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Ring of Honor: Final Battle 2006 Review

ROH: Final Battle 2006 12.23.06 Manhattan, NY
Rating: ****

Shows arrival of champ and challenger. Little xmas wishes interrupted by the Briscoes to challenge the Kings of Wrestling. Jimmy Jacobs cuts a promo about Colt sexually defiling Lacey and how BJ tried to disfigure her.

El Generico vs. Jimmy Rave vs. Davey Richards vs. "Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels ***
Daniels accompanied by the lovely Allison Danger whose dressed as a girl scout selling cookies. Starts off with generico showcasing against both Richards and Daniels. Rave plays the opportunistic heel, keeping back and picking his spots. Trying to avoid Davey, whose beaten him at every turn. There's a portion where Daniels gets worked over and eventually nails a death valley driver leading to the hot tag and Davey exploding. Rave takes to the outside and waist as Daniels, Generico and Richards are trading moves. Generico hist the insane brain buster on top turnbuckle but Rave slides in, hooks his submission the heel hook and steals a win.

Rave cuts a promo only to get attacked by Nigel. I skip Pearce and Reyes match.

Jimmy Jacobs & Brent Albright vs. BJ Whitmer & Colt Cabana ***
Jimmy Jacobs, growing psychotic because of his infatuation with his manager Lacey(whose not present) and the hired gun, former WWE Gunner Scott take on BJ Whitmer and Colt Cabana in a big brawl. BJ and Colt attack from behind looking for revenge. There's a great spot where Colt avoids a double team and tells both men to stop-then as they pause in confusion he bitch slaps Jacobs. Another nice spot outside as Colt whips Jimmy to BJ who hits the exploder on the steel ramp. the match eventually turns tag format with BJ being worked over. Jacobs, whose a small wrestler, always impresses with his ability to work convincingly against tall guys. Jimmy and BJ have such great chemistry. he does a great contra code(slice bread #2) into a headsicssors combo on both men. Albright hist the crucifix bomb outside through a table on Whitmer. Then him and Jacobs finish colt for the victory.

Kings of Wrestling vs. Briscoes ****
Chris Hero talsk about his new agent Larry Sweeny and about Claudio leaving for the WWE but first how they plan on beating the Brsicoes a second night in a row.

This is, for the time being, the last Kings of Wrestling match. The KOW were a stable that consisted of Chris hero and Caludio Castignoli that for a brief time held the tag titles in three seperate promotions and were consiered one of the best tag team amonst "smart fans." You know, fans that don't just watch TV wrestling. the Brsicoes are also one of those much appreciated great non-WWE/TNA tag teams. This match was about two teams tyring to out do one another. KOW left some of their heelish tactics behind and played mroe serious like in Chikara. Off the bat the Briscoe stake control. Nailing double team moves and some high flying. Once it gets to tag team action it goes back forth betwene both teams. There's so many spots and chains of moves that its hard to really list them in order. there's a great blind tag delay with Mark and Jay where heroes concentrating on Mark whose not legal. Mark nails CC with a springboard moonssault and Jay takes his place catching an unaware Hero. Its fast apced and these two teams clicked so well. Each team hitting some fo their tag signatures to a hot crowd. Claudio exhibits his strenght by doing a modified airplance spin with both Briscoes. The amtch ends with a combo shotoing star guillotine legdrop. Fantastic match, best on show.

Claudio announces he's staying with ROH but because of other plans, Larry Sweeny forces Chris Hero to dissolve the team. Samoa Joe makes an appearance telling Claudio to leave his ring then challenges wrestlers from Pro-Wrestling NOAH. Nigel, who wrestlers there too, takes offense and the two stare down before Rave interjects hismelf.

Nigel McGuinness vs. Jimmy Rave ****
Best of the three singles matches with them that have been released on DVD. Nigel tries taking control early but Rave counters a move and takes over. Back and forth showcasing McGuinness modifed European style/Puroresu strikes and Raves mix of old shcool Southern heel style wrestling. McGuinness part way through starts hitting some of his big moves. Lariats, tower of London but Rave battles through and puts up a fight hitting moves like spears, knees, and other good attacks. Nigel kicks out of the pedigree at 1 but can't get anymore fighting spirit when Rave uses the From Duck Till dawn headscissors into crippler crossface. McGuinness comes back with more lariats and even his mean Tower of London on apron. Rave able to get a quick trip and the heel hook to get the win in front of a crowd already worn out by the rpevious tag match and intermission. Rave gets a both respectful and heel worthy "You Still Suck" chant. He then makes his challenge for the title for Feb. show(which already happened and he lost. Heard it was very good match). This would rank as one of the best Rave single matches of the year with his matches against Bryan Danielson and 4th Anniversary and Davey Richards at Unified.


Shingo, CIMA & Matt Sydall vs. Roderick Strong, Austen Aries, & Delirious ***½
Under Dragon Gate rules, no tags if someone rolls outside or if one team is on offensive, finds a pretty good tag match that mixes those classic Nitro Crusierweight tag openings with the fun of 2006 5 star ROH classic Do Fixer vs. Blood Generation match.

Not a great tag match, but a damn fune one with too many spots for me to try and list and recall. Everyone gets a little time to shine in the beginning before single wrestlers start getting worked over. First CIMA until he can shift cotnrol for his team. Aries then becomes the one to get worked over and Blood Generation9CIMA, Sydall, and Shingo) go to town with quick tags and double and triple team moves. When the match breaks down it goes crazy with so many near falls. A couple slow spots and missteps stops it from being four stars but a fun tag match.

CIMA thanks Ring of Honor for their support of the Dragon Gate style and its wrestlers. Promises return in 2007. Which Shingos a resident and Nariko Doi will team with in England this weekend and whole slew of them will show up at the end of March. Vignette for Jack Evans whose returning.

"The American Dragon" Bryan Danielson vs. Homicide-ROH World Title ***
Not exactly the match I was hoping for. Very much a good story with average wrestling. Shame as the two really have chemistry.

Danielson decides against the shake and mocks Homicides home crowd before the match start. Some good back and forth action. Danielson uses the rolling Mexican sufboard on the Luche thug followed by a double knee smash. Once Homicide starts building momentum Adam pearce and Shane Hagadorne jump him and spike shoulder breaker his injured arm. The referee deicdes against a DQ to the joys of the fans that moments before were chanting "bull shit."

The match continues as Danielson starts working over Homicides arm and soon, on the floor, Homicide is able to take control to work over Danielsons own injured arm. The match is back and forth with submissions, strikes, and powermoves. There's a moment during the crossface chickenwing where Homicides arm drops for the three but he grabs the refs ankle to prevent him from signaling for the bell. That was nice near fall.

Homicide takes the MMA elbows and in on part refuses to break at the ropes. There's a nice chain with cattle mutilation then tiger suplex bridge, kick out into cattle mutilation, then elbows, cattle mutilation. Homicide survives and counters into the cop killa but Danielson foots on the ropes. Danielson tries lowblow and small package but no good. Homicide is able to nail the lariat for the cover and win.

Celebration and a video package about Homicides journey follows.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Future of Comics

“[Digital distribution] is a very real thing that we’re all going to have to deal with, because whether we like it or not, our books are already on the internet,” Buckley said, just prior to confirming that Marvel will be directly involved in the distribution of digital versions of their comics.

In comparing putting comics online versus music companies putting music online, Buckley said that its not an apples to apples comparison, as the experience of reading comics online is different than reading the physical versions of the comics themselves. Because of that, Buckley noted that they are currently looking at alterations that could be made to the format of their comics to enhance the online reading experience.

Buckley said that he feels that with online distribution of the comics, the entire market could see growth similar to what was seen in the days of broad newsstand distribution, saying that he feels publishers will see their readership grow tremendously as a result.

In terms of comics that Marvel will be putting online, the Publisher said that it will not be their entire line of books, “No one up here will put their entire line online,” Buckley said, noting the others present on the panel. Buckley said that along with other titles, Marvel will be aggressively work to get comics of their Marvel Adventures line online, as well as their Classics Illustrated line which kicks off soon with adaptations of literary works, such as The Last of the Mohicans.

Buckley concluded his comments by saying that Marvel has done the research that suggests that even though the comics can be bought online, readers who find Marvel product online will convert and begin buying the monthly titles as well as trades, reflecting a theme of the entire panel that readership will grow as more people become familiar with the material.

Look for a full report on the panel coming soon.

And with this, it is entirely possible that more and more comic companies put their titles online and slowly weed out the printed comic. Thus, eventually, killing comic shops across the land and leaving people unemployed. Not just LCS' but also printers and distributors. I hate Diamond an all but really, I don't want anyone losing their jobs.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Heroes... Somethings Been Bothering Me About It

I like Heroes, but something about the show has bugged me since the first episode. It's not the direction, the characters, or the story it self but rather, what I feel, is this vague smugness underneath it all. Like the writers are patting themselves on the back for bringing "realism" to super-hero themes.

At least that's how I feel. Though I am probably wrong because Jeph Loeb is one of the writers and he writes comics.

Monday, February 19, 2007

This Weeks Comix

52 Week 42 2.50-Liked week 41 a lot, though it seems I was one of the few. At least amongst the online folk.

Checkmate #11 2.99-subscription. Start of a two part arc with some fill-in guests. But apparently Fire's the focus and I like her.

DMZ #16 2.99-I like this arc. Not my favorite but very good. A bit depressing though.

Spirit #3 2.99-subscription. Third issue and the past two have been wonderful fun. Cookes art is amazing.

Superman #659 2.99-Maybe I'll pick up Action Comics Annual too. So I can have some Superman goodness.

Wonder Woman #4 2.99-Not looking forward to this since Allen Heinberg is too busy writing TV to finish issue 5, meaning I won't see the end of this arc for a while. Hopefully the next creative teams can deliver.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Got An Hour to Kill?

How about a mind numbing, amusing, little collage of anime sequences done to music and dialogue clips? Not work safe for dialogue content.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Ring of Honor 2007

The big news coming out of Philadelphia is that Pro-Wrestling NOAH star TakeshiMorishima has just beat newly crowned ROH World Champion Homicide for the title. This might not sound like a big deal to you non-wrestling fans or WWE fans. Well, Morishima to the best of my knowledge was only signed to 4 shows and this lends credence to the theory that TNA wrestling(WWEs apperent competition) is pulling their talent by the end of this year. Samoa Joe is finishing up his set of dates at this moment and Homicide is on half of the NWA tag champions in that company. This defeat is interesting as Homicide only won the title in December and has only had four title defenses. Personally, I've seen one Morishima match and was very impressed.

The upside is the level of unpredictability. This leaves the ROH tag team titles as the main focal point. The sudden feeling of emerging stables will definitely keep things interesting as Morishima returns to Japan. Also the heavyweight title from Full Impact Pro, held by Roderick Strong, and a belt from Japans Dragon Gate promotion, currently held by Matt Sydal, also makes things in the promotion interesting. Sadly I live on the West Coast so I don't get to see any shows before the DVDs and I check results to see if I want those shows.

I also want to wonder to myself why am I the only person(well, not really) who likes Jimmy Rave and BJ Whitmer? I've liked Rave when he shattered by expectations of him when i first saw him in action. I thought "generic high flyer" and he did a great ground game against Chris Hero. And Whitmer, he tries hard, fights stiff, and does some sick things in that ring. Plus he drops people on their heads. I like him because I always feel he's trying his hardest to give the fans something to remember. And i've enjoyed the majority of amtches with him. My moneys on him winning the title from Morishima in Japan, after Morishima beats him in his home town.

To anyone who doesn't like those wrestlers to the point where they say "If (Rave/Whitmer) wins (promotion) Title I'll stop watching from this point on." Good riddance. There are wrestlers I hate but if the product is overall good, I deal.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Tomorrows comics. Here's the plan of attack.

52 week 41 2.50
batman #633 2.99
green arrow #71 2.99-mail order comics subscription
justice society of america #3 2.99
manhunter #28 2.99
astonishing x-men #20 2.99

Looks like this will be the last Astonishing X-Men until May. Overall, hell of a list of things that look good. Justice Society above all else. I had planned on getting Spider-Man: Death of Gwen Stacey cause I like checking out the classics but opted against it for a few reasons. I'm not a Spider-Man fan. I think he's fine but not a favorite of mine. Secondly, I picked up Kraven's Last Hunt for the same reasoning, and while Mike Zecks artwork as awesome and the story intriguing, it didn't make me a Spider-Man fan.

May Solicitations for DC and Marvel are out. Now, seems there's a total of three Marvel books I'll be buying. Wow... followed by two trades. The latest installment of Ultimate X-Men and the X-Factor Premiere HCs. I am quickly losing all interest in Robert Kirkmans run on Ult. X-Men and while I think Tom Raney and Ben Oliver are good artists, their style really doesn't seem to fit this series. At least for me. Maybe I'll just skip this until the next writer comes along. Also, Marvel, what is with these premiere HCs? Getting an extra five bucks for a book just because it's a hardcover and making us wait another three months after for a softcover is pretty lame. If you're going to do Premiere HCs stick with reprinting older stories because you at least add a little extra.

DC, DC, DC... Jesus you guys want my cash. After figuring out everything I wanted I already had to cut some trades out of my planned list. I like Darwyn Cooke but I don't need Batman: Ego and other stories. I'm talking the next Gotham Central and Fables volume, JSA presents: Stars & S.T.R.I.P.E, and possibly the new Dave Lapham OGN. I've only read a little of his work but I do need some none superhero entertainment. Plus the dozen or so other comics ranging from Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and tons of others. Hmmm... I wonder if All Star Batman & Robin #5 will actually come out.

Anyway, some nice covers.

Seriously, Land, every girl on this cover is grinning like a porn star. Except Wasp, she looks like she just finished baking cookies.

Nice Salvador Larroca image

Spiffy looking MODOK. Thats the guy with the face for a gut.

Excellent Michael Golden cover.

The strangest meeting since Archie found his janitor liked to kill super-villains. Wait a minute, that guy had a skull shirt too...

Would it surprise you to know this is issue 666 of Batman? No?

I don't buy Catwoman but these Adam Hughes covers give me a warm feeling inside.

I don't buy All-New Atom, but I like this cover. It's creepy.

Big Barda=Cash. Now, if it was Big Barda & Mister Miracle it would be double that cash. Where is Scott Free?

This cover makes me want to buy the new Dr. Fate series. But I won't.

I keep tyring to defend you Mike, but then you do these boring uninspired covers. ::sigh::

You need a new shirt, girl. But you'll probably just mess that one up too.

James Jean always kicks ass on these Fables covers.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Top 10 for January 2007

10. Welcome to Tranquility #2: Having been disappointed with Gen 13 I was worried about Gail Simones other Wildstorm series but two issues in I am definitely liking what I'm reading. Set in a retirement community for old superhero and super villains a legendary detective was murdered in last issue and here the investigation is underway. Simones doing a damn fine job of introducing and fleshing out the cast with Neil Googes appropriate artwork. Googe is definitely impressing me.

9. DMZ #15: Continuing the Public Works arc which has Matty now undercover in a terrorist cell targeting the Trustwell group. Matty tries pulling out the suicide bomber to save both her and the dozens of people but this only leads to more trouble. This is the midway point and its interesting to see how this is going to turn out for Matty now that he's blown his cover. Of course I'll be tuning in to check it out.

8. Dr. Strange: The Oath #4: The penultimate issue of this excellent mini I wasn't even too sure on getting. I Like Runaways but I'm not as much a BKV fan as I was a few years ago. I enjoy Marcos Martins artwork, but was I interested in him doing Dr. Strange? Well four issues in and I do really enjoy this book. Here Dr. Strange confronts the bad guy behind the theft of an elixir that would heal his servant Wong. But a couple really good twists at the end make this book head and shoulders above the majority of other comics out there. That line about not joining the Avengers is even more humorous with whats going on over there.

7. Manhunter #27: Please let their be an official relaunch to this book. Please... counting down the end of the under rated series has Kate Spencer defending Wonder Woman in a Grand Jury case. mark Shaw continuing his quest. Dylan tracking down Cameron Chase to help her. Plus the Black Queen of Checkmate making a cameo as well as the man on the cover. Now, is he really back?

6. Checkmate #10: The finale to Pawn 502 arc which has Checkmate deputizing the Shadow Pact to continue their plans on successfully moving an agent into the terrorist organization Kobra. Checkmate gets stronger and stronger with each issue and these last two issues make me wish it was him writing Shadow Pact. Jesus Saiz is able to yet again balance the realism with the fantasy as he tackles two completely opposite genres in one book. The next arc looks like a winner too.

5. Runaways #23: It's almost over for Brian K. Vaughan and Adrian Alphona as Chase reveals his grand plan to bring back the recently deceased Gertrude. It's up to the gang to stop him, but can they as Nico doesn't have her magic staff and Victors been neutralized. Man... I really worry about the future of this book.

4. Birds of Prey #102: Gail Simone continues to kick some serious ass on this book. Action, adventure, suspense, and great moments populate this and the last few issues. Manhunter is in Mexico seemingly with her own agenda. Judo Master, Big Barda, Huntress, and Zinda are in a dire situation. All the while Lois Lane is looking to uncover the truth of Oracle from Barbara Gordon, who if you're just tuning in, is Oracle. It's one issue with punch after punch. Making me antsy for the next installment.

3. Justice Society of America #2: Giving me the same goosebumps Geoff Johns(and his many collaborators) did on the last JSA series. Mr. America is dead, but why? Wildcat meets the son he never knew. Plus a crippled man Nate, son and grandson of two past holders of the Steel superhero mantle, watches as things in his life seemingly get worst. Plus a reveal at the end of DC continuity freaks. It's grand super heroics. Larger then life and with a classic feel but modernized for today's readers. oh, and Dale Eaglesham is putting down his best work yet.

2. 52 Week 37: Wow. While I picked this as my top finite series, it was due to volume and consistency. not necessarily for blowing me away each and every time. But damn did week 37 just kick it out of the park. The cover reveals who is Supernova but the complex explanation and reaosning is what sells it so well. Add in Rip Hunter and a phantom zone projector and you just elevate the sequence so much more. A moment with my favorite hero, Green Arrow, his one time gal Black Canary and you make me a happy man DC. then a good swift kick tot he buts of the collective Internet whiners who blasted Week 36 with a huge twist at the end. The art was fine, nothing spectacular in my opinion-but it did the job right. Still, best issue of 52 hands down.

1. All Star Superman #6: Really, was there any other book in January that made me so giddy? That made me read and reread dozen times over? That made me marvel at the art as much as this book did? No. Clark Kent's last days in Smallville with his parents as three mysterious men come to help with the harvest. The cover gives you an idea of what the issues about but the interior work is so much more. I don't want to give away anything and just tell you to check this issue out. As long as you know the basics of Superman, you don't need to have read the past five issues. Or pick up the hardcover in April.

Thursday, February 8, 2007


So last week I purchased an anime series entitled Azumanga Daioh the Animation with little information as to what it was about. My brother and I were watching AMV Hell 3(not work safe for language) which features a collection of various anime clips edited to music/vocal samplings and the most clips were from Azumanga Daioh. I recognized only because I had once seen a preview on one of my DVDs and the name was a bit silly and hard to forget. The clips, though done for laughs, interested me enough to purchase the series and I'm glad I did.

Azumanga Daioh the Animation is based on a shojo comedy manga about six Tokyo high school girls and their everyday lives. The series stars the 10 year old Chiyo-Chan, a prodigy whose very intelligent but still an adorable little girl. Yomi, whose almost the most normal of the group besides believing she needs to diet more to lose weight. Tomo-Chan whose annoyingly loud, energetic, and strives to be the center of attention. "Osaka", the nicknamed Osaka, Japan native whose spacey and easily amused at the littlest of things. Sakaki, a somewhat shy girl who looks more like a full grown woman. She has a fondness for cute things. Then there's Kagura, the resident jock.

Rounding out the cast are their homeroom teacher Mrs. Yukari who seems like a grown up version of Tomo-Chan. Mrs. Kurosawa, the PE teacher and most popular teacher in school. There's Mr. Kimura who has a fondness for high school girls. Don't worry, mostly PG material here. Also Kaorin who has a either a deep admiration or loving crush on Sakaki.

I have to be honest with you, I haven't been this much into an anime series in years. I've been buying less anime of late(right now, Ghost In the Shell: Stand Alone Complex is the only series I'm following) but this series is just so fun, smart, and cute. The comedy takes what you expect from anime comedies-the exaggerated expressions and figures, fantasy moments, etc. and puts them to great use throughout the series. Especially in regards of Osaka who comes off as the funniest of the characters for me. She has this artificial happy stare that just cracks me up time after time. In one episode she day dreams about Chiyo-Chans pigtails contemplating if their detachable. The stories range from things like them tyring to help Osaka rid herself of hiccups, collective dream sequences, hanging out at the beach, studying for exams, sports fests, and things of that nature.

One of things that anime(and manga for that matter) do so well is balancing outrageous comedy with great drama. Being able to really develop the characters. Take Sakaki, my earlier description only scratched the surface. This is a girl who is unaware of her own popularity. Sakaki is simply fascinated with cute animals, especially cats but the irony is she can't have one. that, and they either bite her or flee from here. She also has issues with her appearance and its not what you'd expect.

Azumanga Daioh is just a warm, fun series that adults and teenagers could really get into. It's very PG(sometimes leaning to PG-13) in content so kids could watch it but I doubt they'd get a lot of the humor. I strongly recommend this series to fans of anime who enjoy shojo, comedy, and drama.

Episode 14 In 3 Parts

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Tomorrows Comix & Mail Order

Tomorrows Comix & Mail Order

Tomorrow is the first Wednesday of February and only a trio of titles. 52 Week 40, Detective Comics, and the cool new Shazam! Monster Society of Evil #1 by Bone creator Jeff Smith. Looks like Showcase House of Mystery Vol. 2 was pushed back... kind of glad. Hopefully to the last week of the month. But I'm getting it when I can.

My next Best of (month) will be up this weekend or next week as my mail order package is set to arrive Friday. I've been doing monthly for cheapness. The packages are pretty big. Here's what in the mail.

American Virgin #10-11-Late. I'm ordered up to 11. Nice series but not for me.
Checkmate #10-Online word is good and I'm thinking of pulling this off of mail order and buying it at the shop. But I keep entertaining those thoughts.
Doctor Strange: the Oath #4-Penultimate issue of the mini. Very fun stuff.
Green Arrow #70-Fav character, okay book, buying out of habit.
Spirit #2-Liked issue 1 which is a good sign. okay, I loved issue 1. Go Darwyn Cooke!
Superman: Confidential #3-More Cooke, and some Tim Sale action. Plus Superman so its all good.
Welcome to Tranquility #2-Interesting series.
X-Men #195-Fun X-Series. Like Astonishing better but the cast here is worth checking out. oh, and the nice art.
Doom Patrol Vol 5: Magic Bus-Not my favorite Grant Morrison work, but I'm four volumes in and this stuff is like a drug experience anyway. You just got to keep working your way through.
JSA Vol. 12: Ghost Stories-Finishing my collection of trades. I didn't read these issues here and probably won't but will marvel at Rags Morales art.
Manhunter Vol 2: Trial By Fire-Collecting two great story arcs. About 9 issues for 17.99 which is a good deal. I'm buying these to support the DC continuing to collect the issues. Which it seems DC is doing with the series over and trade vol. 3 already announced.
Seven Soldiers of Victory Vol. 4-Great Morrison work here. The Eisner award winning finite series wraps up with this trade. Now the countdown to the over sized Omnibus collections.
Ultimate X-Men Vol. 15: Magical-Not liking Robert Kirkmans take on his first two arcs, maybe this trade will sway me. Doubtful from what I hear.
X-Factor: Life & Death Matters-The critical darling, and long awaited second trade. The first one was very good, maybe the second one will make me one of those enthusiastic fans.

Here are my order forms for the next few months with comments.
February Order
Checkmate #11-Looks like a two parter with some assistance on writing and a fill-in artist. Spotlighting Fire so it's all good.
Doctor Strange: the Oath #5-End of a wonderful mini.
Green Arrow #71
Pirates of Coney Island #5-Issue 4 is being released this week so I'm guessing 5 is pushed back to March. Other than that tidbit, awesome mini.
Spirit #3
Superman Confidential #4
Welcome to Tranquility #3
X-Men #196
All Star Superman Vol. 1-DC always advance solicits but DAMN! April release? Luckily I have these awesome issues.
Daredevil by Frak Miller & Klaus Janson Omnibus-Don't like daredevil, love Frank Miller. So much I ponied up for this. Thanks for the nice discount MOC.
Empowered OGN-Adam Warren is a hell of an American Manga artist and wrote some neat stories so I'm checking this sucker out. In March though...

March Order
Buffy the Vampire Slayer #1-What would season 8 have been like? Time to find out!
Checkmate #12
Green Arrow #72
Pirates of Coney Island #6
Spirit #4-Nice cover.
Welcome to Tranquility #4-Interestingly, they changed the name for the series on this issue so it didn't show in my pull listing. Had to remark it on the site.
X-Men #197-New arc with regular artist returning.
Jack Kirby's Fourth World Omnibus Vol. 1-I been re buying things I have a little too much but I have these in black and white, broken up into single trades for each character(s) where as these are over sized in color, done chronologically and feature the Jimmy Olsen stories Jack Kirby did. Worth buying again. See you in... May? Damn...
Runaways Vol. 7: Love Fast Digest-I give these to my friend. But issues in support, then by the hardcovers because they rock.
Wonder Woman: The Greatest Stories Ever Told-Apparently, the first of its kind. DC proving that the trinity is less important then the Worlds Finest(Superman and Batman).

April Order
Buffy #2
Green Arrow #72-Are they revealing Green Arrows real identity to the city? Really, who else has that goatee?
Pirates of Coney Island #7
Spirit #5
Superman Confidential #5-Guess they wanted to give Tim Sale more time to do his artwork and pushed this issue back.
Welcome to Tranquility #5
X-Men #198
52 Volume 1-13 issues for 20 bucks. Giving said issues to friend and keeping these for less space.
Amazing Spider-Man Omnibus Vol. 1-I don't like Stan Lee and am "eh" with Spider-Man but damned if I'm skipping the complete Steve Ditko work on this book. I've seen a little of the man and he kicks ass.
Plain Janes-DC attempts to market graphic novels for girls. First book out hires female novelist(for young girls books) and the amazing Jim Rugg from Street Angel. yeah, I'll MAN UP and read this.
Runaways Vol. 3 HC

So thats it. Yeah?

Wonder Womans Costume...

A comment was left about Wonder Womans costume being to much an endorsement of the USA and I responded on bloggers page explaining why I think the costume works. Truth is, at one time, I agreed. This was back when I hated all the DC characters stories unread. After giving Wonder Woman a try I fell in love with the character. At the time she was created I don't think there was a question about the costume. During WWII, a woman at home representing the American woman. he model hero for young girls. Minus the underlining lesbianism and S&M fetish in those stories(Moulton was a freak god bless his soul).

They did try different costumes but none were Wonder Woman. Perez updated origin worked wonders in explaining her costume in a neat way.

"The American theme of Diana's costume was explained by PĂ©rez in the Challenge of the Gods storyline in which Diana engaged in a series of trials arranged by Zeus as punishment for refusing his advances. Diana met the spirit of Steve Trevor's mother, Diana Trevor, who was clad in armor identical to her own. Trevor revealed that during World War II she had crashed on Themyscira while on duty as an US Army pilot. She blundered into an Amazon battle against Cottus, a multi-armed demon, at the portal to the underworld. Trevor was drawn into the battle, although she was armed only with her side arm. She wounded the beast before suffering a mortal blow, allowing the Amazons to reseal the portal.

The Amazons, impressed by this unknown woman's self-sacrifice, entombed her with honors and clothed her in armor displaying the American flag pattern on her uniform (which they assumed were her heraldic colors). Consequently, Princess Diana's costume honors Diana Trevor and, by clothing her in its own heraldry, was intended to ease the heroine's acceptance in Man's world."

Now, through out the series her costume has been a focal point of discussion amongst other countries believing she's too pro-USA and has provided some good conflict. Also, I think her wearing the colors is even more important in this day in age. There's a lot about American Values in the country and for me Wonder Woman represents what the values need to be. An understanding of one another. Here's a woman from alternative life style of sorts. DC doesn't come out and say it but Wonder Woman is from an island populated by women, many of which you would expect to be gay(though I think they've only feature one true couple). Also writers who have written her have remarked or even put in print the idea of her being bi-sexual. She's not Christian, she prays to Greek gods. Wonder Woman promotes tolerance and moving forward. DC talks of her not just as an ambassador of her country to the world, but as an activist. The US is her adopted home, and I like the idea that she wears the colors of the USA being she's the kind of person who'd get bad mouthed on talk news now. Greg Rucka did some good stuff with this in his run.

I'm not one of theses "USA is the best nation ever" type of guys. I listen to my Rage Against the Machine or KMFDM and am a faux goth of sorts. I like what Diana stands for, and I like to think of her as what a true model American should be.

(Minus snapping evil doers necks. Though Max Lords had it coming)

Saturday, February 3, 2007

My Take On a Wonder Woman Movie

It has just been announced that Buffy and Firefly creator Joss Whedon is now off of Wonder Woman motion picture. When he was announced I was actually quite happy with it but slowly that confidence started evaporating. I understand the concerns with the costumes, choosing the invisible jet over flying seemed too much a throwback to the old TV series, but an original villain? I'm sorry but as a Wonder Woman fan I know she has some villains who probably couldn't translate too well but what about Ares or Circe or even Dr. Psycho. I'm even sure with the right mind you can develop Cheetah or Giganta into threats on the screen. So here, I present you a rough idea of my Wonder Woman film.

Wonder Woman Outline
Origin: For me George Perez's origin is the definite. It has such depth and emotion in it that I don't see there being a better way to explain just who are the Amazons and who is Wonder Woman and Hippolyte. The one inherent problem is simply the length. It's really broken up into five sections with the first and last section being the shortest.

1-How the Gods created the Amazons.
2-The history of the Amazons.
3-The life of Princess Diana.
4-The Contest.
5-Her name and uniform.

Now, here's my thoughts. The origin needs to be told from one character to another and not used to open the film. You can shorten the Amazon history. A war like society feared by man who were tricked by Hercules into slavery that rebelled back and slaughtered their captors. Two factions split and eventually Athena gave them a secure island. This is a touch violent so you'll have to go Xena violence route as to show no real blood lost. The third portion could be done in a quick montage. As for the contest and the reasons to her name and uniform could be done either in mention, or as part of the film. The first part-well, that would actually be used by Ares to Wonder Woman as a taunt.

Wonder Woman
Queen Hippolyte
Steve Trevor
Etta Candy
Julia Kapatelis
Vanessa Kapatelis
Silver Swan

Now, Athena, Hermes, and Etta Candy would have relatively small parts. I'm also talking the Etta Candy from the reboot and not the one from the golden age. Silver Swan would be an original take and used for a big action sequences. there other characters that will be needed.

Story: I'm doing a combo of both Perez's reboot origin with a little dash of influence from Greg Rucka.

The film would start with Steve Trevor testing an experimental craft that crash lands into Themyscira. Then a jump until Wonder Woman has brought Steve Trevor back with Julia Kapatelis by her side to translate for her. Here is where I interject the idea that Hippolyte had once helped the USA, secretly, in World War II and was familiar with the Kapatelis family from those days. Few members of the US government have been aware of this secret Amazon island. Now, Wonder Woman is there explaining in a way that they fear a threat by Ares has risen which has allowed Trevor to somehow enter their own island.

I'd position Ares inside the government looking to find a way into the island to retrieve a weapon long so buried in the island. A talisman similar to the one used in George Perez's first several issues. Ares wants it to secure his power in a world where he has become weaken because of the lack of prayer and praise to the Greek Gods.

I'd focus partly on Diana trying to be an ambassador for her home but Ares manipulating the Government into wanting to see this island and know what kind of weaponry it has.

This is all rather rough idea. That, in a way, will be done as a way to test Wonder Woman with a similar ending to the first major arc n the book.


Something similar to this. Also including some armor in certain scenes and maybe the US flag as a cape. But the reason I pick this is because it eliminates the one major problem it seems people have with her costume, the underwear. Yet it still keeps the blue and white stars.

That's my take on how Wonder Woman should be done. I'm probably so very wrong but i tried.

Friday, February 2, 2007

Evil Music I Enjoy Part 3: My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult

My Life w/the Thrill Kill Kult

Brief History

Way back in the 80s when industrial was really starting to come into its own Frank Nardiello, a friend and sometimes collaborator with Ministry's Al Jourgenson Daley in attempts to make an art and noise film entitled Hammerhead Housewife and the Thrill Kill , hooked up with one MarstonKult. The band got as far as a three track EP which was released by electro-label Wax Trax! Entitled My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult it hit industrial clubs with its funky take on industrial dance music. Frank became Groovie Mann and Marston became Buzz McCoy and also gathered a ever changing line up of female singers known as the Bomb gang Girls. The two followed up with the full length I see Good Spirits, I See Bad Spirits.

Quickly becoming a fav on the industrial and college scene while getting attention from religious groups for their occult imagery(lots of dialogue samples from b-movies and news reports). They upped this controversy with their single Kooler Than Jesus on the EP of the same name. The band released one more before their gothic atmosphere and occult imagery moved to the background for their 1991 alternative hit Sexpolision! Spawning the pop single of Sex on Wheelz(if you've seen Cool World you know this song) the band took more into sleazy disco.

TKK, for short, experimented with sounds ranging from house to lunge to R&B to surf rock throught he course of several records. The band continues to be a popular underground act.

My Interest in TKK

Started with the Crow. There's a scene where the band was playing a more traditional industrial rock song that, when I got the soundtrack, I thought was catchy number. so much so I bought Hit & Run Holiday. Now, there were other TKK albums but being new and not having internet I didn't know what was what. Hit & Run Holiday had a old shcool movie inspired cover but I picked it because it simply had more songs on it and I was shocked to hear this surf rock instead of hard industrial rock. In spite of this, I fell in love with the catchy pop songs about cars, love, money and rebellion.

I then hopped around to their older more "gothic" works and what has become TKKs staple-sleazy dance music and I've always been into the grooves. The bass guitar just kicked ass and Groovie Manns lyrics are catchy yet not dumb. A mix of dark imagery with a playful tone. But above all else its the range. It's hearing this group do so many things that you wouldn't expect from a band like this.

Thrill Kill Kult is just one of those acts that's fun to listen to. Even at their darkest most of there songs have something tongue-in-cheek and humorous about them. Even Kooler Than Jesus which is a dancy track with random dialogue clips. It's basically clever pop music for alternative and goth fans.

Plus they can write some damn fine love songs.

Favorite Albums

13 Above the Night

Hit & Run Holiday


Reincarnation of Luna

Videos for Your Enoyment

Sex on Wheelz

Hit & Run Holiday

Kooler Than Jesus

Daisy Chain 4 Satan(fan made MV)