Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Tomorrows comics. Here's the plan of attack.

52 week 41 2.50
batman #633 2.99
green arrow #71 2.99-mail order comics subscription
justice society of america #3 2.99
manhunter #28 2.99
astonishing x-men #20 2.99

Looks like this will be the last Astonishing X-Men until May. Overall, hell of a list of things that look good. Justice Society above all else. I had planned on getting Spider-Man: Death of Gwen Stacey cause I like checking out the classics but opted against it for a few reasons. I'm not a Spider-Man fan. I think he's fine but not a favorite of mine. Secondly, I picked up Kraven's Last Hunt for the same reasoning, and while Mike Zecks artwork as awesome and the story intriguing, it didn't make me a Spider-Man fan.

May Solicitations for DC and Marvel are out. Now, seems there's a total of three Marvel books I'll be buying. Wow... followed by two trades. The latest installment of Ultimate X-Men and the X-Factor Premiere HCs. I am quickly losing all interest in Robert Kirkmans run on Ult. X-Men and while I think Tom Raney and Ben Oliver are good artists, their style really doesn't seem to fit this series. At least for me. Maybe I'll just skip this until the next writer comes along. Also, Marvel, what is with these premiere HCs? Getting an extra five bucks for a book just because it's a hardcover and making us wait another three months after for a softcover is pretty lame. If you're going to do Premiere HCs stick with reprinting older stories because you at least add a little extra.

DC, DC, DC... Jesus you guys want my cash. After figuring out everything I wanted I already had to cut some trades out of my planned list. I like Darwyn Cooke but I don't need Batman: Ego and other stories. I'm talking the next Gotham Central and Fables volume, JSA presents: Stars & S.T.R.I.P.E, and possibly the new Dave Lapham OGN. I've only read a little of his work but I do need some none superhero entertainment. Plus the dozen or so other comics ranging from Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and tons of others. Hmmm... I wonder if All Star Batman & Robin #5 will actually come out.

Anyway, some nice covers.

Seriously, Land, every girl on this cover is grinning like a porn star. Except Wasp, she looks like she just finished baking cookies.

Nice Salvador Larroca image

Spiffy looking MODOK. Thats the guy with the face for a gut.

Excellent Michael Golden cover.

The strangest meeting since Archie found his janitor liked to kill super-villains. Wait a minute, that guy had a skull shirt too...

Would it surprise you to know this is issue 666 of Batman? No?

I don't buy Catwoman but these Adam Hughes covers give me a warm feeling inside.

I don't buy All-New Atom, but I like this cover. It's creepy.

Big Barda=Cash. Now, if it was Big Barda & Mister Miracle it would be double that cash. Where is Scott Free?

This cover makes me want to buy the new Dr. Fate series. But I won't.

I keep tyring to defend you Mike, but then you do these boring uninspired covers. ::sigh::

You need a new shirt, girl. But you'll probably just mess that one up too.

James Jean always kicks ass on these Fables covers.

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