Thursday, May 31, 2007

Quick Hits-May 31, 2007

Lousy day at the comic shop. So far I'm not feeling Countdown which is a shame because I do enjoy Paul Dini, Jimmy Olsen, Mary Marvel and some of the artists involved. However Donna Troy and Red Hood are a turn off, already reading Justice League so I skip the Karate Kid stuff, and the death of Lightray in the recent issue was pretty dull. Since it is weekly I will give it some more issues but right now it's going to the bottom of the stack for reads of the week.

Justice Society of America #6 was okay. Great art, some good dialogue, but the story doesn't seem to be advancing at all. One more issue to tie it all up? Okay... Also I'm not entirely sure what the appeal of the Legion of Super-Heroes is.

Green Lantern #20 was best of the week? Weird... as I have been considering dropping this book. Daniel Acuna's art is pretty but I don't much care for it. This quick two-part story has a weird ending to it. Especially with the Sinestro Corps stuff coming up. I'll probably be skipping this crossover as I do not want to buy GLC. Then again, I could just buy the special and skip GLC because I am intrigued by the idea and the Dave Gibbons drawn backups in GL have been entertaining.

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