you put after a big arc so it had soem nice character moments. The back-up story was amusing.

Captain America Was Right

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Found that on Newsarama. Nice. It's a play on the Magneto Was Right slogan from Morrison's New X-Men. There's an Iron Man one but, yeah, he's a punk right now.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Comic Book Picks-Entry #1

Lately I' have been discussing things that annoy me,amongst the dealings of the online "comic book community." So today I decided today I'd start a feature. A series of posts about comics I love. I did this once back on Paperback Reader but between my job, reviews, and what not got sidetracked. Since, however, I update this unread blog regularly it shouldn't be a problem doing this at least twice a month. Then again, I've been slacking off with my Evil Music I Enjoy feature. Anyway...

Teenagers From Mars
Rick Spears & Rob G.

My favorite comic book. Why? Cool characters, cool moments, great drama, and a happily ever after that gives me a warm feeling inside. Macon's an aspiring horror cartoonist who sells his horror comic at the local comic shop. After being fired from his retail job, ala Wal-Mart, for refusing to pull the comics off the newsstands he gets into a fist fight with his manager and thrown out. That night he meets up with a punk rock chick named Madison at zombie party and afterwards trash the store. Macon marks it with COMIC BOOK LIBERATION ARMY and from there gets into a world of trouble.

I picked up this comic after a specifically bad day at the job and as such it really fit my mood at the time. Plus it had all the components for a book I like. The touch of Peter Pan elements in the story did nothing but help. The comic book shows a serious love for the medium especially towards the end when Madison and Macon are fleeing the police and mayor. I don't want to give away too much because I'd rather you check it out.

Batman: Year One
Frank Miller & David Mazzuccheli

I don't have to explain this story because the title says it all. So if you're a superhero fan and haven't read this you should. It's required reading. This is definitive Batman and I'd argue better then Frank Millers Dark Knight Returns.

I read this at, I believe, 10 years of age. What an impression. I knew Batman through movies and TV but never really read the comics. Year One and DKR were my first true glimpses of Batman comics. Year One for years was on my short stack of comics getting many a reads through the years. I don't think I've read a comic nearly as much. It never seems to lose its charm. The story of the first year of Batman/Bruce Wayne and Jim Gordon in Gotham is a gripping. the art by Mazzuccheli is just perfect.The man is a master of his craft. Plus Richmond Lewis recoloring, once it was first collected back in the '80s, holds up beautifully. It still looks better then many comics of this era.

Buy the 2005 collected edition with a written and drawn afterword by Mazzucchelli who also provides ton of extras. Including step by step process from script to art to color. Various promotional images as well. Only 20 bucks US and 27 Canadian.

Secret Wars
Jim Shooter & Mike Zeck

I like my superheroes heroic, my supervillains dangerous, their battles big, and their world larger then life. My uncles always laugh this one off compared to DCs Crisis On Infinite Earths but I much prefer this wonderful event book. It's just classic superheroes.

The Beyonder summons two teams to battle on an planet he built and the winning team all get their wishes granted. Now add the egos and past history of the characters to one another and you get a good level of drama to add to the suspense. twists, turns, and surprises all packed into 12 great issues with Mike Zeck delivering some great, classic looking, superhero art. it might not be George Perez level art but its damn good.

It's got the cool X-Men, the real Avengers, Spider-Man when he was still interesting, as well as others. The villain side has Dr. Doom and really, that's all you need.This is a blockbuster ride.