Saturday, February 3, 2007

My Take On a Wonder Woman Movie

It has just been announced that Buffy and Firefly creator Joss Whedon is now off of Wonder Woman motion picture. When he was announced I was actually quite happy with it but slowly that confidence started evaporating. I understand the concerns with the costumes, choosing the invisible jet over flying seemed too much a throwback to the old TV series, but an original villain? I'm sorry but as a Wonder Woman fan I know she has some villains who probably couldn't translate too well but what about Ares or Circe or even Dr. Psycho. I'm even sure with the right mind you can develop Cheetah or Giganta into threats on the screen. So here, I present you a rough idea of my Wonder Woman film.

Wonder Woman Outline
Origin: For me George Perez's origin is the definite. It has such depth and emotion in it that I don't see there being a better way to explain just who are the Amazons and who is Wonder Woman and Hippolyte. The one inherent problem is simply the length. It's really broken up into five sections with the first and last section being the shortest.

1-How the Gods created the Amazons.
2-The history of the Amazons.
3-The life of Princess Diana.
4-The Contest.
5-Her name and uniform.

Now, here's my thoughts. The origin needs to be told from one character to another and not used to open the film. You can shorten the Amazon history. A war like society feared by man who were tricked by Hercules into slavery that rebelled back and slaughtered their captors. Two factions split and eventually Athena gave them a secure island. This is a touch violent so you'll have to go Xena violence route as to show no real blood lost. The third portion could be done in a quick montage. As for the contest and the reasons to her name and uniform could be done either in mention, or as part of the film. The first part-well, that would actually be used by Ares to Wonder Woman as a taunt.

Wonder Woman
Queen Hippolyte
Steve Trevor
Etta Candy
Julia Kapatelis
Vanessa Kapatelis
Silver Swan

Now, Athena, Hermes, and Etta Candy would have relatively small parts. I'm also talking the Etta Candy from the reboot and not the one from the golden age. Silver Swan would be an original take and used for a big action sequences. there other characters that will be needed.

Story: I'm doing a combo of both Perez's reboot origin with a little dash of influence from Greg Rucka.

The film would start with Steve Trevor testing an experimental craft that crash lands into Themyscira. Then a jump until Wonder Woman has brought Steve Trevor back with Julia Kapatelis by her side to translate for her. Here is where I interject the idea that Hippolyte had once helped the USA, secretly, in World War II and was familiar with the Kapatelis family from those days. Few members of the US government have been aware of this secret Amazon island. Now, Wonder Woman is there explaining in a way that they fear a threat by Ares has risen which has allowed Trevor to somehow enter their own island.

I'd position Ares inside the government looking to find a way into the island to retrieve a weapon long so buried in the island. A talisman similar to the one used in George Perez's first several issues. Ares wants it to secure his power in a world where he has become weaken because of the lack of prayer and praise to the Greek Gods.

I'd focus partly on Diana trying to be an ambassador for her home but Ares manipulating the Government into wanting to see this island and know what kind of weaponry it has.

This is all rather rough idea. That, in a way, will be done as a way to test Wonder Woman with a similar ending to the first major arc n the book.


Something similar to this. Also including some armor in certain scenes and maybe the US flag as a cape. But the reason I pick this is because it eliminates the one major problem it seems people have with her costume, the underwear. Yet it still keeps the blue and white stars.

That's my take on how Wonder Woman should be done. I'm probably so very wrong but i tried.

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