Friday, February 23, 2007

Future of Comics

“[Digital distribution] is a very real thing that we’re all going to have to deal with, because whether we like it or not, our books are already on the internet,” Buckley said, just prior to confirming that Marvel will be directly involved in the distribution of digital versions of their comics.

In comparing putting comics online versus music companies putting music online, Buckley said that its not an apples to apples comparison, as the experience of reading comics online is different than reading the physical versions of the comics themselves. Because of that, Buckley noted that they are currently looking at alterations that could be made to the format of their comics to enhance the online reading experience.

Buckley said that he feels that with online distribution of the comics, the entire market could see growth similar to what was seen in the days of broad newsstand distribution, saying that he feels publishers will see their readership grow tremendously as a result.

In terms of comics that Marvel will be putting online, the Publisher said that it will not be their entire line of books, “No one up here will put their entire line online,” Buckley said, noting the others present on the panel. Buckley said that along with other titles, Marvel will be aggressively work to get comics of their Marvel Adventures line online, as well as their Classics Illustrated line which kicks off soon with adaptations of literary works, such as The Last of the Mohicans.

Buckley concluded his comments by saying that Marvel has done the research that suggests that even though the comics can be bought online, readers who find Marvel product online will convert and begin buying the monthly titles as well as trades, reflecting a theme of the entire panel that readership will grow as more people become familiar with the material.

Look for a full report on the panel coming soon.

And with this, it is entirely possible that more and more comic companies put their titles online and slowly weed out the printed comic. Thus, eventually, killing comic shops across the land and leaving people unemployed. Not just LCS' but also printers and distributors. I hate Diamond an all but really, I don't want anyone losing their jobs.

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