Saturday, February 17, 2007

Ring of Honor 2007

The big news coming out of Philadelphia is that Pro-Wrestling NOAH star TakeshiMorishima has just beat newly crowned ROH World Champion Homicide for the title. This might not sound like a big deal to you non-wrestling fans or WWE fans. Well, Morishima to the best of my knowledge was only signed to 4 shows and this lends credence to the theory that TNA wrestling(WWEs apperent competition) is pulling their talent by the end of this year. Samoa Joe is finishing up his set of dates at this moment and Homicide is on half of the NWA tag champions in that company. This defeat is interesting as Homicide only won the title in December and has only had four title defenses. Personally, I've seen one Morishima match and was very impressed.

The upside is the level of unpredictability. This leaves the ROH tag team titles as the main focal point. The sudden feeling of emerging stables will definitely keep things interesting as Morishima returns to Japan. Also the heavyweight title from Full Impact Pro, held by Roderick Strong, and a belt from Japans Dragon Gate promotion, currently held by Matt Sydal, also makes things in the promotion interesting. Sadly I live on the West Coast so I don't get to see any shows before the DVDs and I check results to see if I want those shows.

I also want to wonder to myself why am I the only person(well, not really) who likes Jimmy Rave and BJ Whitmer? I've liked Rave when he shattered by expectations of him when i first saw him in action. I thought "generic high flyer" and he did a great ground game against Chris Hero. And Whitmer, he tries hard, fights stiff, and does some sick things in that ring. Plus he drops people on their heads. I like him because I always feel he's trying his hardest to give the fans something to remember. And i've enjoyed the majority of amtches with him. My moneys on him winning the title from Morishima in Japan, after Morishima beats him in his home town.

To anyone who doesn't like those wrestlers to the point where they say "If (Rave/Whitmer) wins (promotion) Title I'll stop watching from this point on." Good riddance. There are wrestlers I hate but if the product is overall good, I deal.

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