Sunday, February 11, 2007

Top 10 for January 2007

10. Welcome to Tranquility #2: Having been disappointed with Gen 13 I was worried about Gail Simones other Wildstorm series but two issues in I am definitely liking what I'm reading. Set in a retirement community for old superhero and super villains a legendary detective was murdered in last issue and here the investigation is underway. Simones doing a damn fine job of introducing and fleshing out the cast with Neil Googes appropriate artwork. Googe is definitely impressing me.

9. DMZ #15: Continuing the Public Works arc which has Matty now undercover in a terrorist cell targeting the Trustwell group. Matty tries pulling out the suicide bomber to save both her and the dozens of people but this only leads to more trouble. This is the midway point and its interesting to see how this is going to turn out for Matty now that he's blown his cover. Of course I'll be tuning in to check it out.

8. Dr. Strange: The Oath #4: The penultimate issue of this excellent mini I wasn't even too sure on getting. I Like Runaways but I'm not as much a BKV fan as I was a few years ago. I enjoy Marcos Martins artwork, but was I interested in him doing Dr. Strange? Well four issues in and I do really enjoy this book. Here Dr. Strange confronts the bad guy behind the theft of an elixir that would heal his servant Wong. But a couple really good twists at the end make this book head and shoulders above the majority of other comics out there. That line about not joining the Avengers is even more humorous with whats going on over there.

7. Manhunter #27: Please let their be an official relaunch to this book. Please... counting down the end of the under rated series has Kate Spencer defending Wonder Woman in a Grand Jury case. mark Shaw continuing his quest. Dylan tracking down Cameron Chase to help her. Plus the Black Queen of Checkmate making a cameo as well as the man on the cover. Now, is he really back?

6. Checkmate #10: The finale to Pawn 502 arc which has Checkmate deputizing the Shadow Pact to continue their plans on successfully moving an agent into the terrorist organization Kobra. Checkmate gets stronger and stronger with each issue and these last two issues make me wish it was him writing Shadow Pact. Jesus Saiz is able to yet again balance the realism with the fantasy as he tackles two completely opposite genres in one book. The next arc looks like a winner too.

5. Runaways #23: It's almost over for Brian K. Vaughan and Adrian Alphona as Chase reveals his grand plan to bring back the recently deceased Gertrude. It's up to the gang to stop him, but can they as Nico doesn't have her magic staff and Victors been neutralized. Man... I really worry about the future of this book.

4. Birds of Prey #102: Gail Simone continues to kick some serious ass on this book. Action, adventure, suspense, and great moments populate this and the last few issues. Manhunter is in Mexico seemingly with her own agenda. Judo Master, Big Barda, Huntress, and Zinda are in a dire situation. All the while Lois Lane is looking to uncover the truth of Oracle from Barbara Gordon, who if you're just tuning in, is Oracle. It's one issue with punch after punch. Making me antsy for the next installment.

3. Justice Society of America #2: Giving me the same goosebumps Geoff Johns(and his many collaborators) did on the last JSA series. Mr. America is dead, but why? Wildcat meets the son he never knew. Plus a crippled man Nate, son and grandson of two past holders of the Steel superhero mantle, watches as things in his life seemingly get worst. Plus a reveal at the end of DC continuity freaks. It's grand super heroics. Larger then life and with a classic feel but modernized for today's readers. oh, and Dale Eaglesham is putting down his best work yet.

2. 52 Week 37: Wow. While I picked this as my top finite series, it was due to volume and consistency. not necessarily for blowing me away each and every time. But damn did week 37 just kick it out of the park. The cover reveals who is Supernova but the complex explanation and reaosning is what sells it so well. Add in Rip Hunter and a phantom zone projector and you just elevate the sequence so much more. A moment with my favorite hero, Green Arrow, his one time gal Black Canary and you make me a happy man DC. then a good swift kick tot he buts of the collective Internet whiners who blasted Week 36 with a huge twist at the end. The art was fine, nothing spectacular in my opinion-but it did the job right. Still, best issue of 52 hands down.

1. All Star Superman #6: Really, was there any other book in January that made me so giddy? That made me read and reread dozen times over? That made me marvel at the art as much as this book did? No. Clark Kent's last days in Smallville with his parents as three mysterious men come to help with the harvest. The cover gives you an idea of what the issues about but the interior work is so much more. I don't want to give away anything and just tell you to check this issue out. As long as you know the basics of Superman, you don't need to have read the past five issues. Or pick up the hardcover in April.

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