Friday, January 5, 2007

Wedding Bell Rumors

So, a few weeks ago there was a line in the DC Nations section that shows up at the end of the mainstream DC comics. It was Dan Didio telling Judd Winick to "make it work. They belong together." I assumed he was speaking about Green Arrow and Black Canary getting back together. Which didn't bother me, nor tickled my fancy. Than rumor site Lying in the Gutters reported wedding bells in the distance. Then the boards exploded. And by exploded, I mean only a minor tremor. It's not like this is Civil War.

Now, I'm a Green Arrow fan. I will not lie, I loved Identity Crisis(insert tired bitching here). You see, I had only been following DC for a little over a year, so I wasn't as taken back by the incidents in the series as many long time fans were(though, yes, Sues death sadden me and the rape scene did appall me). This was my first introduction to Green Arrow and with such, I found him very interesting. Enough to go out and pick up Archers Quest, which I know you haters don't want to hear this, is a great introductory series for non GA fans. I gave this book to a few people who didn't(or don't normally) read superhero comics and they like it because it was down to earth and was easy to follow. In that book you got a real sense of who GA was: a bastard. But one you can care about.

Now, before this I had dedicated myself to Gail Simones fabulous run on Birds of Prey. At this moment it's the longest continuing run I'm buying. I love BC, I think she's a cool character. As i go back and buy old DC comics I enjoyed her in her brief time in Giffen/DeMatties Justice League as well as her time in JSA. I've also read her various appearances in Green Arrows books and the famed Green Lantern/Green Arrow series.

So you know what... let the marriage go on. Going back and reading through those books, seeing the cartoon renditions, I really see these together. Whether or not you like Judd Winick(no, I don't but his Shazam/Superman mini was one of my fav things of last year) the idea that these two should not be together seems ridiculous to me. Thats like Superman without Lois Lane, Spider-Man without Mary Jane, Batman without Silver St. Cloud(I might be the only one on this one). These two have been through so much together. Not just their own relationship, but the hardships of their lives together. Whether its GA saving BC in Long Bow Hunters or the little remembered Grell penned story with BC going in guns a blazing saving his kidnapped ass, these two will do anything for one another.

Yeah, I know, BC shouldn't be measured by her relationship with GA. Well guess what!?! She was a co-star in the longest running female team book(Birds of Prey), kicks some serious ass in Justice League of America(at least in my eyes) and is basically #2 woman in the company. If there was a females worlds finest, it would be Wonder Woman and Black Canary.(Worlds Best-patent pending). I think we've made it quite far since the 1980s and Black Canary will be okay.

As for the wedding idea it self, well now I might dislike Winicks GA but I am reading it. Now, he cheated on her once in it and that was... I believe his first or second arc on the book. Since then, unless I'm forgetting, Winick hasn't actually been making Ollie a real bastard, he's just been writing stories that I believe are sub-par. Now, some other writers have written asshole Ollie but we're not talking about them making it work because they don't have to deal with the characters as full time.

Don't get me wrong, I would much rather Gail handle this as it has been seeming to me for a while she has been slowly making Dinah fondly remember what it is about Ollie she loves. That issue(number escapes me) where her and Ollie crash a dirty business or at the end of issue 100. Even the final JLA arc Bob Harras wrote some nice scenes between the two.

I'm all for these two two crazy kids hooking up because honestly, they have a stronger relationship together than either could have with any other character. I'm also optimistic that Winick would be smarter enough to keep the cheating(which is actually a bit exaggerated from the truth. What is it, twice? Two and and half? I know one he was practically raped) a far ways away. hell, maybe even use this as his swan song off the series.

Maybe I'm just too much of an optimist. Or maybe I like to read the comics before I pass judgement on them. Maybe I should've thought this blog entry through just a little better but I'm tired.

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