Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Tomorrows Comix & Mail Order

Tomorrows Comix & Mail Order

Tomorrow is the first Wednesday of February and only a trio of titles. 52 Week 40, Detective Comics, and the cool new Shazam! Monster Society of Evil #1 by Bone creator Jeff Smith. Looks like Showcase House of Mystery Vol. 2 was pushed back... kind of glad. Hopefully to the last week of the month. But I'm getting it when I can.

My next Best of (month) will be up this weekend or next week as my mail order package is set to arrive Friday. I've been doing monthly for cheapness. The packages are pretty big. Here's what in the mail.

American Virgin #10-11-Late. I'm ordered up to 11. Nice series but not for me.
Checkmate #10-Online word is good and I'm thinking of pulling this off of mail order and buying it at the shop. But I keep entertaining those thoughts.
Doctor Strange: the Oath #4-Penultimate issue of the mini. Very fun stuff.
Green Arrow #70-Fav character, okay book, buying out of habit.
Spirit #2-Liked issue 1 which is a good sign. okay, I loved issue 1. Go Darwyn Cooke!
Superman: Confidential #3-More Cooke, and some Tim Sale action. Plus Superman so its all good.
Welcome to Tranquility #2-Interesting series.
X-Men #195-Fun X-Series. Like Astonishing better but the cast here is worth checking out. oh, and the nice art.
Doom Patrol Vol 5: Magic Bus-Not my favorite Grant Morrison work, but I'm four volumes in and this stuff is like a drug experience anyway. You just got to keep working your way through.
JSA Vol. 12: Ghost Stories-Finishing my collection of trades. I didn't read these issues here and probably won't but will marvel at Rags Morales art.
Manhunter Vol 2: Trial By Fire-Collecting two great story arcs. About 9 issues for 17.99 which is a good deal. I'm buying these to support the DC continuing to collect the issues. Which it seems DC is doing with the series over and trade vol. 3 already announced.
Seven Soldiers of Victory Vol. 4-Great Morrison work here. The Eisner award winning finite series wraps up with this trade. Now the countdown to the over sized Omnibus collections.
Ultimate X-Men Vol. 15: Magical-Not liking Robert Kirkmans take on his first two arcs, maybe this trade will sway me. Doubtful from what I hear.
X-Factor: Life & Death Matters-The critical darling, and long awaited second trade. The first one was very good, maybe the second one will make me one of those enthusiastic fans.

Here are my order forms for the next few months with comments.
February Order
Checkmate #11-Looks like a two parter with some assistance on writing and a fill-in artist. Spotlighting Fire so it's all good.
Doctor Strange: the Oath #5-End of a wonderful mini.
Green Arrow #71
Pirates of Coney Island #5-Issue 4 is being released this week so I'm guessing 5 is pushed back to March. Other than that tidbit, awesome mini.
Spirit #3
Superman Confidential #4
Welcome to Tranquility #3
X-Men #196
All Star Superman Vol. 1-DC always advance solicits but DAMN! April release? Luckily I have these awesome issues.
Daredevil by Frak Miller & Klaus Janson Omnibus-Don't like daredevil, love Frank Miller. So much I ponied up for this. Thanks for the nice discount MOC.
Empowered OGN-Adam Warren is a hell of an American Manga artist and wrote some neat stories so I'm checking this sucker out. In March though...

March Order
Buffy the Vampire Slayer #1-What would season 8 have been like? Time to find out!
Checkmate #12
Green Arrow #72
Pirates of Coney Island #6
Spirit #4-Nice cover.
Welcome to Tranquility #4-Interestingly, they changed the name for the series on this issue so it didn't show in my pull listing. Had to remark it on the site.
X-Men #197-New arc with regular artist returning.
Jack Kirby's Fourth World Omnibus Vol. 1-I been re buying things I have a little too much but I have these in black and white, broken up into single trades for each character(s) where as these are over sized in color, done chronologically and feature the Jimmy Olsen stories Jack Kirby did. Worth buying again. See you in... May? Damn...
Runaways Vol. 7: Love Fast Digest-I give these to my friend. But issues in support, then by the hardcovers because they rock.
Wonder Woman: The Greatest Stories Ever Told-Apparently, the first of its kind. DC proving that the trinity is less important then the Worlds Finest(Superman and Batman).

April Order
Buffy #2
Green Arrow #72-Are they revealing Green Arrows real identity to the city? Really, who else has that goatee?
Pirates of Coney Island #7
Spirit #5
Superman Confidential #5-Guess they wanted to give Tim Sale more time to do his artwork and pushed this issue back.
Welcome to Tranquility #5
X-Men #198
52 Volume 1-13 issues for 20 bucks. Giving said issues to friend and keeping these for less space.
Amazing Spider-Man Omnibus Vol. 1-I don't like Stan Lee and am "eh" with Spider-Man but damned if I'm skipping the complete Steve Ditko work on this book. I've seen a little of the man and he kicks ass.
Plain Janes-DC attempts to market graphic novels for girls. First book out hires female novelist(for young girls books) and the amazing Jim Rugg from Street Angel. yeah, I'll MAN UP and read this.
Runaways Vol. 3 HC

So thats it. Yeah?

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