Monday, February 19, 2007

This Weeks Comix

52 Week 42 2.50-Liked week 41 a lot, though it seems I was one of the few. At least amongst the online folk.

Checkmate #11 2.99-subscription. Start of a two part arc with some fill-in guests. But apparently Fire's the focus and I like her.

DMZ #16 2.99-I like this arc. Not my favorite but very good. A bit depressing though.

Spirit #3 2.99-subscription. Third issue and the past two have been wonderful fun. Cookes art is amazing.

Superman #659 2.99-Maybe I'll pick up Action Comics Annual too. So I can have some Superman goodness.

Wonder Woman #4 2.99-Not looking forward to this since Allen Heinberg is too busy writing TV to finish issue 5, meaning I won't see the end of this arc for a while. Hopefully the next creative teams can deliver.

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